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  1. Yeah, that had me confused as well - I was searching for 'bases' but did not get the new ones (I was specifically looking for the 60x35mm oval bases). This seems to be because they have no tags/keywords, so please add the keywords :)
  2. Wait, I just saw your other thread - this is one one of your early works and you already figured out blending? o_O I haven't even dared to try it myself yet after years of painting, lol. Du har mycket hög potential on du fortsätter såhär :) Keep it up!
  3. Nice little conversion that works well, and I particularly like the blending work :)
  4. Same here, I finally caved and bought a second Graveyard expansion because I just want more of it all :) Like the previous KS there was one expansion that didn't appeal to me enough though, this time it was the Stoneskull expansion. There are certainly a few minis in there I want but not enough for the price tag. So I'm just hoping they don't take too long to come out in individual packaging after fulfillment, but at the same time I'll have plenty of Bones to tide me over in the meantime... ;)
  5. Aha! Never heard of "dark cork" before, but that did indeed bring up some results on Amazon. Thank you, will order some to try it out right now :)
  6. Very nice work! Where are you finding the thick and sturdy cork sheets/tiles? I've tried to find them in California but to no avail - everyone just seems to stock the thin bendy cork sheets, whether at the DIY stores like Home Depot or the craft stores like Hobby Lobby/Michaels. I even tried Staples but no dice.
  7. I'm intrigued but torn, I have plenty of tiles already but some of the specialty stuff is definitely interesting. The waterfall is a nice unique piece. And of course I discovered it in the last 24 hours of the KS, so I have some quick deciding to do. Decisions, decisions... leaning towards getting a few add-on pieces like the skull walls at least, maybe the waterfall even.
  8. One word describes this better than any other: atmospheric. Brilliant.
  9. if you every make it down to Stockton Valhalla games has a big selection or bones, metal Reaper, Gw, Warmachine, malifax darksword and lots of paint I've heard of them, never gotten around to going down there yet though. Will definitely have to some day, I love browsing blisters :) In the Sacramento area Great Escape Games keep most of the Bones in stock on a wall and also have a variety of metal Reaper figs next to them. Viking Hobby also carries Reaper models on a couple of stands - mostly metal last I checked, but some Bones also. In a completely different area, Dragon's Lair in Austin (Texas) has a huge wall of Reaper metal minis (I didn't even look for Bones, I was transfixed by the amount of metal on display). I didn't actually cross-reference prices, but none of them seemed far out of whack (if at all) from the Reaper prices to the best of my knowledge.
  10. *deactivates lurking shield* Riktigt så ensamma är ni inte :) I'm just hiding across the ocean... Grattis Patrik! *reactivates lurking shield*
  11. Such a bad time for this for me economically, but I guess given how much I have used the results of their first kickstarter (not at all, yet) maybe it's for the best that I can't get in on this one. Still, I gaze upon it longingly :)
  12. That dwarf looks awesome, straight out of the fantasy olympics hammer throwing event! Looking forward to seeing the further progress of this project :)
  13. Yes, you can pledge for a core set and add the money for another core set, then after the Kickstarter ends you will get a survey to figure out where you want to put the money. :)
  14. Hi all, Rather than experimenting wildly I thought I would ask for the expertise of the forumgoers on this matter... if I paint an area of a mini with a metallic color and then apply a matte coat, will the result still look metallic at all or will it be dulled down completely so I should apply a gloss coat (on that area if nothing else)? I ask because for some of my minis I would like to have both matte and glossy parts, and I have never used sealant coats (yet) so I am unsure what the results will be - everything I've read about applying coats has assumed normal paints, not metallic ones, but the metallic paints are perfect for the effect I want. Thank you in advance for any wisdom you can share :)
  15. And thus will suck. Sorry. That's overly generalizing don't you think? As far as miniature game conversions go, Warhammer Quest certainly turned out fine on iOS for example.
  16. Looking at painting my hydra sometime soon also, so following this thread with interest :) I think I will go for an arctic hydra as far as colors go though.
  17. Sounds awesome! I will definitely be keeping an eye on this to see what happens...
  18. I stopped playing M:tG in 1998 and I see plenty of players at my FLGS now that weren't even a twinkle back then. So yes, young'uns are still picking up that particular game at least, and that could hopefully lead them down the path to other games as well. They should certainly get some exposure to other games just from hanging out at the FLGS if nothing else, and that is one of the many benefits of having FLGS's :)
  19. I don't understand this point. Retail and marketing are inseperable. Getting lots of people to know that your product exists is essential to being able to sell it otherwise you're just hoping someone stumbles across it. This. I had no idea Reaper even existed before the Kickstarter, now here I am a year later with not just a mountain of Bones from the KS, no no... I got back into miniature painting after over a decade on hiatus because of this particular Kickstarter. I think actually I even registered on Kickstarter for this. In the past year I have bought a bunch of miniature board games, Kickstarted other miniature-related projects, gotten back into Warhammer Fantasy and bought additional Bones to add to the KS rewards. It's all thanks to Reaper's Bones Kickstarter (or their fault, if you ask my bank account). Our FLGS does not carry single figures, but a bigger one further away does and has a big wall of Bones right now. I wanted to encourage this and bought a few to complement my collection just this weekend. They actually had everything I wanted, almost - even in the quantities I wanted, I was looking for four of one mini in particular and they had it! I could have ordered from Reaper directly as it would have qualified for free shipping, but I was able to support a local store, encourage them to keep minis in stock and have them in my hand for painting that same night so I could not resist. I don't know how many out there have similar stories, but I would bet there are quite a few whose interest in the hobby itself, not just Bones or even just Reaper, were "kickstarted" by the Bones explosion - whether rekindling an old interest or drawing new people in. And that in turn means more money in the pockets of the stores and distributors too, so they better not hold a grudge because they'd be biting themselves in the foot.
  20. Apologies, as I said I just bought it for the contents - I did not know where were several Confrontations from the same manufacturer :)
  21. Miniature Market have the Confrontation box on clearance for under 20 bucks. It's a good deal just for the box contents, I haven't even looked at the rules but they were in there too :)
  22. Later D&D versions have gray-skinned orcs (from 3.0 onwards I believe). I am not sure where that originated though. Thanks for that list, that was a very interesting breakdown :)
  23. Congrats Buglips, very nice result and with time and equipment restrictions no less! Kudos to you sir.
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