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  1. Ok I'm depressed.... is this how I look when I DM? omg
  2. "I shall lead you to it." she offered. "the way to it is protected and quite well hidden" Vic was checking his weapons, then considered what she said. "Wait... protected by what?" he asked. "Magical traps" the nymph replied absentmindedly.
  3. "If she's a prisoner, then I believe he's inside" she rolled her eyes and the dwarf. "I shall lead you to it." she offered. "the way to it is protected and quite well hidden"
  4. "Aye, I know where you friend is." she said mysteriously. "A little farther away from here is a cave well hidden between trees and bushes? It's there that you will find him". With a graceful finger, she pointed to the direction of the alleged cave.
  5. Sorry Tanner, you have the highest charisma of them all, you're the man!
  6. "Anything you said? hmmm" she purred at Tanner meaningfully.
  7. "I know about them and I can assure you I detest them." she answered. "I do so hate ugly creatures" she sighed and glanced briefly at the dwarf.
  8. Overhearing this, Vic shooked his head. "Well, do hags eat squirrels and rabbits for diner? If they do, you might find your friends' lives a bit in jeopardy." the Warforged said. "Mutual assistance for the both of us?" he said. The nymph laughed out loud at Vic's reasoning. "You really think I will risk my life for a bunch of squirrels?" "Truely, I know where you friend is but do tell me what's in it for me." she said to Tanner again. DM: Vinny you didnt' know they were squirrels but it's ok I'll let it pass because it's minor. All sense motive's show that she's not lying (not that I needed to roll or did I?)
  9. "Did you call me an old crone???" she asked fiercely. Looking at Adarmar, she added "Don't waste your time ranger, there's nothing for you to find." Noticing Tanner flushing, she drifted toward him and put her hand on his shoulder. "Tell me handsome, if I help your friend, what's in it for me?" she purred in his ears but loud enough for everyone to hear. DM: Adamar is unable to locate any scent
  10. Yes that's what I am telling you. See we(real life) have never seen a werewolf before but we do know they are vulnerable to silver arrows because hollywood told us so. They on the other hand know it first hand because they have to deal with them in reality. Unlike other GM I assume your characters know more about monsters and spells than you. It's just basic survival skills for them. Your elfin parents probably told you a lot about the dangers of the real world out there. I hope you understand my point. I'm sorry if I sound a little bit cold i'm truely not. it's just my "trying to make a point" typing mode PS: but if you need to decide what you do know or don't, consider your character's past and his or her wisdom and intelligence and level(your experience in the world). Also consider how widely known is a monster's special ability. For example, you KNOW that a dragon can breath fire. On the other hand, you may not know that it has blindsense (having never fought with one before) I know I know, very complicated so that's why I don't want to ahve to roll each time. Do it yourself if you truely want to or use common sense
  11. No I don't expect you to. If you know, you know if you don't then you don't. Just like in real life. It really doesn't matter from my point of view. As a GM i'm telling the players they are allowed to assume what they know and don't know about monsters. If you don't want to do so then it's your choice.
  12. It is not an illusion, or maybe it is one but you just can't tell the difference because you failed to disbelieve it :) As for monsters, I just assume that everyone being a PC meaning "extraordinary character" from the PHB and professional "hero", you would know about monsters. I mean even peasants know about some of the most popular and mythical ones. Or whatever, you can assume you don't know anything. It doesn't change anything beside your fantasy life expectancy
  13. "Friend you say? with long ragged black hair and slanted golden eyes?" The nymph answered haughtily. "No, I've never seen him before" she added and walked around the companions... her eyes lingering on the human male ones.
  14. Living and breathing in a fantasy world, yeah you probably know most of the "typical" fantasy creatures from stories and legends and myths etc...
  15. Just don't stare too much else she'll have you for lunch....if you knwo what I mean
  16. The nymph looked at Vic as if he were crazy. "How daaaare you scare my friends away?" she snarled at the group and especially at Adarmar.
  17. You just pissed the nymph up! why is everyone smilling? they are dangerous!
  18. Okiedoo, thanks. Not that it matters...or does it? mmmm
  19. Hmm never heard of it, is there even a rule for it?
  20. In plain sight to everyone who walks through the bushes. What's disbelieve?
  21. Well I'll be waiting for everyone to post their "enter scene" bit and then i'll move on :)
  22. The nymph glared mightily at the new rude interlopper.
  23. Sorry Rupert, you rolled terribly on the jump check...natural 2.
  24. Adarmar launched himself through the bushes but lost his balance and landed flat on his face. Glaring down at him was a creature of amazingly beautiful and she was almost naked. Adarmar heard about the fleet nymph before but never had he seen one so up close. She was playing with a family of squirrels when the ranger rudely interrupted her and scared them away. She looked at him as if waiting for an explanation.
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