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  1. It doesn't last, you're just scared but not totally loosing control. It's just for drama as the d20 rules doesn't allow such flexibilities. :)
  2. "Well, aren't ye the clever one little cleric." The voice responded coming somewhere in front of them. "But I will be honest with you," it went on with mock concern, the sound now coming from their left. "Your friends are probably dying in most horrible ways while you little cleric are yapping and brandishing your little stick." it added sadly from somewhere on their right. DM: give me the stats of the soul mace and its abilities, I don't recall you mentioning it or maybe you're just bluffing :) Also tell me which direction you're going: forward, left or right. And everyone else, give me your walking order.
  3. "Hihihihi" the voice cackled somewhere among the trees behind them. "Do go in to save your dying friends foolish ones! Come on, are ye scared?" it taunted playfully and laughed.
  4. "Please don't leave me.....don't, DON'T you dare leave me you little wench!" the voice started small and harmless but grew into a menacingly spiteful and crony one. And it was all inside Kyra's head. Kyra led the group toward where she thought Vic was. After half a minute of mad dashing, they came in front a wall of thick magical fog that reached high over the tree tops. It had a greenish tint to it and small sparks of lightning cackled within its depth.
  5. Vinny made some really awesome conversation with his infantry squad. I'm still pushing him to finish it and put it up.
  6. "Hihihihi, you little fool! My sisters and I shall have fun with you and your foolish friends!" the voice cackled then a complete magical silence felt over Vic and Shannon. "GODSDA ----------------------------!" Vic tried to shout but no sound came out. The mist still rolled toward them, and all around plants and trees rotted in its midst.
  7. GM: Only Kyra heard the child's cry for help.
  8. "Noooo beautiful elf, please don't leave me...." the child voice echoed in Kyra's head.
  9. This is a race you might now want to win....
  10. Shannon doesn't see anything except a slowly moving mist rolling toward them at ground level. As she looked around trying to find a way out she noticed that something was wrong. Some of the trees or branches she now saw weren't actually there a few seconds before. The whole forest seemed to be changing and shifting into some twisted form but when she tried to focus on a particuliar thing, nothing happened and everything appeared to be the same as before.
  11. In a spell-like trance, Kyra listened to the little girl's cries. As she was about to head toward the sound another one echoed through the forest. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- YOURSELF, YOU BLOODY BASTARD!!!" She recognized the metallic ringing voice of Vic and knew where it came from.
  12. Shannon is unable to find any track as it's quite beyond her skill. "Weell weeell weeell, isn't she such as sweeeeet girl?" high-pitched voice said somewhere behind the trees on their left
  13. Kyra heard the sound of a little girl sobbing and calling for her mommy. The sound led deeper into the forest. "<sob> Mommy, don't leave me.....<sob>" the crying went on, it has a ghostly quality to it.
  14. An ominous maniacal cackle answered Vic's plea. Then it seemed as if the forest got a little darker and the shadows a little longer then before.
  15. If you only knew what you guys are against....
  16. Actually, I do like how everyone is reacting. I know I'd be crapping out of my pants if I were in their positions.
  17. Rupert is a shifter, Kyme is just a "normal" tiefling ranger... meaning he's half demonic.
  18. Neyuttad

    Old Hedgehog APC

    Leech, it was actually the picture of the mini. The hedgehog as a kind of tail fin. I was disapointed when I bought mine and they came without it.
  19. Vic and Shannon heard what appeared to be someone breathing very slowly and faintly behind them. It was a creepy, phlegmatic disembodied kind of breathing and as they waited without daring to turn around, the breathing slowly but steadilly got louder and faster until it seemed that someone was just right behind them. When they finally turned around in alarm, no one was there.
  20. Keep in mind that a grapple, a trip attack, a disarm etc require you to make a successful melee attack/touch attack. (a to-hit roll) For example, during a grapple check, a flatfooted person wouldn't be able to use her DEX to evade her opponent and therefore making her more likely to be grappled and subsequently brought down(if she fails her grapple check which takes into consideration her STR). Once you're being grappled, you effectively can't use your DEX anymore. No matter how dexterious Spidey is, if the Hulk successfully manages to crush him in a bearhug, he won't be able to get out. Another way to look at it is if your opponent successfully managed to get a hold of you, you're completely aware and it becomes an instinctive reaction to try to escape. Also, a rogue doesn’t only get a +1d6 to damage against a flatfooted opponent; he actually gets his fully sneak attack bonus (1d6 to 20d6 for a 20lvl rogue wielding two weapons). He also get that bonus against flanked opponents for every round and every attack making him the expert opportunistic killer.
  21. I probably did, now I wonder why, any clue?
  22. Neyuttad

    Old Hedgehog APC

    I was going through the pdf rulebook and noticed a picture with the hedgehog in it. Interestingly, it looks quite different from the one I see on ReaperStore. It had a slightly bulkier rear and in my opinion, it looked much better. Where can I get one, is it actually an hedgehog at all? Thanks
  23. Neyuttad

    German-themed Race?

    What UCORs are affiliated with the Ritterlich?
  24. Wow, that's cool. Little things like that really earn you loyal customers.
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