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  1. I painted one of those and had had enough of painting eyes for a while, I can't imagine how many eyes are needed for four of them at once. Very nicely done!
  2. AKA "Eye practice". Finished this up at the end of last year, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I think the biggest challenge was coming up with a route over the model that meant that I didn't forget any eyes, mouths, or teeth when I had the appropriate shading steps out. It's definitely going to show up as a boss monster for one of the games I run.
  3. I'll add my comment to the pile of praise for the armor and face - both give the model a lot of character!
  4. Thank you! I was trying to keep everything other than the cloak in more muted colors so the cloak would pop better, glad that it seemed to work. It was honestly more fiddly detail than anything else - making sure that I hit each patch with each round of highlight, making sure that all the lining was happening properly, and so on. Probably only 4-5 hours of painting total, just one session.
  5. I frequently have exactly that problem, I find applying a thin dark wash over freshly-primed bones really helps even if you end up painting over all of it. Otherwise the painting process is a process of discovering new and exciting features in the sculpt.
  6. Very nicely done, the feathers look nicely phoenix-y but also dark creepy, as they should
  7. Once a year or so I get a fresh copy of one of my early minis and paint it in the same color scheme, just to get a physical reminder of exactly that.
  8. Nice! I like the color scheme and blending.
  9. Thanks for the advice! Definitely something that I will need to find the excuse to practice more on in the future.
  10. I've been painting for a few years now, and feel like (at least for human-sized figures) I've got the basics of color choice and shading reasonably solid. This is my first conversion that required me to sculpt additional elements (rather than just sticking bits together), which I'm just starting out on. Also trying to get better at freehand of any sort, since I lack any 2d art training or skill.
  11. First time posting something here, since it's the first time I've felt like something I'd done came out really nicely. Once upon a time, this was Tierdeleira, but I needed a desert elf archer for a game I'm running, so they stole 77384: Arathanel's bow and quiver and swapped what presumably would have been the traditional green and purple dark elf clothing for something more fitting to the desert. The arrow and hand holding it could have been better, but I don't want to risk the rest of it by trying to redo them. The cloak was a pain but ultimately worth it, I think. It will give the character a very distinctive presence on the tabletop. Suggestions for improvement welcome, of course.
  12. How about some figures drawing from various world mythologies? It seems like there's a lot of interesting diversity there (winged giant cats, multi-armed things from various cultures, the persian djinns/efreets, lots of hybrid human/animal combinations) while also filling the 'large minis that can be used as monsters' that has been oft-requested.
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