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  1. I do not want mini from anyone else except the person who was assigned to me. I also don't have to explain the meaning of the word Commitment if some of you can't understand it. It just bugs me a lot when I learn that some people do not honor their commitment. I remember at our local church, we used to hang the names of children on a christmas tree. People can take it and send something to the child. It was just so depressing when you learn that some of the children didn't get anything even though their names were taken. But we're not children so I'll stop whinning like a little girl now.
  2. Wow, I wonder how you managed to deduct that from absolutely nothing or maybe you can actually read words that are not even written. Nevermind that, I have nothing else to say really.
  3. I really like the firebird on the shield.
  4. Participating in a mini exchange and not sending away your mini is even more rude. I myself have no respect for people who can't keep their words. If I were to organize one, only people who has some minimum number of posts would be able to enter. Not just the 2 posts faceless guy who just joined.
  5. You know, the names of the people who didn't send out their minis should be published. It would suck if the same people participate in yet another exchange and disapoint yet another person.
  6. Ok, I ordered two Cerwyn Archer. One came with a metal base and the other with a plastic one...weird
  7. Sounds good, remember though, all measurements except AOE halved
  8. PRE GAME: Deployement: Starhawk VI- 0815 Butcher - 0615 Assasin (1) - 1015 Assasin (2) - 0415 --------------------------------------------- “Sir, we have four contacts in sector A. It’s them!” The young weapon officer informed his pilot through the radio.” “Good work, Loki. Prepare to engage.” Ethan Corner answered then switched to the section frequency. “This is Psy-Co to Gunslingers, prepare to engage the enemies.” “Roger that skipper, Gun-2 assuming combat formation.” one of the pilot said as he maneuvered his Assassin a little away from the group. “Copy that sir, Gun-3 doing the same. Hey Roach, watch my back!” “Gun-4, ready and watching Quicky’s back.”
  9. All measurements will be cut in half. In the future, we can have one person controlling one CAV...
  10. Tanner sure knows how to make a girl laugh!
  11. I invite everyone to go to the Sandbox (gathering and playing) section of this forum to watch Vinny and I try to play CAV online :) Suggestions, comments, insults, etc are welcome! The Playing The Gathering
  12. CAV rules and related contents copyright 2001 - 2004 Reaper Miniatures, Inc. Baptism of Fire
  13. I've got two freaking big holes in my bloody mouth!!! Arggg.... anyway thanks for your kind words guys :) I'm not doing too bad actually, not as bad as I expected. 2 down 2 to go
  14. Ok here is how it's going to work. Keep in mind this is just a test. Battlefield map will be posted and used to plot movements. Each player takes turn and play according to the CAV rules. Rolls for target lock, attack etc will be posted and the results will be compared. Each players will also be responsible for posting a little fluff for their turn. e.i "Sir! he's gotta a lock, he's gotta lock <BOOM>" "Damn, they're going to pay for that!" General Loki said. "This is Gun-Leader to Scimitar squadron, attack target at coordinate C8-2-zero-niner!" "Roger that Gun-Leader, we're heading for coordinate, ETA 30 seconds." Vinny and I will test this system to see how it works, we'll tweak it along the way. It will not be unlike the Cloak and Dagger II Combat Thread.
  15. 13th GunSlingers 1750 points 2x Assassin 1x Butcher 1x Starhawk VI
  16. "The medium is the message".... be a showman
  17. You know, that is a good idea.... i'll like to try it with CAV on the playing
  18. Ok guys, I'm having my wisdom teeth removed so I won't be posting for a day or two. Which is good because i'm usually in bad mood when i'm in pain and may throw a red dragon at you while you're in the forest :)
  19. Ditto... really impressive improvement. One thing though and this one I just can't help myself, the dude got big nipples. It's kinda weird. Anyway, congratulation! great job!
  20. Look man, I was just wondering so I don't go ahead and post and make everyone mad at me
  21. I think I will ultimately settle with really strong earth magnets embedded into the arm joints and metal plates clued to the arms. Picture the magnetic doors on your tv stand... I have an assassin waiting to be modified, I'll post my results when I'm done.
  22. Hey I was wondering, this isn't a secret exchange is it? I know the person I picked also paint for me.... is that how it works or is it just some freak accident?
  23. I know I'm not alone with this one... "Awesome shoes are on me" instead of "Pour some sugar on me" -Def Leppard And "I will go down with this shi+, I'm in love and always will be." -Dido, "White Flag" My friend told me she misheard that one and from that time on, that's what I hear. It just ruins the whole romance of the song...
  24. If I may add put my two yens. Go for a gravity fed internal mix. As its name imply, a gravity fed airbrush use gravity to deliver the paint into the mixing chamber instead of sucking it up from the bottle, something that requires more air pressure and which result in less controlled sprays.
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