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  1. Great work! This was really a cool miniature, too - the paintwork really does this sculpt justice!
  2. No preference here, really. I started out thinking maybe if I were a starter I'd prefer to just keep it simple, but when I thought of it, it doesn't seem any more difficult or complicated. On one hand, it might be fun to see what everyone pulled out of the box, and what is new, but on the other, it's maybe not so fun to get a box maybe half-full or more of the same stuff you sent out back again, so maybe it all comes out even.
  3. Is the Bones Tidal Lurker close to the lobsterfolk? Currently out-of-stock, but... There's also a great Bones Crabman model. (I forgot both existed, until I ran across them in the back of my Big Box of Unpainted Shame the other day!) I like the generic warriors with shaman idea, I've been suggesting some pulp islanders/natives for a while, and it seems to me like they fit the recent Pirate theme nicely. (Add an outrigger canoe, a Tiki idol, and an Easter Island-style moai for some scenic items, and maybe you've got the start of a themed expansion - just add monsters - maybe a Bu
  4. I don't think it's impossible to do a full Chronoscope expansion that is somewhat cohesive, there is some overlap in the genres that can be taken advantage of - for example, there's some cross-over between Cthulhu Mythos, Victorian/Gothic, Weird West, some Steampunk, and Pulp/Noir miniatures, compared to modern, post-apocalyptic, futuristic sci-fi, pulp sci-fi, and cyberpunk. There are some things that can be done to attract some interest from the "fantasy only" backers and customers, too: Mythos and Gothic horror monsters can quite readily find their uses with fantasy gamers, fo
  5. I mostly prefer plastic just for being light, easy to customize, inexpensive, and durable, for the purpose of gaming miniatures, so I don't normally go looking for metal miniatures. That said, there is something kind of cool about some of the old metal miniatures, and if something catches my eye, I might scoop it up. Especially if it's a retro sci-fi or other non-fantasy miniature, or if it just hits my sense of nostalgia the right way. Broken metal minis might be less desirable, but I don't think I could rule it out, and, after all, there can be some sense of satisfa
  6. Maybe the Chronoscope discussion might best be split off as a separate topic, but I, for one, hope that rumors of the Chronoscope Bones expansions' demise are exaggerated - I love that product line, and get the expansion sets every time! Regarding the boats, things like ship decks, cabins, and so on are pretty easy to scratch-build from model railroading styrene sheets and rods. The ship hulls, and items like anchors, masts, and railings, are a bit more difficult to scratch-build. I wonder if there's a market for just generic ship hulls of various sizes that we can scratch-build
  7. And I'm not familiar with the characters, but if there's another Fan Favorites expansion, if someone would be kind enough to grant this gentleman's humble request, that would be fantastic - I don't think I know of a more dedicated and patient fan of Reaper's characters :)
  8. Not sure exactly what I might do yet, but it sounds like a fun way to spread the hard-plastic wargame miniatures sprue love around (everyone needs a stash of these bits!), and also share some of the Bones from my Pile of Shame. I'll check and see if my sister has some stuff from the Big Box of Stuff I sent her that she might prefer sharing., too. I can't wait! :)
  9. I've never looked at this board before, and I didn't realize the Box of Goodwill was a thing - it sounds like a lot of fun! (I also didn't quite realize how many of you were so close by!) I think I'll give it a stab! I'm in. Location: Charleston, West Virginia USA Willing to ship only in the USA, for now. I'm interested in starting a box, and I'm happy to work with new members!
  10. I just got a few of my first BonesUSA models with the ReaperCon swag-boxes. I've not had a chance to paint them yet. My first impressions: They're softer and more "rubbery" than traditional Bonesium. I was a bit suspicious of this at first, recalling some of the rubbery toys I grew up with in the 80's (those toys tended to have low detail, didn't take well to paint or glue, and just looked and felt cheap.) But, the BonesUSA figures won me over pretty quickly: the detail is excellent, the figures took gluing really well, and I have a feeling they'll paint up nicely, too. Bones
  11. I'm really regretting not getting the Yog-Sothoth model! It's the first time I didn't get a Mythos-themed Bones model in one of the Kickstarters, and it sounds like a missed a great one. That Halloween adventure sounds like it would be a lot of fun, and the Overgourd is a cool idea and cool mini! I also like the one-goblin-band musician - one of many models that managed to fly in under the radar in the Core Set which I didn't really notice until I finally unboxed my KS rewards. That guy really is cool - I think he got lost somewhere in the crowd of minis inc
  12. I really, really, REALLY love the "Bonnie: Muumuu Zombie" figure from the Bones V Chronoscope expansion: what an absolutely, perfectly grotesque character! Seems to me she'd mix well with fantasy up to modern zombies, and she'd be right at home with the bloated, waterlogged zombies in Barty's Boys for Brinewind, or she'd make a splendid witch or hag or other boss-monster - a necromancer zombie-queen of some sort, perhaps? She could stand in for a really gross orc or hobgoblin princess or spell-caster. And, I know, I'm weird, but I would totally base a Call of Cthulhu investigator or fantas
  13. The old-fashioned Seelie/Unseelie court faeries were like the traditional folklore version of Lovecraftian abominations: they could look quite a bit like us, but definitely NOT us... they were weird, creepy, unnatural things that played by their own alien rules, rising up from the crumbling burial mounds of the Old Ones to haunt the living at the borderlands between reality and the dreamlands. Even the "fair" folk of the Seelie court would drag your children away into the fairy world through time and space, and bring them back to you nights later as twisted, wizened changelings, old before t
  14. Absolutely - there wee a couple great nobility-looking non-combat minis in Bones V, would love to see more, plus their servants - butlers, maids, etc. - especially if they were sculpted as a gloomy, creepy, Old Dark House style lot of possible villains for a Gothic horror type of setting - sort of like something from an Edward Gory story. (I don't know what the butler did this time, but it's probably something awful....) And do keep the Catfolk, Halflings, Deep Gnomes, and other non-standard adventurers coming, especially some female characters - I'm loving this stuff! (Non-human
  15. The stag is a magnificent sculpt - I can't think of one time I've ever wanted or needed a stag gaming mini, but it's a great mini, and I bet it'll paint up beautifully in a scenic woodlands diorama as a decorative display piece! The stag is a great example of... Absolutely - the Bones Black plastic plays a part, for sure, but I think Reaper's come a long way over the last few years in terms of sculpting to get the most from the material: the two-dimensional poses and mushy features from the first couple Bones Kickstarters have given way to more dynamic figures with cris
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