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  1. YronimosW

    June Bones Black Promo Mini: Garghuk the Ogre!

    I'm really enjoying these simple, 80's retro-style minis - I hope to see all those "Dungeon Dwellers" in Bones, plus plenty more! They go nicely with the "Old School Revival" style games that are popular right now, from a time when classes like "Elf", "Dwarf", "Thief", and "Fighting Man" were, are, and shall be again! Miniatures have gotten very busy and edgy since then, which is cool - there've been a lot of great modern sculpts over the years! But, i kind of miss the way those old-school heroes used to look, and I kind of miss the old-fashioned RPG book/'zine artwork....
  2. YronimosW

    Dinosaurs in Lost Valley

    Same here - I think the set got some puzzled looks from "fantasy purists" on one hand who couldn't think of a way to fit this style of fantasy into their fantasy game, and "dinosaur realists" on the other who weren't sure how to fit the fantasy elements into their historical games, which surprised me on both counts (I didn't know there that many prehistoric wargamers, or that "fantasy purism" was even a "thing"!), but I'm all for the retro-pulp-fantasy thing. I could as easily see these critters on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom, or in a Pellucidar/Hollow Earth or its fantasy equivalent (The Underdark), or in a fantasy jungle setting knocked off of Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age, or running amok in a city for a Superheroes game as some masked villain's master-plan (step 1, unleash monsters; step 2, ?; Step 3, PROFIT!), or a Jules Verne style lost world in a steampunk or Eberron game, or flourishing in the sewers of some major city for a modern or fantasy game (everyone knows that lizards grow to colossal size in city sewers!).... These guys also remind me of those old "Chinasaurs" they used to sell in "dime stores" when I was a youngster: these were marketed as "dinosaurs" in the U.S., but apparently originated in Korea or Taiwan as Kaiju-style fantasy monsters; you'll probably recognize some of the original 1960s-1970s era Chinasaurs as the inspiration for some famous D&D monsters: according to RPG legend, in an era where a dedicated market for fantasy gaming miniatures simply didn't exist, one of the guys from Gary Gygax's gaming group bought a package of these monsters at a local dime store, and thus the Rust Monster, Bullette, Umber Hulk, Troglodyte, and Owlbear were all born! So, it's great that there are no known stats for this monster in the D&D books: imagine that you are back in the Wild West days of the 1970s, where a cheap dime-store toy could evolve into the Rust Monster with a little imagination! That's the opportunity you have here... find some stats for a similarly-sized monster to start with (the Giant Lizard stats, as you mentioned, are a great place to start!), then add on a magical ability that amuses you (maybe it breathes lightning bolts?), blame the whole thing on a wizard's experiment, and you're set to go! :)
  3. More old-school, retro-'80s, heavy metal, Frazetta-style, doomed Warlords/Anti-Paladins/Blackguards/Evil Warriors. I had something specific in mind for a project, and realized I really couldn't find very much that came close: a big, goony, muscle-bound evil warrior with minimal barbarian armor, a horned helmet that conceals his face except for his inevitable glowing eyes, a cursed sword/axe/mace, and an evil-looking shield... sort of a not-Warduke or not-Deathdealer or not-TheMountain, exactly the sort of second-banana flunky that the Big Bad who doesn't want to get his/her hands dirty hires out to lead a rag-tag goon-squad of bandits, bounty-hunting assassins, or orcs to set that ambush for the do-gooders, or to hold the cursed and haunted fortress guarding the back entrance to the Big Bad's lair. Ulthalokh the Unclean (02605), Benedikt Hellhorn (03200), Kouraneth (03109), D'Mona the Drinker (02066), Nimrah (02862), Karse (03366), Ilkhan of Malvernis (02407), Monique Denoir (02551), and Zarion Bloodnail (03304) all come close enough to what I had in mind that I could mod them the rest of the way, but they aren't yet Bones!
  4. YronimosW

    Dinosaurs in Lost Valley

    It looks to me like one of those monsters from the old cheapo 1940s-1960s B-Movies - the sort where the special effects department glued horns and such onto live geckos, baby alligators, or iguanas, then filmed them in rear-projection behind human actors to make the lizards look dinosaur-sized. Is it biologically accurate? No way. Is it a throw-back to pulpy, goofy, retro fantasy fun, with the bonus of no animals harmed in the making of these miniatures? You bet! Just add in forests of giant mushrooms, gorgeous cave-girl warriors in fur bikinis, psychic dinosaur-gods, a band of evil ape-man minions, and Victorian explorers visiting some land that time forgot using elaborate steampunk-style pseudo-science contraptions (submarines, dirigibles, or engines with drills in front), and you're in the right ballpark.... Edit to add: The Axebeak is an ancient D&D staple going waaaay back, added to D&D in the same retro pulp dinosaur adventure spirit that the "Lost Valley" expansion seems to be aiming for.
  5. Agreed. I could name a company that's making some great inexpensive stuff like that in a Bones-like material (along with a lot of other dungeon dressing, furniture, and scenic items), but I could happily support a Reaper Bones version as well - the more, the merrier.
  6. That's what I'd heard, too: that Reaper was finding retail packaging for weapons sprues to be a remarkably tricky challenge. For my part, I love the things: I bought a bunch of them, and have found them very useful for conversions, mods, upgrades for the Knights of the Noodle-Blades, etc.
  7. YronimosW

    Catfolk feet?

