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  1. I have to say that you guys are doing things that I didn't expect. Very interesting to DM. :)
  2. Kyra went into the fog and into the swamp, her movement are laborious she can't see much. *** "SHA I'M COMING!!!! HOLD ON!" Kyra was faintly heard screaming. "Is that your elf friend coming to rescue you?" the hag commented to Vic and Shannon "She too looks sweet, I'll like to taste her." she added licking her lips in a most disgusting way. *** Gund and Tanner both let out two magical missiles from their ring hitting the hag squarely on the chest causing her to scream in pain. Ismark feeling very weakened swung widly only to miss. Fortunately for him, the hag also missed with her counter-attack. There was a scream of frustration coming from the wood. DM: 7 dmg from the two magic missiles.
  3. funny you should mention that, Shannon and Vic are fighting with a hag that is kinda blackish in colour....
  4. I base my rulling first on the rules then on common sense and logic. "The sight of a sea hag is so revolting" tells me even if you set eyes on her when she's sleeping or unconcious, you might get sick
  5. No, my rulling is that if you're butt ugly by nature, you just can't attivate at your convenient. It's the same thing with Dragon Fear...if you see a dragon, you're scared. As it's written, the only way for her to affect as much as possible is to become visible when there's as many people around as possible.
  6. The guard was dead... probably as a result from all this excitement. "SHANNON! VIC! CAN YOU HEAR ME? IT'S KYRA! COME TOWARD MY VOICE!!" Vic and Shannon heard but as they were about to do something about it, a form materialized in front of them. "Leaving so soon?" the hag said sarcastically, her putrid skin was pitch black and she radiated evil from her very core.
  7. What? go slow T, no go fast T? what am I supposed to do? If I get this over with meaning throwing all fo them at you at once, you're as good as dead
  8. That means if she stop hiding people will see her and if people see her, they might sick up. It is automatic. Tanner and Kyra passed their fortitude check.
  9. FROM THE SRD Sea hags are not subtle and prefer a direct approach to combat. They usually remain in hiding until they can affect as many foes as possible with their horrific appearance. Horrific Appearance (Su) The sight of a sea hag is so revolting that anyone (other than another hag) who sets eyes upon one must succeed on a DC 13 Fortitude save or instantly be weakened, taking 2d6 points of Strength damage. This damage cannot reduce a victim’s Strength score below 0, but anyone reduced to Strength 0 is helpless. Creatures that are affected by this power or that successfully save against it cannot be affected again by the same hag’s horrific appearance for 24 hours. The save DC is Charisma-based.
  10. Shannon couldn't have heard Ismark because 1. She's hauling arse and breathing heavilly 2. She's not even close to Kyra 3. There's a witch in there laughing maniacally. 4. Ismark wasn't screaming on top of his voice like Vic did, he was just pretending to chant(loudly) a phony spell. 5. She didn't make a listen check to hear it and even if she did, she would have failed. Sorry, I have to be consistent
  11. Ok you've got to tell me what's going on. Smite & Divine Strength, I can't find info for them.... Or do you mean Holy Smite, the level 4 Good domain? I can't find Divine Strength Cleric IS the most complicated class to play with heh
  12. I like to add drama you know, makes the fight more interesting. I'm trying to picture you being clawed by a +4 STR creature. I just couldn't picture the cleric standing his ground. More like spinning in one place and trying to regain focus for a second or two.
  13. You were surprised so no AOO. The ability to make you sick is automatic. Basically whoever look at her for the first time is at risk of being sick. You rolled a natural 3, DC for the horrific appearance is 13. You weren't bullrushed or anything, just 1 normal attack. I added the staggering for the drama. Remember, one round is 6 seconds, lots of thing happening and one square is 5 ft... lots of place to recoil.
  14. "Ahah, your ploys are so transparent....what.... NOOOOOOO!" "Argg, I can't stand this fool any longer!" another voice said and sprang out of the wood toward Ismark. The hag was a disgusting sight to behold; she had the vague form of an old woman with slimy green skin and corpse-like limbs. She lashed with her claws at the cleric taking him by surprise and knocking him back with incredible force. As the cleric tried to regain his balance, she spread her arms wide and snarled viciously. Her horrible sight alone was enough to make Ismark and Gund feel sick. DM: Ismark takes -6 pts of dmg and -9 pts of STR(Horrific Appearance), Gund takes -6 pts of STR(Horrific Appearance). Surprise round over, you all get to move before her so just go ahead and post your actions. The combat thread will not be used for only one opponent.
  15. I can't modify your post. Anywya, i'm rolling right now :)
  16. Well I know here in L.A we just had a earthquake a few hours ago, 5.9.
  17. Alright, no strong smells. chances are she hasn't come to close to us yet, must be doing something to throw here voice. ERL Or maybe she's not what you think she is???
  18. "GODSDAMN THIS BLOODY SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!" "You foolish whelp, fight me if you dare but know they you've just forfeited the lives of their friends." the voice said in a menacing tone. Dancing lights appeared behind the trees 30 feets away in front of the cleric and they seemed to approach the group.
  19. Vic and Shannon are running but at a really slow pace. They seem to be in a swamp and the fog is getting thicker. They can't see their feet and Vic is carrying a corpse over his shoulders. As they run, wicked laughters echoed all around them.
  20. DM: The group is close enough to hear Shannon and Vic shouting.
  21. "----------------------------- CAN RUN TO??? YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A BLOODY FOREST!!!" Vic shouted. DM: Silence only has a 20 ft radius and everyone heard that
  22. Here hoping becuase we need it I think I've done a good job selling it, what does everyone else think? Also any chance we can pickup smell? ERL One of you might but he's back with the caravan :)
  23. The fog had now covered the entire place. Vic and Shannon are unable to see their own feet anymore. The ground felt wet and soft - they weren't in a forest anymore but a swamp!
  24. Sorry, I can't do that yet Those creatures depend on you being mislead/confused/uncertain/etc. Just hang in there a little while longer. I'm waiting for everyone to post before I go on.
  25. Hint: regular spotting won't work, one of them alone is more powerful then any of you and they are quite cunning. Now, i will have to roll whether to believe your bluff, it might prove to be interesting :)
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