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  1. Out of curiosity, are most folks going to keep the broccoli bases in place or remove them.


    Depends on the model. As you say, some of the larger models will need a large enough surface that contacts the new base. All of mine will be re-based, though. I hate the broccoli bases, but that's a conversation for another thread.


    I have several Hirst Arts molds, and will most likely use the 1" dungeon floor tiles for early every model. For horses, I use 2x 1" flat floor ties glued together and then flock them with kitty litter then add static grass after painting the bases.


    For Australians, Back-to-base-ix is based out of Australia. Check out their square bases in this link.

  2. My only recommendation applies to nearly all space marines: Drill out the barrel holes. This is a storm bolter, so it should have 2 holes next to each other.


    Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with this mini. The base is great, the rest is certainly tabletop quality. If anything, you could give it a wash with Games Workshop's Badab Black wash on the gun and skirting.


    Keep it up.

  3. Black Templar Forge World Dreadnought. The arms are magnetized. His close-combat arm is the Iron Clad Seismic Hammer with Heavy Flamer because I think it looks cool. The other arm is a Forgeworld Plasma Cannon. The base includes hirst art blocks. I tried to give him a more dymic pose: 1 foot higher, turning slightly to his left, balancing on steps.









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  4. My STH-1D Stealth is Ready to Roll! For the Battle Tech campaign I'm in. My character is from the Federated Suns, with his youth and early training in the Crucis March. (Not completely happy with the base. May redo it.)


    I went with green because some of the fluff I've found online say that the Cadet Cadre are green. The Cadet Cadre could be spread throughout the Federated Suns, unless I am confusing them with someone else. The Crucis March mercenaries are actually red, white, and blue, but that seemed too cheesy for me. I didn't want the Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes in my space fantasy game.


    Plus, Green will help my Stealth unit blend in with forested planets better.





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  5. Thanks for the feedback! Constructive criticism is always welcome.


    I need a stand for the minis in the light booth, I think. The tripod to stablize the camera makes it difficult for even pictures (straight-on shots, that is to say).


    Yeah, the sword is definitely not of elven make, but he's collected a rather extensive assortment of weapons over the years, so one or two might have been dwarven at some point!

  6. Christmas present for our GM that was taking us through the underdark series in our HackMaster campaign.


    Dude. It's called a mindflayer. (I'm assuming that mindflayer is a copywrited or trademarked name?)


    Again, the only modification needed was a new base.







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  7. Any chance you can be a bit more specific about the cloak's origin? I have a PC with a similar even in his history (ie. he slew the shadow mastiff his cloak of resistance is made of) and I have discovered I am not up to sculpting my own. This one even looks fairly easy to attach!


    Nice conversion & painting BTW.




    Thanks for the kind words!


    The cape is from the Warhammer line by GW. It's from the Empire Army, Knightly Order set according to the bitz site I ordered it from on Ebay.


    Hope that helps.

  8. This is another Christmas present for a player in our HackMaster campaign. He's a human fighter.


    I picked up the mini at GenCon this year. Since AROK!!!! carries and uses so many weapons, I had to add 3 to his belt. The sword on his right hip is from the Black Templar upgrade pack (GW 40k). The sword on his left hip is a Britonian bit (Warhammer Fantasy). The warhammer on his left hip (hard to see) is from a Reaper Warlord Weapon Accessory Pack (Dwarves, I think). That pack has excellent axes and shields. And the cloak is a bit from some Warhammer fantasy figure. That was the most important part, as he carries around the pelt from a frost wolf he killed on his first adventure.








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  9. This will be a Christmas Gift for a buddy in our HackMaster campaign.


    This is from the Warlord line. It matches our party's halberd-using, crossbow-shooting monk's description very well, I thought. I picked up the base and mini at GenCon this year. The bolt case is a bit from the undead chariot from the GW Warhammer Fantasy line. I added a crossbow from a reaper weapons accessory pack. I know the base is large, but I wanted it to look dynamic. Or something.







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