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  1. Just one thing: it's a DAO!^^ Djinn = air Efreet = Fire Madrid = Water Dao = earth they are all genies!^^
  2. badula


    i used to paint with the classic "lines on the edge" nid scheme.... but then i've seen something similar made for some.....reptilians... i've tried on my nids adjusted it and fell in love with it! it's easier faster and i think it looks cool! (to me at least!^^) for the blue scheme: basecoat the whole carapace with black (with a few regal blue drops in it) then with a medium drybrush with the paint wet tap the surface in regal blue the subsequent steps are made with enchanted blue and ice blue and only on the largest scales a subltle final step with white these steps must be done with the paint dry (you have to matte varnish at the end to avoid it fall^^) it's super easy! the only con is that tends to ruin brushes A LOT! technically is called stippling but to achieve a good effect the final layers should be applied with the paint dry
  3. been a while since my last pic.
  4. could you share the water effect tutorial?^^
  5. Much much better! well if it were me for the brighter color on the snow i would have used almost the darker in the actual flame butt the snow is highly reflective so a bit brighter still makes sense
  6. mmmmh don't hate me pls, i think it's overall a good pice love the snow but.... the osl is WRONG! not badly executed, just wrong. The flames colours go white>yellow>red>dark red as the heat goes down on the ground you've painted an osl wich goes from orange to yellow, this is unnatural. It seems that the snow is hotter than the flames. hope it helps
  7. This mini is a personal tribute to nathan never wich is an italian cyberpunk comic
  8. really nice! Maybe a bit of edge higlight especially on the green parts....
  9. well if you say that the armor recesses are of the same tone as those in the shield maybe it's just a lighting problem of picture itself!^^ if it appears as the shield everywhere then it's good to go!^^
  10. What hits me here isn't the glazing technique per se, but the amazing taste you show for mixing colours! you took the wheel of colours, breaked any rules for contrasting colors, and made it work! there are all the basic colours mixed in there and none seems out of place! Really nice!
  11. it is true that sometimes something that works at close distance isn't good at table distance! i had the same feeling with an hex base i've painted.... i've tried to be precise and smooth and at table distance you wouldn't notice ANY effect
  12. i have to say your style is pretty unique, and for that, you have my bows! i appreciate the warlock and the gravekeeper.
  13. mmmh i'm trying to figure out what doesn't convince me.... i guess the rivets! white on the shield is really well done i think you should place a bit of your azure wash around the rivets and overall more in the crevices of the armour. as i said the shield is reaaally good it's perceived as white but has depth
  14. i love the eye! if i may suggest one thing it would be a wash!
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