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  1. I still maintain a tradition of having a calendar on my kitchen wall, mainly because it gives me a nice selection of pictures to look at through the year. Sometimes it's even a convenient reference to check a date. This year I'm doing unicorns:
  2. The shortage of shipping containers is making the news in the UK: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55740063
  3. I am reminded of the lift (elevator) in the building where I used to work, which would frequently develop faults. I was the one who discovered a particularly bizarre fault which caused it to move to the floor *above* the one for whichever button you pressed. When I reported the fault I had to admit that I did not have the courage to find out what happened if I pressed the button for the top floor...
  4. I've never seen these before either. After a little hunting around on the web I found this image on what I think is a site in Guatemala:
  5. It might be worth taking a look at the classic Grenadier wood elf range, still available from Mirliton. I think they have a kind of tribal vibe to them. Not big on gender diversity, unfortunately. I think they are around 30mm - so maybe a little smaller than recent Reaper figures, but not hugely different.
  6. This is bone china. I inherited it about 16 years ago. I don't routinely use it.
  7. I believe the forum filter renders this as an "Oh broccoli!". A very ambitious poker player. The slain kind, whose loot I am collecting.
  8. I will show them my vacuum cleaner, and explain how only the strongest and bravest among them will be able to wield it to vanquish the dust in my house...
  9. Happy: Westwind by Sky Sad: Gone Are The Days by Moya Brennan
  10. Wait... what's that creepy-looking guy doing in my pocket!?
  11. I tend to view fake crowd noise in sporting events as being much the same as canned laughter in sitcoms, i.e. more of a distracting irritation than an enhancement.
  12. I've actually been working my way through the whole run. Kind of like watching a cosmic car crash. I suspect it may hold some sort of record for the greatest quantity of truly stupid ideas crammed into a TV series.
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