    I'm rather fond of these sculpts, feet and all, and I like the simple, practical costumes, weapons, and old-fashioned poses, and I really, really like the faces: that's exactly the sort of face I picture for catfolk. These catfolk remind me a lot (in the best possible way) of the Katta from the "Arabian Nights" flavored entry in the old 1980s/1990s"Quest for Glory" video games, with the housecat-type faces and all... I'd love to see more of these guys, in Arabian Nights style costumes and such... musicians, dancers, conjurors, artists, explorers, merchants, swashbucklers, pirates, priestesses of Bast, and the like. The only thing stopping me from picking up a bunch of these guys up is that they aren't in Bones, and I've cut metal miniatures out of what's left of my budget.
  8. YronimosW

    Armory Sprues -- a one-off?

    Hopefully, they work out that packaging thing, and produce a lot more armory sprues, both generic and stylized (maybe future versions including helmet head-swaps, crossbows, and other new items matching a theme?), as well as sprues for magical accessories (tomes, wands, staves, potions, scrolls, etc.) and other adventuring gear (lanterns, torches, musical instruments, telescopes, compasses, whatever....) The ease and convenience of the "bonesium" material for conversions are such that I've found these sorts of "bits" as exciting as the miniatures themselves. We're getting very close to the era when just about any character you can imagine can be cooked up in a few minutes with a few dollars worth of minis and bitz, a hobby knife, and a little cyanoacrylic glue - how awesome is that? And definitely, these sorts of weapon sprues are exactly what the doctor ordered for Bones Weapon Noodleosis, Bones Inflammatory Anime Weaponitis, and other terrible diseases afflicting all too many otherwise excellent miniatures!
  9. Those giant wasps, giant mosquitoes, and giant leeches sound like great additions to a (hypothetical) Dreadmere II expansion. You could add a were-leech and were-mosquito to the list of Dreadmere II monsters, too. Along with a passel of 'possum-people... and an undead dire racoon, maybe. (What do they do? Nobody really knows... they're secretive sorts... 'possum-folk just sort of creep through the swamps by night, singing their weird 'possum folk-songs while strumming mysterious tunes on twangy stringed instruments, casting nameless spells for nameless 'possum-folk reasons, and gathering cults of their 'possum kin-folk to make sacrifice together to their strange old 'possum gods; meanwhile the undead dire racoon stalks the deeper swamps, seeking adventurers to snack on; half-decayed, bloated, and ever-hungry, its huge dire-racoon eyes glowing balefully in the night, its body covered in moss and fungi and unwholesome squirming things, terribly ancient and growing a little bigger and wiser and cleverer each year....) And more Dreadmere haflings... more halflings are always welcome, and barefoot, rough-and-tumble, rustic halflings seem to fit the Dreadmere setting so well!
  10. As just an aside, I've been working on a 1/72 scale cyberpunk-themed model/diorama the last couple months, where I could have really used some 1/72 scale modern small-arms weapons packs. Those are just about unheard of, though! So, I figured I'd cheat a bit, and use some "28mm" weapons, and I was lucky to find much of anything in THAT scale for weapons, beyond a few rare and over-priced bits that turn up from time to time on bits sites as stuff broken down from those boxed kits of customizable wargames figures. So, anyway, I'd have jumped on some heroic-scale modern / near-future / sci-fi weapons sprues in a heartbeat, and some 1/72 scale weapons and accessories would have been even more niche but welcome! And Bones 1/72 scale historical plastic figures would be brilliant, as someone who has dabbled more than once in that hobby: the conventional plastic material 1/72 scale figures were made from since the '70s and '80s resists painting and modifications, and is just a nuisance to work with - I tried modifying some of these recently, and realized just how much a pleasure "Bonesium" is to work with by comparison! (Still, I'd have also have loved to have seen the 1/72 wargame miniatures manufacturers do the opposite, and mass-produce some 28mm/heroic fantasy, sci-fi, and historic stuff on the cheap, as that stuff tends to be a great bargain on a price-per-mini basis, but that's a different story....) JGrubber, welcome! And I love all of the suggestions you made, but I'll add to your "Elementals" list some tiny elementals - like, Magician's familiar-sized (or at least Halfling-sized) fire, air, water, and earth guys. I guess little winged quasit/mephit style guys are popular requests at that size, too, and those would also be awesome so I'll add those as well, but I totally want to summon like an army of little angry, malevolent living fire guys to run amok on the world, spreading fire and chaos and terror everywhere they leap and scurry....
  11. YES - and they don't even need to be realistic prehistoric animals - fantasy megafauna are great, too. Dire coelocanthes, giant horseshoe crab swarms, cambrian millipede-men? Sign me up! And a Goblin gypsy folk band, with lovely and enchanting goblin dancing girls.... I'm having a vision, and in this vision, Goblins are the Lords - and Ladies - of the dance! This is central to Goblin magic, and the Goblin rain dancers dance so hard, it causes torrential downpours, thunder and lightning, and whirlwinds of doom! And the Goblins are cool with that, because that's how they roll....
  12. YronimosW

