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  1. This will be my character in an upcoming HackMaster campaign. From the discontinued Kenzerco Miniatures line, this is the Human Fighter in Heavy Armor with some modifications. The base is from a Hirst Arts Mold. The arrow is a bit from the Skeleton Chariot from the Warhammer Undead army. The axe on his hand is a bit from the chaos warriors (Warhammer fantasy). The dagger in the shield and the axe on his hip came from Reaper weapons accessory packs. As I will be playing a Human Fighter, it's a good choice. Although, I won't be starting with such wonderful armor. Fighter.bmp Fighter_2.bmp
  2. Thanks, Sanael. Those western minis look great! I'll look into Mega Miniatures.
  3. The reaper Brass Bull (Gorgon, really) isn't what I'm looking for. I'd like it to be the same scale at the dark haven horses, without metal plating. With or without a harness is fine. Has anyone seen one?
  4. I can vouch this works pretty well. If you don't have one or don't want to get a whole sprue just for cloak, I've got a few kicking around somewhere. You can send me a PM if you are interested and I'll drop it in an envelope and send it to you. Thanks, guys. While I was at GenCon, I got my hands on a cloak bit from some other set. Going to add it to a Reaper Miniature I picked up at the Con. I'll post it in the works in progress.
  5. I have 2 projects I want completed before the end of the year. Christmas presents for my gaming group: 7 players and the GM. Getting figures from Reaper Booth at GenCon Indy. Adding to my Black Templar Army (40K): Assemble and paint a land raider crusaider Assemble and paint a predator. Assemble and paint a whirlwind. Assemble and paint a vindicator. Paint 6 more assault marines. Assemble and paint a 10-man Legion of the Damned Unit. 10 more space marines with bolt pistol and close combat weapons. Not sure if I can get this all done by years end, but going to try.
  6. I am anti blunderbus in my fantasy games. When I GM, forget seeing them. When I play, I wouldn't take one if I could. It just doesn't fit in D&D in my opinion. Give me a rapid fire crossbow anyday.
  7. Wolf skin hat (shaped like a wolf's head). Optionally, a fur cloak with the wolf's head on it. Plate or splint armor. I've seen the reaper barbarian with the wolf's head, but it's not wearing armor. Must have armor, and that one looks like a bear to cut it's head off and put it on another mini. I'm not above kit-bashing and green-stuffing, but my green-stuff-foo is weak. Erkle weak. Thanks for any help.
  8. 1. Candy Striper Sophie. 2. Police Officer Sophie. 3. Sailor Sophie.
  9. Well, after doing presents for others, I did a mini for my HackMaster Elven Cleric. Front Back
  10. Tried it with light booth. Front Back
  11. Built a lightbox and gave it another shot. Front Back And then I started playing with Hirst Blocks.
  12. Built a lightbox. Hope it came out better. Front Back
  13. I've been using 1"x1" hirstart blocks for a while now. Makes mini-bases pretty quick. Thanks for the replies. I'll play with the Camera and try to take some closer pics later this week.
  14. I really like the base. The skintone is smooth. You might want to do a darker/medium brown wash to fill in the muscles to give it some depth. I can see that there is shading on his back. It could just be the picture. Great mini.
  15. The wings are amazing. I really love those. Good job.
  16. This is for my friend's Elven Bard, Eadaoin. I just call her Eedy. I'll have to try again on the frontal picture. Front Back
  17. For the Swashbuckler (thief) in our campaign. He's a real ladies man. If only his wisdom matched his charisma. Front
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