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  1. "Stupid Girl" by Garbage.... yeah I'm that kind of person On a REAAAAALLLY good day, I would say "I'm too sexy"
  2. I hate the Braves, my hometeam the Expos would have beaten them to the championship if not for the strike that year... but now we're no more
  3. The smell grew stronger and stronger and now it seemed to be coming from right behind the bushes in front of the shifter. Adermar heard what he thinks to be a little hitch pitched laughter. The rest of the group stood on their guard watching the shifter from a dozen paces away.
  4. Even with his enhanced sense of smell, Adarmar couldn't find any trace of Kyme. From the myriad of different smells in the forest, the shifter-ranger detected one that he hasn't quite smelled before. A sweet almost perfume-like smell... For the rest of the group, the scariest thing right now may be the shifter himself.
  5. Incidentally, I didn't expect you guys to go back into the forest so fast. I guess the return of Adamar prompted it :)
  6. After about half an hour of searching, the shifter managed to find tracks that he believed to be Kyme's. Vic vaguely recognized this place to be the one where the ranger was last seen stalking something. The tracks led deeper into the forest then suddendly disapeared altogether. The companions were once again deep into the cursed wood. The air grew heavier and an eery feeling crept over the group.
  7. I did get my hands on the GURPS rule and I just don't have the time or motivation to learn another system from scratch right now. I think we're going to stick with the dnd3.5 rules. I will post the race stats in a day or two. Also remember than you're anti-heroic. Your stats are not those of heroes(cohen)! I will use a point system (the one found in the DMG) to distribute them. I don't know how many points yet but expect it to be lower than average.
  8. Heh, I was just talking to Vinny about that. Bottled and concentrated anger! Nac Mac Feegle will fit right in
  9. Here's the basic plot: The century of the fruitbat is coming to an end; civilian unrests, doomsayer cults, the clown guilds are plotting to conquer the universe, etc. Once again, the Watch is recruiting... especially from the "minority" groups. You have to move with the time y'know.
  10. Guys, I'm more inclined not to use any ruleset at all as I feel it will limit the experience somewhat. Discworld is just not a world where parties of heroes roam around looking for loots and dragons. It'll be like a text adventure where you get to roleplay. We'll use common sense as a guideline. All I need is a concept of the character as long as some background information. What do you say?
  11. Duh, I didn't see it. Hey Coogle, I just noticed your avatar; continent XXXX uh?
  12. DOBI??? as in Harry Potter's Dobi? Or do you mean Cpl Nooby of the Watch?
  13. Red is the enemies sorry! I believe Vic is yellow... how about Cyan?
  14. Another reason why we're not putting much emphasis on rules is because you are not heroic. You won't be expected to fight hordes of orc or undead. For example Rincewind is unskilled at pretty much everything except language but he's divinely protected. Vimes is an ok fighter but he depends more on his shrewness to get what he wants.
  15. If you can pull it off, then sure! EDIT: actually now thinking back, I rather have all characters be mortals otherwise the party will not be balanced.
  16. This is a time of change, we will drag this city kicking and screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat. Ridcully is the arch-chancellor The Times is the local newspaper Vimes is the Commander of the Watch Pacifist Assassin sounds awesome!
  17. 'Cause i'm not familiar with GurpS.... but we'll see, we'll focus more on roleplaying than any kind of rules actually but i'll check out Gurps
  18. Anyone? Your characters have to be funny and whimsical and anti-heroic and original...
  19. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...id=502&ncid=716 Today is a sad day
  20. That would be a its nose for Tau
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