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  1. Hello! This is the first batch of miniatures I have posted here! Hopefully there will be a lot more as time goes on (and work allows!) I tend to paint stuff up to wargames quality as I dont want to panic if someone breaths on them as they tend to get rather a lot of handling! Firstly theres Reapers excellent Skeletal Giant (plus an old ral partha skeletal minion added to his base!) and second up is a ral partha skeletal hunting pack with pack master... Enjoy!
  2. Thanks very much for the useful info! What I meant by custom force generator is will there be a series of rules/ tables to allow you to create new units, factions and characters in the game like Vor which had an excellent one?
  3. Forgive me for not reading through all the last 20 odd pages, if someone has already posted this I hang my head in shame! I would really like to see some more heavily armoured knights with full helms, crests etc and another weretiger with before and after change models. Also I remember seeing an illustration of a were jaguar somewhere which looked cool, it was really powerfully built and stood at about 7 feet tall! Also how about a giant crow? And I REALLY want to see the monkey in a fez!!
  4. Hi Folks this is my first post on the forums! I really like the way that Warlord seems to be going, a high fantasy skirmish where damaging characters actually has some effect on them! I have some questions though: When will it be released? (also will it be available in the UK?) What factions will there be? Will there be a custom army generator? Whats the magic system like? (easy to use, not too powerful etc) All in all I can't wait for its release!
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