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  1. Prevailing opinion seems to be that they are meant to be meazels, albeit rather chunky ones. (A D&D monster that has been around at least since the days of AD&D 1e Fiend Folio.)
  2. I would have thought there was a big clue in his name. You know robins are famous for having a red chest?
  3. I think they are meant to be Meazels.
  4. The photo of the iconic minis makes it look like the halfling is reaching for the rabbit with the intention of putting it in a cooking pot.
  5. This must be prevented from falling into evil hands, lest it be used for fowl deeds.
  6. I do play the British National Lottery. I like to think of it as purchasing a sense of hope. I did actually win £140 earlier this year, which was nice but not exactly life-changing.
  7. I don't unlock it, it escapes!
  8. I believe that is "Hungry Trap" by Magnificent Egos.
  9. Yep. I'm still using the fridge that my parents bought around 1980.
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