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  1. Says who? hahaha, gamewise it all depends on the Artificer who made them, beside they can always modify themselves afterward
  2. No no no no and no NOW THIS DAWN WARRIOR is my idea of a warforged. Sleek and deadly... but it's Confrontation and really hard to paint! Notice that one of the facemask is almost similar to the one pictured in the Eberron book. Another plus is that if you have a Miss Warforgette... (check last picture from the link above)
  3. I would like to know too especially because they don't have pictures on their website.
  4. Cool, I too will post some of my macedonians as soon as I'm done with them. I'm starting to really get into this historical stuff
  5. When you say Naval, do you mean as in space or sea? I guess it could be either with Warlord and CAV EDIT: maybe I should be reading more carefully next time
  6. Neal at TheWarStore is now carrying Reaper Master Paints, yay! I bought a dozen of them along with Razig and Mellisande to test them on. Yeah our dnd group is starting a pirate campaign. Oh a the new Pacer PlasticZap Clue, has anyone else tried it? I also got the Mongoose Mighty Armies Wild Elves box, can't wait to try to paint and field 15mm minis! Heard a lot of good things about them. Has anyone here bought a box, are the rules any good? I then went to Brookhurst Hobby and got myself a couple of historial 15mm from Xyston. Macedonian Companions and generals (Maybe shouldn't have watched Alexander lol) Anyway, I don't want to turn this thing into an online diary so I'll stop heh.
  7. What we need is companies like Reaper to realize that there is indeed a market for historial miniatures (or is there?)
  8. Hmm, what base sizes does DBA use? Say if I use regular 25x25mm bases with about three 15mm minis on each on it and put them together to form a 25x50mm base? would that work? Thanks
  9. Ok, I got myself a couple of 15mm minitures but all I have is the Wahammer Ancient Battle rulebook. Is there a way to base them so I can both enjoy WAB and DBA/DMB/HOTT (I do not have the rulebook for any of the latter yet) Thanks! PS: I've been posting a lot of questions regarding 15mm minis and wargaming lately
  10. Cute elephant, i'm so buying them :) What kind of weapon is that elephant-man wielding? I keep seeing it in asian-themed stuff.
  11. I'm unable to find the rulebook for Full Thrust and I'm not too hot about ordering stuff oversea nor on ebay (it's not even on ebay) Any other solutions?
  12. I haven't played CAV nor followed the news for a few months now, is the second edition near? THanks
  13. Where does one acquire it(the rulebook)? I just can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks
  14. The cost was minimal, an A4-paper-sized sheet of styrene cost about 75 cents and the ship itself is about 45mm from bow to stern. The "launch bays" is actually a panel from the PolarLight DeLorean Back to The Future kit :)
  15. I've been looking into the various rule system such as Starmada, nothing serious yet. Which system should would you recommend? This attempt was just to se if it's doable with plasticards or not, as it will be a little bit hard to order spacespace miniatures. (most of them are from UK) Lars, I bet you will never guess where the bit that made the "launch bays" came from :) Yes I agree, I tried to break the smoothness with panels here and there but I do not know how to add small details with plasticards.
  16. how about fearsome, awe-inspiring, sleek, dangerous...sexy????? ok nevermind, I'll take cute. :)
  17. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Nemo-Class destroyer, the Nautilus! Well I had some free times on my hand and no fund to buy some really spaceship miniatures so I made one myself. First attempt so I'm rather happy with the result :) Anyone here is a fan of spaceship miniatures? Starboard...
  18. My Dungeons and Dragons group recently started playing warhammer 40k so I decided to paint this up as a 500 points army. We're using lots of proxy because GW stuff are so darn expensive! All the doors on the Razorback are openable!
  19. Fellow dudes and dudettes, I have a warning for you. DO NOT play any kind of online roleplaying games if you are going through college! it'sa gonna killa ya gpa!
  20. Thanks Lars, i'm checking them out The GW Warmaster line, are they 15mm? I'm looking for all type except napoleonic (just can't stand the hats they are wearing)
  21. What companies make them? is there a popular brand or something?
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