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  1. I'm a bit late to the discussion, and I know absolutely nothing about the LEGO weapons, but Games Workshop used to make a kit of 28mm multi-part plastic "Empire Militia" miniatures for its Warhammer fantasy line that were, for all intents and purposes, human pirates. The "bits" included lots of extra arms, weapons, heads, and other accessories that included old-fashioned matchlock pistols and blunderbuses, along with cutlasses and heads with pirate-style hats, eyepatches, bandanas, and that sort of thing. I don't much care for Games Workshop and I can't make heads or tails of th
  2. That's what I ended up doing as well: just getting two of each of the learn-to-paint kits. The extras were a Christmas gift for my sister, who had some Covid down-time she was using to join a role-playing group and learn to paint at the time using generic department store craft paints and dime-store plastic brushes: she didn't have any Reaper paints of her own, and only a set of department store toy fantasy monsters and heroes to paint. I was interested at the time at expanding into Reaper paints myself after using craft paints for a few years, so even though I already had dupli
  3. I love the squogs - I've started substituting them into any dungeon-crawling adventure that calls for lizard-people of any sort, because the squogs are weirder and IMHO much cooler. I could go for a little more variety in them as well.
  4. I like all these ideas - I've suggested more or less the same things before, but I'll add another "me too" since they've been mentioned again. A seelie/unseelie court thing might be do-able with a lot of existing Bones models - goblins, gnomes, halflings, elves/drow, banshees, dryads and nymphs and satyrs, etc., and the one or two faeries that are out there, and also the Bones faerie wings (which I don't think are available in Reaper's store) help. But, a few more faeries - especially mischievous or dangerous characters - would be welcome. There are a few nice metal sculpts that
  5. Melting Sprues to Recast as Warhammer 40K Parts Both of these sound like great educated guesses - it might be that Black Magic Craft's demonstration of the difference that a little distance makes actually shows something going on with the Toluene: either it evaporates a bit before hitting the target, or some other reaction has more time to take place which takes the "bite" out of the reaction. For whatever it's worth, BMC is Canadian, and tries a few different brands of paint in his spraypaint available to him locally, with pretty similar results: Black Magic C
  6. Yes - astronauts in non-power-armor bulky suits, with AND without helmets, raygun action not necessary, but whatever works! :) Like from the movie Alien, or The Green Slime, or Darkstar (one of John Carpenter's first movies): And also, some gas-mask goons in hazmat suits, with or without weaponry.....
  7. Ha, I got a chance to read through the thread today, which I didn't do before posting - I see a lot of folks posted much the same things I did, before I did. Honestly, I wasn't trying to copy-cat :) I'm actually relieved that the things that I thought I remembered from my own experience over the years, match up really closely to what people more informed than me say - I was worried I might have remembered a lot of things really wrong! Absolutely, what WhiteWulfe said, too: painting realistically-scaled 25mm or 28mm faces would really be a drag, because they would be pretty tiny,
  8. It's probably best not to think of 28mm Heroic as a 'scale' in the same sense that you might think of 1/72 or 1/48 scale models as being "scales'! It's my understanding that what we think of as 28mm Heroic today began its life as a variation on 1/72 and/or HO scale models - some of the original fantasy RPG miniatures from the '70s and '80s were wargaming minis at pretty close to that scale (25mm actually, if I'm remembering rightly), which are kind of small and realistically proportioned compared to modern miniatures. Since then, fantasy RPG miniatures have gone through
  9. Nope, a wish-list and an opportunity to back a Kickstarter for some cool miniatures are good enough for me :) Bones I'd Like to See: Please keep those oddball "kitchen sink" Chronoscope miniatures coming! Doesn't matter what kind, exactly, so long as they are weird and the competition isn't already doing them - surprise me :) I'm just happy every time a Reaper Kickstarter uneils something a little different from the generic D&D and medieval/dark-ages fantasy wargame-friendly army-men, race/class combos, and monsters: I know those usual-suspect orcs, goblins, unde
  10. Re: more female monsters: In short, I think that for those of us who just need a handful of generic skeletons or zombies for our players to throw dice at from time to time, some plain, ordinary skeletons are just fine. However, if Reaper were to produce unmistakably feminine and suitably evocative or artistic skeleton or zombie characters in the same spirit as Reaper's colourful vampiress, mummy, banshee, and ghoul-queen models, I would bet there's a market for female skeletons and other monsters which might also overlap the RPG market.
  11. That does remind me that ESCI/ERTL used to make these cool little soft plastic "Battlefield Accessory" kits in 1/72 scale for historical wargaming, including one that was basically a tiny building kit that provided all the little beams, posts, planks, stakes, sandbags, and such for modelers to build their own stockades, spiked walls, bridges, watch towers, and the like from. The kit was a little bit like a set of Legos or Tinker Toys: it wasn't really designed to be built in any particular way, the packaging just gave some examples of what might be built with the parts, leaving th
  12. LOL - I'm sorry I missed out on this! It's too bad they didn't use a Sir Forscale silhouette instead: I could imagine those being used for all sorts of purposes, especially showing off scale!
  13. Thank you for the correction! I'd just read through the thread asking for feedback on Bones USA - Reaper are keeping their trade secrets pretty close to their chests, but let us know it is definitely a very different manufacturing process between Bones USA and other products, while the feedback indicated there's a very big difference in the handling and other qualities of Bones USA vs. previous Bones products - I rushed back here to correct myself, but you beat me to it :)
  14. There have been a number of "Bonesium" formulae, as Reaper adjusted the mix over time for different purposes and as they gained experience with the process and the material. There's not a very clear-cut line between which formulae are which, and I suspect Reaper hasn't really announced every adjustment of the formula. I'll refer to Reaper's various plastics, from those first "original" Bones up to the newest variation, as "Bonesium", and I put "original" in quotes to refer to a collection of similar variations on the earlier versions of the material as marketed, on the assumption
  15. I love the Bones familiars, my only problem with them was that they were a bit tiny and the detail of the Bones molds and process back then was so vague! Would love updated familiars with better detail, a more substantial size, and more variety, including supernatural and artificial familiars like imps, homonculi, and so on, along with more species of animals (wait - there's no toad familiar??), and also more breeds/poses of popular animals like dogs and cats and so on. I'd love to see some original, imaginary animals/familiars, too. I thought the fish with legs and f
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