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  1. I tend to view fake crowd noise in sporting events as being much the same as canned laughter in sitcoms, i.e. more of a distracting irritation than an enhancement.
  2. I've actually been working my way through the whole run. Kind of like watching a cosmic car crash. I suspect it may hold some sort of record for the greatest quantity of truly stupid ideas crammed into a TV series.
  3. The cyclops, along with parts of a minotaur and a medusa, come from Grenadier Fantasy Classics 316 - Monsters of Legend:
  4. That's 02-416(b) Armored Ogre Gladiator, still available from Ironwind Metals as DF-076 Ogre Gladiator
  5. What I did was file/scrape the integral metal base till it was very thin, then glue the model onto the cavalry base. I used a little bit of wall crack filler to blend the remaining metal base to the plastic.
  6. I can show you one on a typical 50x25mm cavalry base:
  7. Memo to self: The task of refilling the sugar bowl is more likely to meet with success if you remember to remove the lid.
  8. Arrrrh.... The crafty sea-dog has only given us half the treasure map recipe. Eggs marks the spot.
  9. I think a couple of these started out as Citadel miniatures and were presumably imported to the US by Ral Partha: FA14v2 Elven Hero w/Sword FF59 Wight
  10. You have to wonder about the poor schmuck who got left there when the guillotine blade got stuck.
  11. I have the first 100-or-so issues of White Dwarf, quite a large number of Dragon and Dungeon, and I think complete sets of Challenge and Pyramid. Plus almost a complete set of the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society.
  12. I decided that I wouldn't get too ambitious with my first dragon and start off with a small one. This Citadel dragon was painted with Humbrol enamels around 1986 or 87.
  13. If she's a druid she's going to want to know about the environmental impact of that nail polish.
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