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  1. I just bought the rulebook and haven't read it completely yet and do not know the rules by heart, but it seems to me that Warlord still has a lot of holes in it!
  2. In any case, can we expect Reaper to produce calvalry models?
  3. Wow, really? Anyway I just want to know how other people base their "cavalry" units so I can actually play against them. Too bad reaper will not clarify the issue.
  4. Ok so... which base do I use now - large, cavalry or standard?
  5. I was going through the rulebook and it seems that the only cavalry unit is from the generic army list and even then their base size is listed as normal... I'm kinda sad, no cavalry units for Warlord
  6. Doing a Google search for "what is an SASE" says Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. The offer is still valid, though you will probably have to add a little more postage to account for the extra card count. Ok thanks, I was going to send 5 bucks for shipping but I guess I won't have to
  7. Is this still valid? I can't find it anywhere on the Reaper website. I just got my Warlord book and lots of swags with nothing to do with them. Oh what's a SASE? Self-addressed something? I guess I'm dumb lol
  8. I paint a mini each time I create a character for RPG. If it dies, the mini is sold on ebay and the profits go to the "Mini Money" jar.
  9. I think I missed something... What's "Victoria's Cross"? As of now, the first thing that comes through my mind is women undies.
  10. Now Kara is cool and she looks cute(Cpl Littlebottom, City Watch). I'm sorry but hairy and muscular dwarves... not my thing. The raven is cool too, it reminds me of Death's raven from Discworld (that one was also perched on a skull)
  11. Prince Danithal... then maybe Dark Maiden but I haven't painted her yet (ease of paint is always a bonus)
  12. Ok I know I'm getting off-topic here but I can't help myself. What bothers me of GW is not the prices(well not totally) and I do occasionally buy one or two, or three of their minis (next one is going to be Eowyn on horseback). That being said, the thing that bothers me the most is their business practices. When you sell a pin vise for 15$ or a hotwire tool for 30 bucks, then you're just taking advantage of your customers' ignorance. I've witnessed one of the store clerk trying to sell a copy of the 3rd ed. rulebook of warhammer 40k when everybody in the hobby knew that they will be releasing the next edition in a couple of weeks! Now that is enough to make me proxies all the minis in my army :)
  13. Thanks Lars! I've been looking everywhere for this book(even Gutenberg ) but couldn't find it
  14. *raises hand enthusiastically* My 15mm Wood Elves army is made of Mongoose Mighty Armies Wild Elves - 56 minis for 25 bucks. I plan to replace them one day with minis from Eureka
  15. Woah, really? I'm so bad at math Bah it's ok because Vinny's main opponent is me and I use 15mm's. And beside nobody in my gaming group cares.
  16. I finally got my hand on the rulebook yay! Just one question though, the movement rules seem to be such bothers. Is there an easy/easier way to move your fleet than using the "Clock" movement system?
  17. Yup, GW bases are good. It's about the only thing coming from GW that is still cheap. 15$ for a pinvise and 13$ for file set, hahaha??????
  18. I take back everything I said earlier. I prefer metal then if it's a question of $$$
  19. SimpleGreen does not dissolve plastic. Pinesol or acetone does though. On the other hand, SimpleGreen "rust" your regular reapers if you live it in there too long, pinesol doesn't
  20. I don't know if it's alright by me... Plastic minis are easilly converted. Cut an arm, position it differently, glue it back. Voila! Now I really won't mind if some of the Warlord generic troops are made from plastic, it would allow me to personalize my army even further.
  21. It may not because of the paint, maybe just the primer. It happens to me when I spray prime in high humidity. Beside that, I think it's really good. Courageous of you to choose yellow for the dress!
  22. Well admittedly, I really don't have anything so far. All the warlord models I painted were for Dungeons and Dragons and once the character dies, I sell it on ebay for a profit that goes into the "Gaming and Beer Money" Hmm, I'm seriously eyeing the Vale archers and guards. Now anything wielding something that looks like a katana is asian in my book Are there rules for making your own unit/faction? How do they work, do they(the faction/unit you made) look generic? How long does a typical game last?
  23. So with that being said, I wouldn't mind getting tips, advices or whatnot on the game itself. Right off the bat, I'm thinking about fielding elves (because there's just something so asian about them), what say you?
  24. Dude, if I had a "female personality", I think I would like to have a "female-like" appearance too!
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