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  1. Hi, thanks a lot for pointing me to that site, I never tried NMM before but will do when I am good enough with blending, which I am not My actually problem was not where to put the light, it's more about how to put it on. When you blend say a sword, you paint small straight lines, each darker or lighter than the precious one right? Ok, but for curved surface,s how do you do? do you freehand a curve? Do you wet-blend it and create a curve? do you paint straight lines while varying their length to create a curve? like this: ----------------- ---------- ------- ------ [lighter area here] ------- -------- ---------- --------------- Am I going totally the wrong way? I am really frustrated as I can't blend properly. For example, on a space marine, the legs and arm are blended just-OK because the reflection tends to be vertical to the ground but the shoulder pads on the other hands...ewwwww Anyway help would be welcome Thanks a lot, let of helpful people on here! Ney
  2. Hmm, I can't see it. I don't have the codex and it won't download it. It's weird. It's too bad though, I would love to see more video tutorials! It's the only thing this hobby is missing! Ney
  3. How do you successfully blend a round surface? I can usually blend straight edges and makes it looks OK by mean of layering but if you ask me to blend a shield or the top of an helmet, I can't do it. Can anyone explain to me step by step how you achieve such things? Someone suggested doing wetblending, would that help? how do you do wetblending - <This 'painter' is looking for a "Dummy" guide> Well thanks a lot, I hope I was clear enough. This is my first message, i'm looking foward to post some more in the future! Thank you really much in advance Ney
  4. I still don't know what it's for. From reading through the precious posts, I understand that you apply smoke in the recess right? What about the glaze medium that V. sells. It's almost like a gel, how do you use it? I'm new to this board, looking forward to post more in the future Ney
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