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  1. 144 teeth maybe, but yeah, it has a lot of eyes. Nice flesh tones. "He's for the "Holidays in New England" village I'm working on." Heh. Good thing it wasn't Halloween in New England. Then we'd see some really strange figures, I guess.
  2. I agree with the other posters. I like the eyes a lot. The fur could use a dark wash. Then dry brush the current brown, and then a lighter brown in places for highlights. Thanks for sharing your work with us.
  3. The red/black colors on the handle of the staff just jump out at you. Excellent work, Jester.
  4. Nice! One quick question from a newbie. On this mini, how did you remove him from his old base so cleanly? Dremmel? What kind of washer is that? I recently read through the Miniature basing FAQ on the other board as that is what I want to work on. Thanks for any help you can give. Your townsfolk look great!
  5. Ah, I guess I'm too late since you already have one. Does everyone here use magnifying glasses with stand? I recently picked up a visor one (x5) that does wonders. Wear it like a hat, it flip up for when you don't need it, barely notice the weight. Anyone else use these?
  6. I participated in the paint and take, and got the opportunity to talk to some more experienced painters at the time. That was a fun experience. Next year, I will try my hand at the speed painting contest. But one thing I found disappointing was the lack of a Reaper Booth at GenCon. I had my wish list of minis all printed out and in hand and you guys didn't come. I was also looking forward to browsing some of the Dragons and maybe come home with one. 2 years ago in Milwalkie, you guys had a big booth wih racks and racks of minis. Was it too cost prohibitive this year? I managed to get my hands on half of the minis from other booths, but I will check my local store for the rest next week. Just curious. I was really hoping to see all of the goodies this year.
  7. They know it annoys you. Loki does the same thing to me. Yep. When I get up from my paint table for the smallest thing, my cat jumps in the chair to steal my paint brushes. No matter how asleep he looks...ZOOM! CLATTER CLATTER! "Hey, bring that back!" Crazy monkey cat!
  8. That one's pretty sharp! Thanks for the find. Not sure how I missed it.
  9. Not really. The shield is usually touching the body (hip, waiste, etc). So cutting off the shield arm would ruin the figure. I have seen some where the shield doesn't touch the body, but converting them would be the last result.
  10. I've seen some excellent knights in the Reaper online catalog. What I am looking for is a character wearing full plate mail and wielding 2 weapons. I've seen planety with a weapon and shield, but only one (already have it) with 2 weapons. Am I missing them? Thanks for any help.
  11. Human Fighter Female from KenzerCo's HackMaster line is not skinny. Neither is the Female Dwarf Cleric, if you scroll up. I hope that helps.
  12. dude


    Well, my sister's wedding was last weekend, so that's where I was. (It was great, by the way. She held it at the Car Museum in Shreveport, LA.) Anyway, sorry I couldn't come. Though I am new to the boards and know few of you, I really wanted to go to an intermediate painting class. Also, I'd like to work on painting faces/eyes. Getting to the subject of the post, how was the turn-out? How many people did you guys have? Was there a HackMaster demo? Inquiring minds want to know. From all that has been posted here, it sounded like big success. Congratulations to all, and maybe next year I can participate.
  13. Threadjack: Wow! Thanks for the link. I'll be putting that to use this weekend! What about white, black, and grays? Do they fit somewhere on the wheel or do they just go with anything?
  14. Where can I learn about colors. That is what I want to work on next. I am getting better at washes and dry brushing with each mini, but when I look at my collection, I see many of the "same" color combinations. I've browsed through the CMoN gallaries for inspiration, but I want to learn what colors go well with yellow and what not to paint the shirt if the cape is blue. I guess I just need some tips on what clashes and what enhances.
  15. how is this? Reaper #2638 Adventuring Accessories. cher Oh. Ya see! That's all I've been asking for! Consider it ordered.
  16. I play in two campaigns. The longest running is a D&D 3rd edition set in Kingdoms of Kalamar that we've been in for nearly 4 years now. The other campaign is HackMaster. Our group has been following the sanctioned HackMaster rules since January 2002. We have our third local tournament this weekend at OwlCon in Houston, Texas, by the way. We use miniatures for visual aid during battles (who's where, who can I shoot, who can I loot!), to show marching order, and to set a night-watch order (we line them up). Painting figures is a Hobby that I have slowly been developing over the past 2 years. Although I'm behind my fellow players in skill, I'm getting better with each mini.
  17. I'd like to see an adventuring kit. Much like a weapons kit, the adventuring kit comes with accessories for your character. Backpack, rope, lantern, 10' pole, torches (both unlit bundles and a lit torch to hold in hand), and sacks. In fact, have multiple backpack and sack designs for larger/smaller figs. Fancy silken backpacks and rough-n-tumble canvous jobs. For figures, I would like to see more adventurers that aren't in armor or robes. You don't wear plate male armor and carry a bastard sword to the kings banquet. Wizards don't always wear robes. Look at the Gnome Illusionist. This is one of my all-time favorite wizard figures. Why? He's not wearing freaking robes. He doesn't have a beard to his feet. He looks normal. Why can't we get male and female elves like this? Why can't we get male and female humans like this? Why can't we get male and female Dwarves like this? Or are they already out and I'm a little dense? Or are they not already out and I'm stilll dense? They can come with or without backpacks or sacks.
  18. dude


    Those look incredible. I would have preferred that they made War's shield more skull looking. Perhaps we will see that on Death's shield.
  19. Wow. I'm flipping through the gallery in another browser right now, and all I can say is 'wow!' These are some excellent paint jobs. I can honestly say that I am inspired to try my hand at a few more minis this weekend. Can anyone point me to a tips thread on how to take good digital pictures of minis? Mine always come out too dark and grainy or too bright and shiney. Thanks! Good work guys and gals.
  20. dude


    Are you going to run a tournament? Or will it be a demo? I'm not sure if I can make the trip, but I'd like the chance to play in a tournament. There's a group in Tyler Texas that would probably make the trip as well.
  21. For mid May in Dallas, expect 85 to 95 degrees F and >75% realitive humidity. Hot and muggy. The occassional afternoon shower is to be expected. Dress accordingly. T-shirt and shorts would be a good idea. Leave the parkas and snowshoes at home.
  22. I guess it might be a bit premature, but has anyone been putting together a schedule for the ReaperCon events? If so, is it already out? I know that I would like to attend the HackMaster tournament, some painting seminars, and digital photography sessions. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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