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  1. As long as you don't mind metal, Reaper has the "Attercop" in stock. Like the Swamp Shambler, I'm kinda surprised this hasn't found its way into Bones yet - I guess it's a sign that Reaper still has at least one more good Bones Kickstarter in them :)
  2. YES - and now I kind of want to make some of the titular monsters from that wonderful old so-bad-its-good 1950s-era sci-fi movie, Robot Monster! For those unfamiliar with it, the Robot Monster was just a guy in a gorilla suit with a diving/space helmet with two antennae on his head. Was it weird? YES. Was it goofy? YES, you bet! And if I had miniature versions of it, I'd totally make any excuse I had to turn a batch of them loose on a fantasy RPG adventuring party - because as weird and goofy as it was, it was also cool and imaginative! If I haven't said it before (and I probably have), I'd LOVE to see more (Bones) Chronoscope retro-sci-fi weirdness! "Not" Robby the Robot or "Not" Lost-in-Space's "Robot" "Not" Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon/Commader Cody/Rocketeer serial-style sci-fi heroes old-fashioned comic book superheroes (a few exist as Reaper's metal miniatures, but conversion-friendly Bones versions would make my day) "Red Shirt" squad with old-fashioned rayguns and communicators more "rubber forehead" aliens in different poses (there are a couple of these in Bones now, but really only in one pose each.... squads of "Not"-Klingons/Romulans/whatever would be fantastic!) rubber-suit monsters (zipper in back optional - see The Thing from Another World, It: The Terror from Beyond Space, Lost in Space, Star Trek, Voyage to the bottom of the Sea, or Space: 1999 for examples...) Mexican-style masked wrestler adventurers "Not"-Ultra Man / Power Ranger daikaiju-style superheroes and monsters (martial-arts poses and all!) more figures in the spirit of the Martian princess and Captain Nemo from Bones V's "Chronoscope" set ...and, I really wish there were a 28mm version of Tim Mee's classic Galaxy Laser Team toy soldiers, or at least some 28mm sci-fi figures in the same spirit (I wonder if Tim Mee would be willing to license the original designs?) YES, my taste in fantasy/sci-fi miniatures is maybe a little bit weird, but I'd completely mix this sort of thing in with both fantasy and sci-fi role-playing games. How could anyone else resist doing so? This stuff is built into the primordial DNA of modern fantasy and sci-fi RPGs and wargames, as surely as Tolkien or the classic Harryhausen monster movies.... And besides, I've really got a hankerin' for taking a bunch of retro sci-fi stuff, combining them with the Bones Lovecraft monsters and sci-fi stuff, and running a Spaceship Zero style campaign or three....
  3. Mummified and skeletal corpses wouldn't be an unwelcome addition, either. I do see a little of that sort of thing come up all the time in RPG adventures, where the party find the remains of dead adventurers and the like: they tend to be clues to traps, or contain treasure (basically, a variation on treasure chests), remains that suddenly spring to life as undead, or they might be a sort of trap (one adventure I read a little earlier this week but haven't played yet had a mummified corpse in a room infested with giant mushrooms - the corpse is infested with fungi, and if disturbed, has a chance of infecting the adventurers!). Dead characters in precarious locations can represent quest goals, too ("find out what happened to McGuffin the adventurer, rescue him if possible, and if he's dead, bring back his ring as proof....") I'm also reminded of the dying adventurer from early in the original Diablo video game... a freshly dead corpse could just as easily represent a dying character to be healed or rescued, or again, a quest goal to get information or rewards from. A "dead" character in a relaxed, resting pose might also stand in for a sleeping guard, for example..... Wargamers and diorama-makers of course can make use of both fresh and skeletal/desiccated corpses as scatter terrain. Or, copses of all sorts can be integrated by modelers into dynamic bases - picture, for example, the traditional Frazettaesque muscle-bound hero on a mound of orc corpses, surrounded by an unstoppable horde of his enemies?
  4. They'd make fine familiars and sidekicks, too. I've probably put them on my Bones wish-list a couple times before, but these also fit into a similar category: Evil Shrine and Pygmy Savages (03497) Dreg Butchers (03688) Dreg Devourer and Slinker (03687) I think those Dregs look closer to my concept of orcs than almost anything else I've ever seen in miniatures!
  5. I think a pack of undead drowned sailors in old-fashioned deep sea diving suits - the sort with the heavy brass helmets - would be great stuff...
