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  1. So?... and I who thought it was human. wondering why?
  2. I heard the effect was done with a sea sponge.
  3. I wuz waunderin da saim think... I wold like to no 2. Seriously!
  4. It is grand! Now wouldn't it be soooo cool if you could just shoot anybody who annoys you? Now THAT would be grand. Yippee-Ki-Yay oedipus-complexed person! <ok i'm not serious, just sarcastic, don't censor me! haha> Anyways, cool guns man. Wish I could own one but I'll probably shoot myself in the foot or my dog by accident. I was wondering, nobody likes old-style revolvers anymore? I think they are cool.
  5. I suspect the hard drive. They are famous for clickety sounds. Well I hope you friend can help you, good luck
  6. Or it may not be the power supply at all which is really a courtesan to replace because it is burried deep inside the computer. They usually don't make any sound beside the fan and if they do, it will not only be during start-up. Maybe you should describe in more detail that "low key clicking noise" and try to isolate it. Where does it come from? Could be the hard drive
  7. For me, I like pencil drawing and collecting books. I am also looking forward to get into RC cars but right now the funds don't allow for it. It would be interesting to see what else Reaper posters do beside painting miniatures! Share away!
  8. I was wondering if the CAV infantry were 15mm.
  9. My bad, and I who thought we were talking about upper anatomy of a green.
  10. Actually real ones come in all SHAPES and SIZES, but this thread is about the new greens, so can we get back to that? I happen to admire Bobby's sculpting skills and really like these new deathseakers...I'll echo what Madzerker said... debby Breasts shapes don't include perfect spheres. And yes that's what we're talking about, greens. It was merely my opinion and I'm sure I'm entitled to one that melons don't look good on minis.
  11. Anatomically speaking, I think only fake breasts are spherical.
  12. I don't know what to think. If you're to do single-part minis for grunts then I think you should do them in a neutral pose instead of dynamic one. 10 dudes(and dudettes) holding shields and sword in the same way looks ok (a shield/sword wall). Have the same amount swinging swords(in the same way) just looks unrealistic. As a single model, I like the female deathseaker except for the very stupid-looking breasts implant.
  13. I'm looking for 15mm sci-fi minis (for Stargrunt2 and Defiance). I'm thinking about going with GZG but they don't have many kind. Do you guys have suggestions? Preferably in the US as I do not want to pay for shipping. Thanks! Ney
  14. Out of curiosity, does the new master paints fit in the rack? Failing that, would reaper offer another rack for the new serie?
  15. What's wrong with N'Sync and Britney Spear????? Now headologically speaking, the reason so many people hate Spear is because so many other people hate her too. Incidentally, the reason so many people like her (well they do! her bank account proves it) is because so many other people love her! (methink) Ok, sorry for jacking the thread, more on subject... my fav. songs are those that are meaningful to me so here goes. 1. All-Stars - Smashmouth 2. Foolish Game - Jewel 3. Unchained Melody - Righteous Bros 4. If God Was One of Us - Joan Osborn 5. I'll Stand By you - Pretenders PS: Yeah, I'm the kind who listen to S.A.D fm on my way to school...
  16. When the custom unit generator first came out, there was a prize offered if somebody could create a "broken" unit with it. Nobody was able to claim the prize. That's balanced enough for me. Alrighty, I'm convinced (well almost, gotta learn the demo rules now). Bye bye Warhammer 40k Thanks everyone for replying!
  17. Ok... then coming my second question about defiance. Is it balanced??
  18. So.. Why are they twisted and bent like that? it is because they don't fit in the blister otherwise? I mean even short swords seems to get the same treatment. I'm not familiar with the process of casting minis but I was wondering if twisting long extremities is deliberate. I just received three minis today in the mail, one has an almost broken sword and the other has a twisted bow that doesn't look really good when twisted back. (it's also weaker) Anyway, just my concerns. I really don't want to be an butt but I probably sound like one
  19. Hmm, I don't see much interest in this format. I am not sure if it will work with so few people. Let's wait a maybe, maybe I'll rework the format. Space junkers may not be too heroic to start with as
  20. Do you guys know any good/better substitute rules for Warhammer40k? I've heard about StarGrunt2 and Defiance but I don't know anything about them. Any suggestions? Thanks! Ney
  21. Hey Stu, glad to have you back!
  22. Ewwww.... in a good kind of way but still eww. It's really well done!
  23. THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT!!! I always thought I was neutral good argg I'm so going to hurt someone! You scored as Lawful Evil . A Lawful Evil person is someone who respects laws, customs, or traditions, but will try to bend them to suit their own needs. These people have little concern for others they hurt, being intrinsically self motivated. Despite this, they value order and obedience to authority. Chaotic Evil 70% Lawful Evil 70% True Neutral 65% Chaotic Good 50% Chaotic Neutral 50% Neutral Good 50% Neutral Evil 45% Lawful Good 35% Lawful Neutral 25%
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