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  1. Yep, same here, I actually passed on the Blood Rage book to pick this one up instead. I'm trying to figure out how I'll break down my payment into installments at this point... there's just so much on offer here, and I feel like the price point is the best it will ever be, so why not splurge? Curse you, tax returns! ~iPaint
  2. I'm considering dropping down from a 5-set to a 3-set and adding in more add-ons. The stretch goals are nice, but I have 3 sets of the resin MBS #1 and 2 of the MBS #2, so really I don't need a whole lot for buildings. Really may just get some roof and streets packs, and one or two sewers. ~iPaint
  3. Yeah, seeing the DF Game Tiles next to the UW ones makes me really appreciate the design choices and sculpting of the Game Tiles that much more. I am not a fan of the UW floor pattern, and the window seems too low to the ground in comparison. The discrepancies in floor height seems to be the kicker, and their explanation is a bit weak. You could easily have the floor taller and keep the outer stones matched up - nothing is forcing the floor and outer stones to be the same height. Compatibility was the one thing I was looking forward to on this project to get my pledge. Think I may sit this one out unless some roofing or accessory packs come out that could be easily adapted for the DF products I already own, since I really don't need more basic dungeon stuff. Maybe I should bring up the idea for an add-on pack that includes some of the more specialized pieces, like the curved stairs and pillars. ~iPaint
  4. Looks to be live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/upworksgames/upworks-ultimate-modular-miniature-castle-building ~$75 USD for international shipping. ~iPaint
  5. Right now that's what I'm thinking. Since there doesn't appear to be an early bird on this, there's not much point in getting in on this right at the get go. Will keep an eye on it though out of curiosity. Also, and it may just be me, but I see too much uniformity in the CAD models. They seem to be lacking a natural variance of depth and placement for the recessed textures. Also, DF nailed the color for their Dungeon Grey, since it allows a good deep contrast to be left in the recesses when you're painting. ~iPaint
  6. Interesting concept. Anyone have decent pics of the stamps in use from their first set of presses? ~iPaint
  7. I'll be playing a wait and see game on this one. Depending on the unlocks as the KS progresses, if it becomes too good a deal to pass up on (like Reaper for instance...my poor, poor wallet), I'll bite. Roofs would make me pledge, I'll say that. ~iPaint
  8. http://www.dorktower.com/about-dorktower/ He's a muskrat, apparently. Never read the Dork Tower stuff, but enjoy Kovalic's style, especially for games like Munchkin and Chez Geek. As it's an add-on, I personally have no problem with it, and it's cool to see artists' renditions of characters. ~iPaint
  9. I can't say I'm a fan of miniatures that are too large for their bases. Something about feet....or rocks in this case...hanging over a base edge is just aesthetically unappealing. 60mm bases seem to be the required size, or something that's custom cut to match the miniature's general footprint. ~iPaint
  10. I'd imagine just be sure they're thin enough to get through without clogging. I don't have any of the Pokorny Paints to test, though. ~iPaint
  11. One option might be to use permanently mounted, pre-made rooms in common sizes like: - two 20x30' rooms and a 40'x30' room (with two open sides instead of walls, to allow for combining): - a 10' wide hallway - an intersection etc. Maybe use hot glue and corrugated plastic (free from those real-estate ad signs that litter street corners) I think organization will be the key to quickly assembling your dungeon layouts. Having tiles mapped out, counted out per area, and then subdivided into those areas prior to laying out your rooms (whether as your party explores it, or you reveal it after it's all been built) will help speed things up. Color coding you maps may also help to distinguish which tiles go where. Also, if there's dead space between encounters/points of interest, you may not always want to show everything. I'd never want to permanently glue any of my tiles into a preset shape, since it would defeat the purpose they were designed for: maximum flexibility. However, you might try blu-tac on the undersides, and use a piece of plastic or cardboard to move stuff around easily if it's re-used a lot. Be warned, though, that blue-tac on the painted parts of the tiles runs the risk of pulling the paint off with it if left in place for too long. ~iPaint
  12. I'd guess a bit less, though it's hard to say how much DF will need to increase the price per base set this time round. There's 11 unique tiles in the above picture, hopefully all of which will come in the base set ( a couple variants each for walls, corners, floor tiles, etc) in various quantities. It's probably 6 or 7 sets, judging by the amount of "U" shaped dead end tiles I can see (I count 7 of them visible, but that's assuming there's one of those tiles per set). Nice thing with the Kickstarter for the Dungeon tiles was that you got a bunch of extras added in as the campaign progressed which aren't currently in the retail sets, and the more sets you pledged for, the better the discount per set. So yes, this could be close to $500 when they hit retail, but I imagine the KS will give a bit of a discount/bonus for the backers, similar to the Dungeon tiles from last year. Won't know for sure until the campaign starts. ~iPaint
  13. More sneak peak pics are surfacing: ~iPaint
  14. Small detail brush and a lot of patience. ~iPaint
  15. The price per zombie, coupled with being plastic, was the biggest factor that got me to pledge for Season 1 when it first went on Kickstarter. The models actually paint up quite well with only some minor mold lines here and there. Season 2's models (zombies mostly) used a harder plastic than Season 1. The variety of survivors is nice as well, and the models scale well with Reaper, Hasslefree (though Kev's females tend to be smaller), Studio, and other modern 28-32mm manufacturers. I'm interested at this point mostly just to see new stuff. I'll probably pledge for S3, but not as much as I did for S2. Though, I am a bit of a completionist for this game... ~iPaint
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