  6. The Pumpkin Horrors are great, they remind me of the Bones Grave Minions or Stitch Golems or Toolbots, as well as the upcoming Boulderkin, and the occasional mushroom monster or stick monster: these sorts of things make for some great little encounters that stand out a bit from the more generic mooks like skeletons, goblins, zombies and orcs. Not that skeletons, zombies, goblins, orcs, and the like don't have their place, but pretty much everyone makes their own versions of these, with Reaper already having plenty. What you don't find very often are things like those Pumpkin Horrors or... Monstrous Snowmen (03296) Living Flames in the style of the Boulderkin Candle Golems, with candlestick hands lit up and ready to catch adventurers ablaze Potato Golems: large potatoes with little eyes, mouths, hands, and feet stuck on by some deranged artificer Killer Ventriloquist Dummies Evil Puppet People Animated Teddy Bears with claws and sharp teeth Jack in a Box (a hideous monster - not necessarily a toy - stuffed into a small box, springing out at an unsuspecting victim!) The Thing Under the Bed and the Closet Monster
  7. Sorry Nunae - I'm getting the impression that they won't be released in the form they were originally manufactured in, due to Reaper having trouble with packaging and manufacturing them: they don't appear to be considered a success. I'm not going to give up hope of some redesigned version being made in the future - be sure to let Reaper know you support them and that you're interested in seeing armory sprues again; there are no guarantees, but the more of us there are who express interest in them, the better the chance Reaper might consider trying to meet the demand for them again in a more practical and profitable form :)
  8. I'm all for Cat Swarms! Bonus points if a Bones version of Edna the Cat Lady and her cats (50235) is released alongside the cat swarms. Maybe together, in the form of a cat-themed add on... include: Cat Swarms Edna the Cat Lady (50235) Mercurix, Winged Cat (03977) Catfolk (I rather like this style of catfolk!): Tawnyll, Catfolk Wizard (03933) Trilladour, Catfolk Bard (03924) Swiftpaw, Catfolk Monk (03923) Mistveil, Catfolk Sorceress (03927) Steelclaw, Catfolk Paladin (03928) Azarmand, Catfolk Barbarian (03934) Some Dreamlands cat adventurers, up to Dreamlands cat mischief Cat Villains, Cat Cultists, Cat Cult Leader For cat characters, as far as I'm concerned, "heroic" sculpts in a slightly exaggerated scale for visibility/detail is great, and bits of clothing, jewelry, or equipment suitable for cat adventuring is fine by me :) I can't be the only role-player on earth who has known multiple cat fans in the RPG hobby? In my experience, mischievous cats and RPGs seem to go together like cats and books, cats and dice, cats and board games, cats and cat people....
  9. Agreed on the Mythos investigators and critters - I'm not sure how popular those have been (hopefully popular enough to make more!), but I for one am a fan, and I really appreciate the great variety of investigator figures we've been getting. Cops, soldiers, government agents. Miskatonic University students. Hill folk and rustics, including backwoods witches and the like - towns like Innsmouth, Arkham, Kingsport, and especially Dunwich are full of these characters! An entire cast of creepy, eccentric Gothic usual suspects of the sort that should be hanging out in Old Dark Houses (see The Addams Family, The Spider Baby, Arsenic and Old Lace, etc.) Creepy butlers, crazy aunts in the attic, mad scientists, creepy kids, etc. I'm still hoping to see someone do a nice range of plastic Zoogs, including Zoog characters (not necessarily using Chaosium's take on the creature, which Lovecraft gave a sketchy but evocative description to, giving sculptors/artists a lot of room to imagine their own take on the critters!) There don't seem to be any Bones not-Byahkhees yet, either. (Again, Lovecraft gives a sketchy enough description of the unnamed creatures that were the basis for Chaosium's Byakhees that Reaper's sculptors have a pretty broad canvas to work with!) And, it seems to me that a translucent Colour Out of Space ought to be a lot of fun to paint! (On paper, it ought to be unpaintable, but I have a feeling that won't stop anyone from trying, and having fun doing so!) 50317 Zombie Miners - and similar pulp mook armed "townfolk" (I like these because they are "zombies" that can easily pass for living human beings, and they aren't really stuck in any particular genre or setting, making them very versatile!) Other professions for similar creatures: fishermen, sailors, woodsmen (lumberjacks and hunters), farmers, servants (groundkeepers, cooks, etc.), merchants/shopkeepers, gravediggers/graverobbers/tombraiders.... 03243 Swamp Shambler - I'm a bit surprised we haven't seen this one in Bones yet Bobby Jackson's Deep Gnomes and Halflings in the last couple have been fantastic - would love to see more!
