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  1. Everything looks good but can we have more pictures of the face? From this angle, she doesn't quite look like she's human.
  2. Hey welcome back Rupert! here's your option. 1. The caravan left, you with it 2. It left so you decided to ride the cart to the edge of the forrest. Now you're probably choosing option 1 so you're now at the edge of the forest and looking down at the corpse by the tree. Being a ranger, you have no problem finding all the tracks and following them if you so decide.
  3. Keep in mind that the map doesn't show everything, Merry Mead is my own creation, it's small and not even worth mapping. It's not on the road, it lays beyond the forest (small forest). Using the scale of the map, we are a little short of 1 cm away from Ardev
  4. Who said I was your elf? (hehe) Ouch, that hurts. I've just be disillusioned
  5. Stefan, I think you posted in the wrong thread :)
  6. But Vic was the treasurer of the group with all his platinum coins.
  7. The jeep is a micromachine - one of my childhood toys I gave to Vinny to work his diorama.
  8. I prefer my elves asian-like like in dragonlance
  9. Surely you guys carried your money with you right? ....
  10. DM: The forest is located north of The Orien Trade Route the group travelled on. Even further north is the little village of Merry Mead. The group will have to travel through the forest to reach it.
  11. Wow, soon enough everyone in this campaign will get a ring.
  12. The group finally met up near the lake where the night hag disappeared. Those who were afflicted by the sight of the sea hag felt tired and wasted but everyone else was fine including Shannon who just started to wake up.
  13. Yes that's right. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough.
  14. Hey sorry I didn't answer all of your questions yet and you did send me quite a lot I'm still trying to get all my stuff together, just hold on for a bit! As for weekends, yes, I think we'd all unofficially agreed not to post during the weekend :)
  15. The three fighters fought relentlessly to overwhelm the hideous creature and all of them landing heavy blows on the hag. Unable to go on and feeling her lifeforce fleeing her, she tried desperately to escape but ultimately collapsed lifelessly at the feet of her attackers. Her putrid body laid on the ground shapeless and broken. **** “Nooooo, how could it be!!??” the night hag screeched in frustration as her illusionary swamp disappeared. As Vic tried to attack her, she dissipated in the air and drifted away. “I shall be back whelp but for now I shall have fun with your half-demon friend!” Kyra arrived just in time to see her drifting away. The fog slowly dissipated revealing the lush and vibrant forest. Small animals and birds curious at the change scurried out of their hidings and went on with their simple daily lives. Vic heard a the sound birds splashing in the water not far away. DM: This post lasted 2 rounds, luckilly for the group no further dmg were inflicted by the hags. I didn't want to post "they swung and miss...then swung again and miss"
  16. Unglef, any chance this means that you got within 10ft of her, because if so, then this round, taking a 5ft step will allow you to take two attacks if you choose too. yeah, I know I'm hoping to squeeze the most out of it, but WE NEED EVERY BIT OF HELP! ERL Gund is attempting to flank which will take more than a 5-foot step as Ismark advanced toward the wood by himself.
  17. I think that this may be a glimmer of hope, if that's Kyme keeping the hag in the woods busy we may yet make it out here (he's trying to buy us time), just have to hope that we start scoring some hits. ERL ok I should have said high-pitched scream.... it's one of the hag screaming because her sister was too hasty.
  18. I'm trying to add drama and twists into the storyline. I admit it took a little bit of time to set up the scene as I was BS'ing for inspiration and didn't even know where it was going. Anyway I try to make all my encounters something to remember.... not just another routine fight. If people don't like that and voice up against that, it's fine, we'll change.
  19. My understanding is that they are space pirates, meaning they will be more likely to use air support than regular cavs.
  20. Would you rather want me to tell you "Ok you go in the forest, you see 3 hags now fight...?" Here I give you a chance to figure a way out without using force because more likely than not, you'll die against those 3 hags. Who else think that it has been stretched too far?
  21. Vic charged at the hag swinging his greatsword but missed as the hag danced under his blow. She then raised her palm toward them and sent forth a wave of magical sleepiness. Shannon slowly collapsed on the muddy ground.
  22. "Oh yes that was me!" she laughed. 'We had many good catch today!" she added and started casting a spell. DM: combat started, Kyra will arrive in two rounds if she keeps running like that
  23. Say I want to build a Pirate landing force, how would I proceed. What would suggest for the organization of the force. First i'm thinking about a large number of aircraft supported by really fast CAVS and APC with infantry.
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