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  1. I don't own a pet, but many years ago my parents had a dog that was absolutely petrified of fireworks. After seeing how that dog reacted, I have never been able to enjoy fireworks since.
  2. I don't know what the giant is, but the "thing with the bat wings" is MM48 Manticore from Grenadier's Monster Manuscript range.
  3. Stop! If you say that name one more time you'll summon him from the Abyss! 😧
  4. Anyone else tried a Nutella sandwich? It's a guilty pleasure for me.
  5. If we're allowed to include imaginary colours, I would probably go for one of those that Douglas Adams came up with, such as Gan Green, or Burnt Hombre.
  6. These ones I can manage! I don't care what day it is. I'm not eating a ballpoint pen.
  7. This is clearly illustrating how a potato is too stupid to remember the words of a song.
  8. I must have been about 25. This was back in the late 80s when home internet access was still uncommon, but I was able to use it by virtue of working at a university. The first thing I can remember doing was subscribing to the Traveller mailing list.
  9. Hawk the Slayer, I believe. A classic among terrible movies. The mini makes a perfectly good adventurer.
  10. But... I want to attract a space worm. It makes great bait for the space fish!
  11. They are Dreenoi from the Starguard range by McEwan Minis (now available from Tin Soldier).
  12. Didn't the Goodies deal with this giant kitten, like, fifty years ago? [British TV reference, in case anyone is not familiar]
  13. So tonight we will have a super flower blood Moon. Am I the only one who thinks that name sounds like it was invented by an advertising executive as an excuse to charge more money for it?
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