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  1. You have to expose for the white/bright parts first by adjusting your camera settings. If your camera has some form of highlight warning functions (like zebras), that will help greatly. You will then have very dark shadows which you can brighten up with white bounce cards. Hope that helps.
  2. Love the level of contrast. You also painted the eyes really well! My only nitpick is that I only wish the colors/texture of the rock didn't match so well with the fur.
  3. Hello, hello! Not really a new member but I've been absent from this hobby for more than a decade. I first started it when I was in college then life got in the way. Now with more time and more disposable income, I've been digging out my old stash of minis and trying to get them all painted. I'm amazed at the evolution of the hobby in addition to the ease of looking up tutorials on youtube. It's been very fun. 🙂 Ney
  4. That looks cool. They look EXACTLY like acolyte fighters from the PC game Homeworld Cataclysm
  5. The unrealistic gunfight in d20. Hmm on top of my head: being able to survive a grenade eventhough it's on top of you. I'm looking for a fast-paced, somewhat realistic combat mechanism as opposed to the the "keep rolling dice until you one drops" Now i'm not bashing d20 or dnd, I've been playing it for a long-time now but for the purpose of this campaign, I would just like something different
  6. I'm looking for a new fighting system to complement or even replace d20 modern. I heard about Cyberpunk Friday Night Firefight and how it's dynamic and action-packed. Suggestions anyone? Thanks :)
  7. It was good while it was still a trilogy. Now plots are all over the place. It's going to be another Wheel of Bloody Time.
  8. The tail looks mighty fragile with the flimsy-looking pin... it's not going to hang is it?
  9. Oh wow, Ana sure improved her painting skill! This is really good! I'm so jealous
  10. I'm more inclined to agree with SaintRigger - ultraviolence is part of the cyberpunk genre. It is a violent future after all. I'm not familiar with Friday Night Firefight nor Cyberpunk 2020 and as of now we don't have enough people. Let's wait a bit :)
  11. Sorry if it took a while to answer, it's been busy lately with christmas and new year. As for the characters, I would prefer not to put too much restrictions on them. I can tell the story from different perspective depending on what kind of characters the players want. The only restriction is that they have to know each other before the adventure starts and/or are from the same power groups. Here they are... 1. Police/Security/Vigilante Forces/Mercenary Forces 2. Organized Crime organizations, mobsters, gansters, etc 3. One of the Mega-Corps agents What would you guys want to be? As for classes, we you can be anything you want including archetypes such as hackers, hitmen, assassins, bodyguards etc. I must admit, I'm not sure what Cthulupunk is. As for this world, it's during the year 2020 on Earth so it's not that far ahead. There's no magic whatsoever but there are some rare cases of psyonic (military experiments, mutations, etc) As for the most part, I'd like to keep it "real" albeit more technologically advanced.
  12. Those are awesome, I love the way you arranged them. May I ask who made those models?
  13. I'm just testing the water here to see if there's any interests. My past attempts to start a game were unsuccesful so I'm a little wary. I was wondering how many people would want to start a GURP campaign in a cyberpunk setting (think William Gibson's Neuromancer, Count Zero, Night City) let me know :)
  14. "Hello? Can anyone hear me?" the man said, this time louder. A deafening scream of a woman echoed through the corridor outside the room. The scream went on for what seemed like an eternity before it dying down slowly into a desperate moan which too died down…. Then silence except for the sound of splashing water.
  15. DM: The barred window it too high for you to see through it. The light coming in barely illuminates your surrounding. It seems like you haven’t used your eyes since awhile and everything is hazy. From what you can discern, you are in a 20’ by 20’ room, there’s a small puddle of water in the corner where the water is dripping down and in front of the bed is a heavy door made of iron.
  16. Prologue: The Awakening The sound of water dripping on the hard concrete echoed ominously in the small empty room. It was cold and damp, and it was dark. The little light that shone through the barred window gave the place an eerie feeling. The air was heavy and almost tangible – it smelled of death. In the middle of the room sat a bed and on the bed was a man. His hands were bound together in a restraining jacket and he was unconscious up until now. DM: You wake up, you’re in the room. You do not know where you are, who you are or what you are. You do not remember a thing
  17. oh great, you know we can actually start this one right away - people can join in as they want to. Yes I know, this is going to be a little bit unconventional. Vinny, right now you don't need to worry about your character's past or stats or anything. You can just play along
  18. It'll be DND 3.5 but I do not plan to emphasis heavily on number-crunching. We will focus more of the storytelling aspect of role-playing. I just need around 4 persons, you only need to tell me your class for now - I plan to start it with a twist. I can't tell much about the story because I don't want to spoil the beginning. What I can tell you is that it's going to an eerie, dark and mysterious world.
  19. Would anyone be interesting in starting something new? I have a neat little campaign i'm dying to try out. It tells the story of 4-5 young people who live in a little village and whose destinies are about to change quite drastically. Let me know if you're interesting, I'll post more info in a bit. THanks
  20. iAm sO mAD anD AnGrY! There’s no such things as Nettiquet: online everyone is a bully. Honestly though, I couldn't care less. What irks me the most is people turning this place into a blogging (livejournal) space and rant about it. In other words, I'm not sure I care whether a fellow poster feels depressed because she or he has no gf/bf/it-f or whatever. The truth is, I don’t read a topic unless it has a catchy or meaningful title - whether it is caps or non-caps are pink-font etc is just a matter of taste.
  21. If anyone here happens to play World of Warcraft, look for Mushou and Analyn (alliance) on the new Gurubashi server!
  22. I'm not sure I like this sculpt. Probably because of the gorillaness...gorilla, gory, get it? hahah, oh nevermind. Anyway, great paintjob!
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