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  1. Probably the colours... (my 2/100) Really like both of them. I wish I could paint bright colours as well as you!
  2. Your character sounds great! We'll see what we can do about it. About Traveller light - it's too complicated lol. This game is going to be based on narrative, not dice rollings so I'm thinking about using the original Traveller. Would that be a problem? I will regenerate a char for you according to the info you provided me if you want. It's quite simple really... at least in this game. As for as I know, I don't think Reaper(or anyone) will allow me to post the rules for character generation online.
  3. Well I've read through the Starmada rules and I think we're going to use that for space combat. It's pretty simple especially when one side only has 1 single ship. This is how it's going to work. I will post a hex-map online when there's a combat, the pilot will move the ship around and shoot with his front gun, the guy maning the turrets can gets to select target and shoot, the mechanics will repair/enhance/etc shields, nav system, the medic will heal, and so on. THe better your personal skills, the more likely will you succeed. Use your imagination and logic. How does that sound? You can get the free basic rules here but you really only need to learn how to move and that part is only a few lines long. http://www.mj12games.com/starmada/index.html
  4. It's pretty good actually. Metal parts are smooth and shinny. Clean colours. Nice base (is that a magnetic base?) Good job!
  5. That's pretty good! Incidentally, anyone else thinks he looks like Michael Jackson?
  6. Thanks guys, that was lot of help! And Aphrella, I would be interested to see how you group plays. Maybe I should consider starting a group or joining one myself.
  7. So I met up with my friends the other day for another weekly session of Dungeons and Dragons. Sadly though, one of our is going back to Oklahoma for work so the guys and I were talking about online rpg using IM like Yahoo! or AIM. What do you folks think? is that a viable way to conduct a roleplaying session? Are any of you members of such a group? I'd be interested to hear from you. Thanks!
  8. Hey Cuculain, glad to have you join us, let us know how the character is coming. ALso, I was reading through the T20-lite and didn't like it much. The classic book 1-3 are so much simpler I think. In any case, I don't want this campaign to be heavilly based on stats, I would prefer a more narative kind of campaign. It's ok if you don't have the books, just give me your character's background and we'll generate something out. This campaign will be based mainly in space, in your spaceship. Interaction between crewmembers- among themselves and with the ship will be the one of the main event. Because of that, most of my notes right now evolves around the ship, what it looks like, its functions, crew accomodations, ship AI (like an npc) etc. I'll post more info later. Suggestions are always welcome! Also, I'm looking for an interesting and dynamic space ship combat system, any suggestion? I'm looking through starmada right now
  9. Take your time if you need it. No rush actually. I'm still waiting for more people but if that fails, i'll just fill the remaining crew with npcs. Still, 3+ PCs would be desirable. Oh and I like your idea, let us know how it goes out
  10. You're certainly welcome to join. What type of character do you have in mind?
  11. So I just got my hands on the classic Traveller book 1, 2 and 3 by GDW through ebay. I guess I'm going to use that. Anyone else interested in starting a space campaign?
  12. I used MSP metalics. I think the reason he shines like this is because I haven't got a chance to dullcoat it (it's been raining lately)
  13. That works... Zeke: So if your employer were to ask you what use could you be in a spaceship, what would you answer?
  14. Took me a month to convert and paint it. It was fun... My Space Wolf 13th Company now has a fearsome number of 4 soldiers
  15. Note about your character: keep it funny, keep it original and whimpsical. We really don't need another Han Solo.
  16. 1. Space is vast, very vast. Sector Gamma, Subsector Calisto is an uncharted region. Many of the outpots located there are small self-sufficient mining colonies. The campaign starts around Junk'R Us, a tongue-in-cheek, "hilbilistic" family company. You get the idea... 2. Right now given your situation you're only concerned about getting a job and making some dough. There will be conflicts but I will keep it light-hearted and humorous. You won't have to fight for the survival of humanity. 3. Regular sci-fi stuff; laser blaster, phaser, towels.... Note... - Your world involves around your spaceship - Trading, mining, making deals, meeting shady business associates etc will be required - locating, selling, stealing etc alien artifacts - Evading Junk'R Us nefarious but stupid competitors - etc
  17. Ok here goes. I’m looking to start a light-hearted sci-fi campaign. I’m not sure what rules to use as of now but I’m thinking about T20Lite (http://www.travellerrpg.com/T20/), the free version (I’m really open for suggestion on that one) In any cases, the game is going to focus around storytelling rather than dice rolling. It will go at a relatively moderate pace. The GM will not hold your hand; you’re free to tell your story within reasonable limits. I will only jump in when you trigger something or to throw a twist. That works for me as I’m rather really really busy with school so a 10 minutes post a day without having to look up rules is perfect. So what we need is a crew of 4-6. We need pilots, comm. officers, doctors, mechas, weapon officers… The story starts like this: you’re an out-of-luck space bum looking for a job, you’ve found one. PS: I realize there’s another sci-fi game running right now. I can always postpone this one to a later date if it annoys people.
  18. CoooOol. This almost make me want to go and shell $15 for the model. Almost... probably won't be able to do it justice. Great paintjob man, I think you should paint GW minis more heh
  19. I don't know... the "God must've spent a little more time on you" song playing in the car is a sure hit on dates.... Well ok, I date 18-24 yo ladies. So it's not that bad... but anyway, I don't want to make anyone gag with my pathetic taste for music so I'll stop
  20. ...and Dumbledor reminds me of Gandalf who in my opinion is the archtypical wizard. I agree, we could use some variety.
  21. Well of course, it's easy to find stuff on the internet. But that would be missing the point, it's more about having the reviews all in one place, done by the folks you trust (reaper forum peeps) and with a chance to give you own opinion. From my experience, I believe the members of this board are among the most unbiased ones to be found online. I'd like to have a dedicated product-review section too. Just my two platinum coins (20 gp) As for Enchantra's third point -> I do believe WOTC minis are as good as toilet papers if they were a little bit softer. *runs off before WOTC laywers come looking for him*
  22. http://www.answers.com/misspelt&r=67 Though "lt" is much less common than "led" in Americanese. Dude, why are you even arguing and what are you arguing about?? geez, some people(including me) just want to blah blah about trivial stuff
  23. Hmm interesting. It sadden me to abandon Neal but if the price is right... yeah we're so pragmatic. Just need to check their s/h fees
  24. Very cool! anything that I can't match is in my book very cool :)
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