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  1. For my buddy's gnome Fighter/Illusionist in our HackMaster campaign. He casts phantasmal force a lot. Front Back
  2. For my buddy's Human Fighter in our Hackmaster campaign. He keeps his head shaved...to hide is pattern baldness. Front Side Back
  3. This one is for our GM. We need more scarlet women in his campaign! Front Back
  4. The shading on his arms don't show well, I'm afraid. Just imagine the coolest shading ever. That's the ticket. This is a blacksmith for his ____ character. All of his characters carry 4 or more weapons. Might as well have someone to keep them sharp and in good repair! Front Back
  5. I have a new camera, but I suck at taking pictures. I'll get there, I hope. This if for my buddies Elven Battlemage in our hackmaster campaign. Front Side Back
  6. Here are some of mine. 02601: Dwarf Cleric, Grayrune 03144: Captain Wilmont Silver 14069: Sir Malcolm, Crusaders Sergeant 14047: Dingo, Mercenaries Sergeant 02683: Black Legionnaire 02412: Inquisitor 02906: Praying Paladin 02717: Dragon of Fire 02789: Talarand, Blackguard 06038: Black Orc Warriors 02489: Black Legionnaire 06002: Men At Arms Of Breonne 1 06002: Men At Arms Of Breonne 2 02584: Townsfolk II Blacksmith Name? 02584: Townsfolk II Strumpet 03098: Astrid, Female Chronicler 14217: Meridh, Elven Sergeant
  7. An action shot of a dude with a sword and his armor falling apart. Maybe it was a rustmonster, maybe he's just getting his butt kicked. Either way, it's a determined dude with an expensive wardrobe problem.
  8. Steps 1 and 2 above: I painted the wood Muddy Brown (RMS 09028)and washed with flat black diluted with flow improver. Step 3 above: I went back over the raised parts with the Muddy Brown (RMS 09028) again. Step 4 above: I hit some of the raised parts with Earth Brown (RMS 09029). Step 5 above: Finally, I touched the highest points with Leather Brown (09030). All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. Looks like a tavern floor to me!
  9. Thanks guys! I'll give it a go. That tutorial has been bookmarked. Thanks, maynard! Edit: Just another quick question. Is there supposed to be a giant hole next to his right foot?
  10. I still have work to do on the body, but I know what I want there. On the base, I am struggling with color combinations. I have the Reaper Master Series, but I could go a couple of ways on this one. I'm thinking a medium brown, with more of an orange tint for the primary color or highlight. Thoughts?
  11. looks like it Sadly, neither of the two gentlemen that were going to run this event can make it, and there was no time for someone else to step forward. Maybe next year, we can get back on track. I'll probably come up for the painting club this summer. Do you guys have a decent turn out?
  12. I will try my hand at the speed paint competition, again. I had fun last year, despite coming in dead last.... To an 8 year old... And his seeing-eye dog... I suck.
  13. Nope the cupon was in the Sunday newspaper ads Darn! I didn't get a paper this sunday.
  14. I also wanted to add that this tournament is character levels 9-11. The game is scheduled from noon to 5:00 PM. Please be there around 11:30 AM, if possible, so tables can be set. I hope to see you guys there.
