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  1. They... *gulp*... look good! Diversion tactic!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I know there are things that I could improve, do point them out! Here's the original size. They are not really good pictures, I forgot to increase the number of pixels and then got lazy.
  3. Took me 2 months... and she's my first blondie.
  4. Southern pride? who said anything about it? Bah, i'm outta here
  5. That's what I was trying to say. In my opinion, the conf. flag has the same problem. But as you pointed out, we're getting out of topic.
  6. Ok I won't call racists any names and I’ll be nice from now on. I mean, everyone is entitled to have their own likes and dislikes? Funny how you it's ok to call the terrorists in Iraq monsters or animals, or barbaric, or inhuman or whatnot. As for the conf. flag, yes I do understand its origin but people started to use it irresponsibly and now it has racist connotation. Incidentally, I have a bottle of Vallejo Model Colour Negro. Know what I mean?
  7. Baby food jars too! can't remember how I got them.
  8. You've got to compile those tutorials and put them online somewhere! I keep finding myself looking back at the mini trying to figure out how to replicate what you did. Awesome
  9. I didn't call you a white trash Unglef; I was referring to those racist wankers out there who happens to be white. Heck, trashes can be of many colours.
  10. Awesome paintjob! the only thing I have against it is the way you shaded the sword; it looks too rounded and without edges.
  11. he's still absent, somewhere in the forest
  12. What's that, a bunch of racist white trash? no thank you
  13. Isn't the USA a major player in UN? Then, wouldn’t it be kind of self-accusatory to blame the UN for its inefficiency? How come the USA always think itself as being apart from the rest of the world?
  14. DM: The village could probably be reached by backtracking half a mile back and going around the forest. Smokes coming from chimneys can be seen as the group got nearer to the Merry Mead.
  15. What? The lingo? Just sarcasm, my IQ is the kind that breaks all the bounds...it's in the negative
  16. Now is probably not a good time for introduction... for one you're pretty much weakened and you still feel nauseaus.
  17. After a while the group reached the outskirt of the forest where they saw one of their friend, the shifter inspecting the ground for tracks. Next to him was the cart the group bought before taking on the road. The shifter noticed them as they stumbled out of the wood wearilly. DM: the caravan already left...
  18. Sorry for the warning, I didn't want to do that but I didn't want half the party to die because you split up behind enemy lines.... caravan it is then
  19. I'm thinking about painting a few minis to be dragonlance characters. Right now, I know for sure Dingo Appledimple is going to be Tasslehoff and Branson the Avenger is going to be Sturm Brightblade and Bjorn for Flint Now for Tanis(I thought about Schumacher but I'm not sure), Caramon, Raistlin(a frail young wizard, that's the hardest). Suggestions are welcome How about a silver dragon with a suitable rider?
  20. Ok I'm doing this to keep the game moving, I wouldn't want to restrict your action but... sorry. Option 1: Everyone decides to either go to the village or the caravan. After 30 minutes of walk, they reach their destination Option2: Some people go to the village, some go to the caravan. One group(randomly selected) will be attacked by the crones (who surprise are keeping a close watch on you) and probably will die.
  21. Don't worry about west or north or whatever, just decide whether you're going to the village or the caravan. The group from Siltar(Vic included) should elect a leader. This whole thing about west and east and south etc is starting to slow the game down. EDIT: ok, rereading the posts, it seems like people just decided to split up yet again knowing that two very dangerous crones are still in the wood.... Who's going where???? Just to make it clear, I want everyone to post "Village" or "Caravan" in the OOC
  22. Ok, you're not that much deep into the forest yet. From where you are right now, going south (assuming you know how to navigate) will lead you out of the forest and to the Orien Trade Route. Going north will also lead you out of the forest but to the village which was build just outside the edge of the wood. Either way will take you a little bit over half a hour to get through assuming you're walking carefully trying not to get lost. Merry Mead ************** *** *********** **** ********** ***** ********* ****** X ****** ******* ****** ******* ******* ******* ******* \ \\ Orien Trade Route heading southeast \\\\\ \\\\\\\
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