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  1. No. You misspelt "gangsta". Oh my that's so friggin' funny, I misspelled a misspelled word. PS: "You misspelt"? Ok well much ado about nothing on my part, I was merely expressing my concerns about "ghetto talk" making its way to reaper but apparently they were unfounded. So it's all good.
  2. Watch where you point fingers. Haha, was that supposed to make sense or just random blah blah Good, that's really good and that's all I needed to know (no sarcasm here)
  3. I was browsing through the online catalog looking for baddies for DND when I saw this pack; Beastmen of the Wyld... "Wyld"???? Is that supposed to be "kewl" or "ganzta", or just some kind of "xtremely" bad misspelling?? I hope we won't see a "deathnightz" anytime soon Ney - who seems to have too much time
  4. Well.... I for one have never heard of a male pilot with "Black Widow" as a callsign. In my opinion, Starbuck has too much of a machismo feel to it to be female. As for Ford being black, that's cool with me but between Zaphod and Ford, I would have thought Zaphod to be most suitable for wearing an afro
  5. Woohoo! I sure hope it's as good as the book. Can't wait to see it! Woah and Ford is a black dude! ahah that's interesting
  6. How about a side of perspective view of the model?
  7. Very good, very clean...except for mispelling the word "Rogue" on both cases
  8. I just decided to hate Jordan. The only reason I am even waiting for the next book is because I want to know what happens to Mat. I don't give a mosquito excrement about those the very childish women who call themselves Aes Sedai. Geez, why they have to keep swooning each time a male character is mentionend! My kingdom for a chance to cut off Nynaeve's braid and feed it to her And I'm tired of Jordan always describing the size and fairness of an Aes Sedai bosom each time a new one is introduced.
  9. I think the biggest advantage Reaper has over its many powerful competitors is its ability to listen to customers.
  10. Bah for Gundam Wing Endless Waltz; a bunch of homicidal preteen piloting mechs is not my thing. But that's just personal opinion. Cowboy Bebop is good though, it has a somewhat coherent and interesting backdrop.
  11. I am desperately seeking minis for the three(or four) witches in Discworld Granny: straight-backed, stern-looking witch. Like McGonnawhosenam in Harry Potter Nanny: Big dumpy and jolly house-wife kind of witch Magrat: Thin, wild-haired and FLAT-CHESTED (A rarity in this hobby) Agnes (aka Perdita X because it sounds cool): Fat opera-singer like witch with a great personality Any suggestion pretty please?
  12. I'm so copycatting that rose you did (probably won't be able to do it though but still). Really well done!
  13. The colours for the bones and bandages are too similar. Maybe you should paint one darker than the other. Just a preference on my part though, otherwise it's an awesome paintjob!
  14. Ahhhh, love it when I see Non-NMM done right, it's so much more realistic Great job there!
  15. It's not scary, it's just ugly. The paintjob is great but the boobiejob isn't.
  16. I'm building a new computer and to my know knowledge, the components are usually cheaper online (and they are also more widely available). So my question is do you guys know any trusthworthly online store? I'm considering Newegg.com. Thanks! PS: Any suggestion for a good moderately-priced graphic board?
  17. Thanks! :) The problem I have with ink washing 15mm's is that if I do it too much, it creates a very thick darklining effect but if I wash too little, it doesn't show well.
  18. Cool! that is cool if I could actually see the pic... it's cool nevertheless but i'm being stupid right now. Anyway, i'll wait for the fix :)
  19. Well here's mine :) http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12931
  20. Thessalian cavalry(Xyston 15mm) and Dingo Appledimple(Warlord 28mm) I'm painting a Macedonian army for DBA
  21. I still don't understand the reason for not being able to use a DHL to "proxy" a Warlord. Not even GW minds if you use a mini from another of their line. There are some minis in Warlord that I just don't like and some of them look weird once you have more than two or three on the battlefield. I want some variety. Another thing is what if I want to heavily convert a mini to further personalize my army. Would that be considered a proxy too?
  22. Awesome! I guess that's why we all love and support Reaper!
  23. Am I still entitled to a replacement if I didn't buy it from the ReaperStore? Thanks!
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