  15. Hey, guys. I'm the Secretary/Treasurer for the SE Texas Chapter of the HMA (HackMaster's Association). I'd be happy to answer some of these questions. I do not work for the company that makes HackMaster. What is HackMaster? HackMaster is an RPG based largely on 1st and 2nd edition D&D, with many add-ons and balances made. I won't go into too many details here, but you can find out more at http://www.kenzerco.com Kenzer and Company, the publishers and creators of the Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine, published the HackMaster game via a liscence with WotC, which owns the rights to D&D. That's about as much info as I really know, or want to know, there. What is the HMA? The HMA is an organization that stresses "by-the-book" gaming and whose purpose is primarily to encourage people to bring their home characters to rub elbows with and compete against other characters and home groups at tournaments. In fact, you don't even need a home character as pregenerated characters are provided at all of our tournaments. The HMA also publishes a "fanzine" of new monsters/spells/encounters and such written by players and GMs. You can find out more about the HMA at the kenzerco website above. The HMA is run by it's members. Players and GMs like me, who enjoy the HackMaster game and tournaments. That's as brief as I can be, but not really do this organization justice. What is the SE Texas Chapter of the HMA and why are they in Denton? Funny story. The short answer is because while our primary area of coverage is Houston, there currently isn't another chapter in Dallas or other parts of the state. The OK Chapter, the Red River Raiders, also participated in our previous tournament in Denton. Nice turn-out, actually. You can find out more about the SE Texas Chapter here: http://txhackmaster.proboards54.com/index.cgi? We also have players in the Tyler/Overton area. These players regularly make the drive down to Houston to play at our tournament, and are the ones organizing this event. What this tournament is and isn't. This isn't a grudgematch between the two organizations. In fact, we invite anyone interested in playing/learning HackMaster to come join us, no matter where you live. For those without their own characters and wanting to play, there will be pregenerated characters that are ready to go. The way the tournament works, briefly, is to have several tables go through the same adventure at the same time. There is a scoring system based on encounters completed and PC deaths. The table with the highest score wins. The fun/dangerous part is, what happens to your character in this tournament will be applied when you return back to your home game. If you find a cool sword, great! If your character is turned to stone, shrunk to 6" tall, and level drained...not so good. That happened to me, actually. My party took me home and used me as a Lawn Dwarf (Ala garden gnome). It was a tough, but fun adventure. So, if you are in the area, and want to learn how to play HackMaster, please come by and join us. Even if you don't enjoy the HackMaster rules, at least you'll meet some very nice people and get to shop at The Asylum. You don't need a book. You don't need a character. Just show up. Why wouldn't you come by? P.S. Bring your own dice. You can happily borrow mine, but they are fickle and easy to anger. I refer you to Appendex H of the HackMaster Player's Handbook which covers "All Things Dice". P.P.S. I want to thank Reaper again for letting us play at their facilities. I know last time I bought a few more minis that I had planned to buy, but it's so convenient with they are all hanging on the racks like that. They gave us a nice tour of the facilities after the tournament, and I got to see a number of the dragons and other VERY nicely painted miniatures they keep on display there. I look forward to another great visit.
  16. The metals look outstanding. Nice work.
  17. I bet his amp goes to 11... Thanks for the feedback, guys. Yeah, I should have shaded his face a bit, but it was a bit of a rush job as we used this one last night. In our HackMaster campaign, we fought this dude and 4 of his summoned demons. Unfortunately, I didn't memorize any protection from fire spells. We found him a bit early in the dungeon crawl. It wasn't my fault.
  18. Full frontal Evil: Left profile (he's a looker): The head on his staff (uh, huh-huh):
  19. From the old thread, I still like the idea of the adventurer 3-pack. A low/mid/high level mage. Same dude, but showing him appear to grow in power/magic items. Same with a fighter, cleric, and thief.
  20. I've ordered a couple of things and got a message that the stuff has been sent. However, the 7-10 days of the expected delivery date has expired. Anyone else had this problem with these guys?
  21. I had that exact sme thought. I strongly recommend against adding acrylic paint to it. I had some left over (maybe an ounce), and I added a few drops of green paint to it. It became very opaque (couldn't see through it). The whole point behind a gelatinous cube is to be transparent. Also, it didn't set up (dry). I think the acrylic messed with it, somehow. Maybe a water based paint (kids finger paint) would work.
  22. Not sticky at all after a few days. I had some cat hairs stuck to it earlier, but they brushed off easily. The stuff I used is called Liquid Illusion.
  23. It's not bad. The Reaper miniatures have much more detail. Especially those recent Knights they came out with. But my FLGS had these on sale so I picked them up. They're just about the right scale and they fit in my GW miniature case just fine.
  24. Sure, I'd be glad to. For bases, I use the 1"x1" block from Mold #260: Flagstone Floor Tile. You get 10 per casting, plus some smaller ones if you need them. I just make the 1x1's. I don't want to sound like an advertisement for them, and I'm not associated with them in any way. A budy and I bought some molds to make an arena for our local HackMaster tournaments. After making the arena, I looked at the flagstone Floor Tiles and thought to myself "Self, that would make a neat mini base." 'You're right, self. Let's try it." "Screw you guys. Let's rob a liquor store." "Self, who is that?" "I don't know, but he's scaring me!" Anyway, now I base most of my minis on them. I like the look, and it's easy. For the horses, I inverted 2 tiles and glued them together. Then, I cover the top in glue and dipped them in CLEAN kitty litter. I let that dry overnight, scraped off any loose litter. I glued the horse on to it after cutting the original base off of the horses. I primed the horses on the bases gray. Then, I painted the whole thing. Any spots where the litter pealed off from handling, I put some of that static grass.
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