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    Oh, yeah, the octagonal hats! And British-style London Metropolitan Police with the old-fashioned pith helmets ("What's all this, then? Move along, nothing to see!"), and the old-fashioned Canadian Mounties (I'm pretty sure some of these exist in metal, but I don't think any exist in Bones!) Did I ever mention some ordinary, working class characters? Dock workers, lumberjacks, coal miners, farmers, factory workers, office secretaries, construction workers, engineers, accountants, deliverymen, plumbers, bicycle repairmen ("thank you, Bicycle Repair Man!") It's OK if these guys are swinging axes and picks and pipe-wrenches and what-not around like weapons, and just as OK if they aren't. The common man-on-the-street and innocent bystander sucked into a bigger story are some of my favorite NPCs and PCs for games like "Call of Cthulhu". (As always, I'm thinking bones minis.)
  13. YronimosW

    Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    1. ...and perhaps an old-fashioned chain-gang... Giving them picks, shovels, and sledgehammers (for doing hard time, turning big rocks into little ones), and shivs for the squealers, are totally optional.... 2. Toss in a prison warden and guards, while we're at it. (I'm shakin', boss, I'm shakin'!) 3. Some Call of Cthulhu-friendly pulp mental patients - a guy in a straightjacket, a maniac with a big Renfield grin on his face, the usual delusional and paranoid Bedlamites in Napoleon hats, etc.... 4. Add the friendly orderlies and nurses and doctors from St. Snakepit's Home for the Criminally Insane, including Dr. Lobotomy and Dr. Shocktreatment....
  14. A couple Bones royal families might be nice, now that Phoenix Rising has mentioned giant kings/queens. Human kings, queens, princes, and princesses, court jesters, advisors, court wizards, bishops and high priestesses, generals and admirals, mayors and sheriffs and functionaries, grand viziers and tribal chiefs and such... wholesome looking royal families, evil-looking ones, non-human NPC leaders and such like elves and halflings and whatever, etc.... I could put these characters to all sorts of NPC and PC use - quest-givers, villains, background NPCs, characters in costume, statues of long-dead historical figures in ruined cities, etc., but currently, I think we've got a Dwarf King and his court and maybe a couple nondescript orc and goblin chiefs in Bones so far, and that's it. And I think the request for Bones sprues of heads is a great idea - human heads, elf heads, catfolk heads, demon/devil heads, dragon-folk heads, etc. I know that cat-people and dragon-people and demon-people were pretty popular in the last couple Kickstarter polls - with so many Bones human and elf characters out there, and so many of these less-common PC races that are generally head-swappable with human bodies, I think head sprues would be a great way to go for those who want to create their own character models. I'll take the time to add hat and helmet sprues, too. For those relatively "generic" armored fighting-men models like Reaper's recent bandits, crusaders, and such, you can get a lot of mileage for adding variety to them with some simple helmet and weapon swaps.
  15. I agree completely with CorallineAlgae about the Saproling warriors... in fact, I'd really like to see a lot more stuff in that sort of Haunted Woodland theme: Saprolings Treants (the big guy in Bones4 is a fantastic setpiece, but how about some smaller ones?) Satyrs, Dryads, Nymphs, Green Men creepy, ugly, unfriendly, mischievous small faeries and fey of all sorts (throwing stones and pulling awful faces and so on; see Arthur Rakham's classic illustrations for faerie tales) Animals Behaving Badly - the Big Bad Wolf, Sly Fox, and their buddies, up to no good Anthropomorphic rocks and stalagmites with unfriendly expressions and big, hungry mouths Twig Golems and Mandrakes (little "stick people" and animated humanoid plant roots) Swamp Shamblers muggle woodland animals (for use as familiars, animal companions, summoned animals, etc.) scenic bits (maybe like those creepy Blair Witch Project stick-things?) NPC Druids and Hedge-Witches and hermits and hags, neutral, good and evil....