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  1. I've always wanted to paint small 15mm minis and have a whole army of them sitting on my table just for fun (because I do not play wargames). I was wondering where to buy them? None of the stores in LA carries that kind of mini. THanks!
  2. Is there a demo version of the rules? I for one won't go and buy it until I'm sure I'd like it. And no, we don't have black lightning members around here.
  3. Hey guys and girls, maybe a small donations through Unicef won't hurt! just a suggestion... PS: oops, it appears taht someone already suggested that, well won't hurt to do it again
  4. Wow my thread is growing! (so proud! *cry*) Anyway, me circa 2004 yet still immature and stupid
  5. "I will not help you further." the nymph answered with finality and walked away from the group leaving them alone in front of the cave. The entrance was cunningly covered with vegetation to keep the cave from being found by unwanted adventurers. It was wide enough to allow two person to walk in side by side.
  6. Thanks. I'm asking because I was wondering if it's possible to set a figure on the dragon's back. It'll be Huma and the silver dragon from Dragonlance
  7. As it is rather expensive, I was wondering if I'll get my money worth. Thanks!
  8. I won't be posting for a week or two. I have my own reason, those who know me know it's a damn good one too. Sorry, I'll be back.
  9. Ismark casst his spell and finds himself surrounded by magical auras all mismatched together. He cannot pinpoint nor separate any of them unless he concentrates for a longer period of time. The nymph herself has a magical aura around her, a kind of unearthly grace. DM: will the group proceed or wait for him? be aware that the place is highly magical, Ismark will have a hard time making sense of all of them auras.
  10. A LITTLE WARNING Thread lightly and be very descriptive on what you're doing. This one is a tough one so i'm warning y'all.
  11. Mucho sorrios; got caught in the other world. Lordel, are you casting your detect magic spell?
  12. "Maybe, would you like to explore?" she asked Vic slyly. (traps) "You shouldn't waste time, your friend may be in need" she said urgently and motioned for the group to go into the cave. "You will be alone from now on, I can't help you where you go."
  13. I shouldn't know anything, I'm not to assume. All I need to know is who is going to assume rear-guard position. It'll come into play later. (i'm not supposed to say this but you guys wanted an explanation)
  14. "Be quiet!" the nymph warned manacingly as they came in view of the cave. "Where's the female elf? why didn't she follow us?" she whispered.
  15. You're not longer shifted, it doesn't last that long at your level
  16. "You won't run into any traps if you follow in my footsteps." the nymph answered as she lead the group toward the hidden cave. They could feel the evil that radiated from the place growing stronger as they moved nearer to their goal.
  17. Also the nymph is a selfish little female dog. That's how I tried to make her sound, all she wants his leviate her boredom by greeting a bunch of adventurers.
  18. "They'd came to this forest not long ago and decided to stay... I'm afraid that's all I can say" she answered. "I won't aid you, together they are beyond my own power."
  19. I thought you asked the question to the rest of the group. Anyway I will answer it here. From today, you've learend that that they like to separate the group and attack one target at a time. That they trick their targets with illusions and like to draw them into traps. Everyone suspect that the Sea hag you killed was the weakest of the 3 but even then she managed to weaken the cleric(and Gund) considerably.
  20. Written text can be a bit confusing at times. Referring to the Nymph as "it" threw me off. So plainly is Ismark convinced that she is or isn't an illusion? ERL Oops sorry, when I say "It" I think I was referring to the nymph's expression. And the "it is not so" -> "the fact that she's not an illusion.... Ismark is convinced that she's not an illusion.
  21. Remember, Gund is the only one who saw the nymph expression. I actually posted it (instead of PM) to throw some confusion into the group :)
  22. "Do you think this is the first time those hags captured some naive fools? she asked Gund mockingly. "I do not have to explain myself but know this dwarf, " she snarled viciously. "Whether you believe me or not, your friend was dragged into that cave and if you keep on chatting like idiots, he will die." For a moment, she appeared cruelly disfigured to the dwaft - her face didn't physically change, she just seemed more evil and cold. No one else noticed it except Gund. DM: everyone's sense motive rolls tell you that she's not lying. If the cleric is still trying to figure out whether she's an illusion, he's now convinced that it isn't so.
  23. Everyone except Adarmar gains 225 XP for killing the Sea Hag. Shannon gets another 100 XP for RP and Kyra another 75 XP
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