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  1. The link below was my first post of BONES I painted. I put the Pathfinder Red Dragon in one of the contests here. If anyone's interested: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51387-a-few-bones-freshly-painted-updated/
  2. Thanks all. The shrubbery is for my son. Ever since the Kickstarter, he wanted me to paint it s the Rock Monster in the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. Sadly, I haven't seen The Rise of the Guardians.
  3. The butt of the pistol says "Nice"
  4. Just wanted to share my holiday take on Barnabus Frost... and a few other BONES I've painted.
  5. Thanks for the comments. I never really thought about the order of heat on the hellhound. As for the dragon tongue, it was originally purple, but it just wasn't working out, so I turned it blue because I liked the way the horns looked. The goblin and the lizardman were a lot of fun to paint. I look forward to painting the rest of the goblins. Thanks, I need more contrast in my darker end blues and purples. I couldn't get the exact look I wanted, but they have a purple wash that doesn't really stand out in the photo. I try not to mix colors too often so I don't have to worry about reproducing them later. Thank you.... the werewolf was on of the first Bones I did. It's my favorite werewolf so far (I've done some Mage Knight and I think another Reaper one). Thanks I was really proud of it when I was finished. That's probably the biggest mini I've ever painted. It might have been the first one out of the box I painted. Thanks, I really like the pathfinder style goblins. I will probably finish of the group before the end of the year. I just pulled another dozen or so Bones to paint over the next couple weeks. Thank you. Thank you..... "Move mix of colours"???
  6. Ok, this looks like the place for this.... it's no Nethyrmaul, but it's the best dragon I've done.
  7. This was the only one I could find... someone suggested I post in Here Be Dragons, and all I found was this. Could you post a link?
  8. I didn't know there was one. Ya it would be nice to have something advertising the current forum contests on the forum itself. But there is one and enter him! Thanks all... it's posted. I don't consider myself a pro painter at all.
  9. I'm in. I didn't know this was going on, someone was kind enough to suggest my dragon would fit here. Kickstarter - Red Pathfinder dragon. It was the first one out of the box I painted, and I loved every hour of it. Wished I'd bought two.
  10. I originally ordered the worm and werewolf way before the Kickstarter. I was extremely impressed by the quality and the price. Strangely, the worm suffered from the tacky paint issue where the werewolf never did. I use the same paints and primers on everything. I have re-coated a few minis after reading a few suggestions here and found Testors Dulcote does work at coating the minis and removing the tackiness from finished models. I'll be busy painting for the next year..... EDIT: as suggested, these are the minis posted below (in order). 77006: Great Worm 77005: Ogre Chieftain 77009: Werewolf 77038: Hell Hound 89001: Pathfinder Red Dragon 77063: Duke Gerard 89003: Pathfinder Goblin Warrior 77050: Lizardman Warrior 77058: Almaran the Gold, Paladin 77143: Townsfolk: Undertaker 77158: Arrius, Skeletal Warrior
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