  10. Primer does indeed work just fine on the translucent minis. Reaper's inks seem to keep translucency when painting over these, if you don't want to lose the translucence, and I've seen some amazing things done with translucence using other products, but you might need to poke around the forums to get more detail on what those products would be. Whatever the case, primer seems to work just fine for rendering these translucent minis opaque.
  11. Over the weekend, I bumped into the copy mini I had stashed away from my Kickstarter rewards, and remembered this discussion - yeah, now that I've seen the fit in person, it's definitely a "bit" weird - not your imagination! I think I could fix it up OK simply by raiding my bitz-box of hard plastic leftover arms from fantasy wargaming minis for an arm transplant, but YMMV on how practical that would be for your situation.
  12. Glad you enjoyed it :) I'm not at all familiar with that podcast, but it sounds like a blast - I'm going to have to check it out!
  13. Re-animating my old WIP discussion now that I've found a replacement for Photobucket (looks like Photobucket blurred up all my old photos worse than they already were!), I've been painting again, and I figured out how to take slightly better pictures with my potato.... I still can't paint, and I still can't see, but I guess I'm still meeting my minimum target of doing no worse than the average mass-produced pre-painted plasti-crack collectible minis.... Bones Eye Beast: A band of Reaper Bones Orcs: Not-Warduke (HeroForge), leading a gang of Reaper Bones bandits and Anhurian mercenaries: The Cult of the Masked Horror (cult leader by HeroForge modified with mask, cultists by Frostgrave kitbashed with WWII historical weaponry): The Cult of Ol' Bloody Bones (Reaper Bones Cultists, customized Bones "Bone Devil", and misc. Bones & Warhammer scenic bits):
  14. Seems like, in an emergency, the Oxidation Beast (77032) might serve for a giant lobster-thing, but a dedicated dire crawdad wouldn't be unwelcome... seems like it would fit the whole Dreadmere setting, too. There really are giant crayfish in Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, New Guinea, etc., and now that I'm thinking of it, I could definitely get on board with some monsters inspired by that part of the world: Dire Crayfish Dire Crickets Killeroos Marsupial Lions Diprotodon Bunyips Drop-Bears (they're like koala bears, except they have razor-sharp teeth, eat people, and they jump out of trees onto your head!) Yara-ma-yha-who (a humanoid creature something like a large, red-skinned frog-man, with suckers on his fingers, and a habit of jumping out of trees onto victims and drinking their blood) Dire Horseshoe Crabs Lovecraft's "horrible elder race of half-polypous, utterly alien entities which had come through space from immeasurably distant universes" which had been banished into subterranean vaults in the earth beneath Australia, and sealed away by the Elder Race of Yith Lovecraft's Great Race of Yith ("immense rugose cones ten feet high, and with head and other organs attached to foot-thick, distensible limbs spreading from the apexes...")
  15. If, for legal reasons, a Nothic isn't do-able, it occurs to me that the Warhammer universe's Fimir is similar in basic description - a twisted humanoid cyclops toad-thing with big teeth and claws - and similarly uncommon in mini form... I'm thinking a Bones "Not-thic" that is generic enough to fill both under-served niches, but original enough to stand on its own as an original creation, would be useful to a wider variety of gamers. These loathsome toad-shaped monsters also suggest to me a couple of uncommon Mythos Monsters from Lovecraft's "Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath", which haven't yet appeared in Bones: Moon-Things: "...[the Moon-Things] were not men at all, or even approximately men, but great greyish-white slippery things which could expand and contract at will, and whose principal shape - though it often changed - was that of a sort of toad without any eyes, but with a curiously vibrating mass of short pink tentacles on the end of its blunt, vague snout..." (these appear in some RPGs as "Moon Beasts") Satyrs of Leng: Lovecraft's version of the Satyrs and Fauns of classical mythology; these Satyrs act as the servants of the Moon-Things by disguising themselves as humans by dressing in loose robes, weird short shoes to cover their hooves, and turbans wrapped around their goat-like horns (these appear in some RPGs as "Men of Leng"). "...The [Satyrs of Leng] leaped as though they had hooves instead of feet, and seemed to wear a sort of wig or headpiece with small horns. Of other clothing they had none, but most of them were quite furry. Behind they had dwarfish tails, and when they glanced upward he saw the excessive width of their mouths...." If the Bones pirate ship is a big enough hit, maybe try out a Bones Black Galley for these Mythos Monsters to row and sail from strange, dark ports, to the moon, and back? An alternative crew of Bones Astral Reavers (not-Githyanki) for the Black Galley might be appreciated by fantasy gamers....
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