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  1. That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  2. I like the idea of painting area's one at a time. I might have to do that on all my similar monster types. :) great job so far.
  3. I agree with Laoke, Your progress is amazing. Every miniature seems to improve more from the previous one. :)
  4. Wow, that is great. I really like the blue on the figure!
  5. It looks great! I really like the shadowing. I got duplicates of this figure and both have messed up noses but it looks okay from the front. Some people have flat noses so it works. :) Beautiful job!
  6. It looks good so far! I like the browns for the fleshy bits under the bone, it makes it look like it is rotting.
  7. This is absolutely amazing! I would not change a thing about it. I love it!!
  8. It all did come in one box it was 16lbs. Good idea, I was debating taking them out of the bags or not. I just cleaned off a shelf to put them all on when I do take them out of the bags. So far I have not noticed any missing, I sorted them by group. I did notice a duplicate of the chronoscope female with the shotgun and duster. Thanks for the advice! :D
  9. I finally got my kickstarter so I want to start a new WIP for it. I won't be able to post or paint every day, sometimes maybe once a week. The box actually arrived at my house on the day I had to go to Illinois, and after waiting for these for so long, it was a very loonngg trip. I am not actually going to take them all out of their packaging until I paint them, well that is the plan. I Decided to use my old caddy's from paint sets, I did not use them for the paint due to being slightly inconvenient I decided to start with the rats. I started cutting them off of the sti
  10. Looks amazing so far. The first skull made me think of the nightmare before christmas! :)
  11. I used my airbrush on one of my bones to play with it and it covers great without being thinned, and not being primed. Using water to thin the paint did make it bead up a bit, could be the airbrush paint I was using too.
  12. Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting:Mister Bones x1Iconics x1Forces of Nature x1Storm Giants x1TownsFolk II x1There Be Dragons x1Demons x1Undead Giant x1Clockwork Dragon x1Red Dragon x1C'thulhu x1Nethyrmaul x1IMEF Paint Set x1Figure Case x1Kaladrax Reborn x2vampire x1 To Missouri
  13. that is probably accurate, that would be something that I would do if I was a ups person.
  14. Looks really good so far! :) as usual. I love the idea of doing all of the rats a different color, I had that idea too, to experiment with different fur colors. I also think it is a great idea to number them :D
  15. They're all for sale in the DS store. They're not offering any new sculpts except for the dragon set. Yeah I know I have a lot of their figures, they are great.
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