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  1. Dental plaster. It doesn't take long to whip up a batch, and it dries fairly quick. Never tried resin. Not sure how it would react in the molds. Plus, then you have to melt the resin, which is work. I'm lazy.
  2. dude

    3 Orcs!

    *Runs like a baby from the crazy guy with the goggles* I've been using them a lot, lately. Not every mini, but a good deal of them. They're the perfect size for most minis and they do look nice with just simple dry brushing. I whipped up the batch for the cube last night. Still have 6 left from that batch for some Elven Guardsmen (by Foundry Minis) I'm working on next.
  3. Yeah, it was kind of a last minute, "Hey, this would be fun" type thing. If I had more time, I have weapon and treasure packs that I was going to use. Also, I'd have made it a bit more smooth and "cubic". I already have a couple of ideas for another go. Thanks for the feedback, guys.
  4. Absolutely stunning! Superb! It doesn't suck!
  5. I really like your skin tones! Nice job.
  6. Mounted on inverted Hirst Art Blocks. Front: Slight Profile:
  7. Here are 3 orcs mounted on 1x1 hirst art blocks. They make Great and Quick miniature bases! The Front: The Profile: The Showdown with the cube!!!!!!!! Let's get ready to fumble!!!!!!
  8. I used a skeleton from the Reaper skeleton pack for this. My wife was making a plastic floral arrangement for one of her stores, and she had some of this clear, epoxy glue left. Soo...with little notice to prepare, I used a small gift box for the shape and lined it with a gladlock bag. Then, I poured the material in. I had the mini already painted, but it wasn't one of my favorites. I cut the base off and tried to stand him up inside. He ended up falling over, so I used a toothpick and leaned him up against the side of the box. It set for 48 hours before I messed with it, which was 12 hours longer than the instructions said it would take. I pealed the gladlock bag off, and it left me with what you see here. I then glued 4 1x1 hirst art blocks together, painted them a gray-dungeon corridore color, and mounted the cube on it. So, without further ado, a little fun I had. Full Frontal: Da Booty:
  9. I got a question on the Starter Boxed Set for Warlord. Is there any way we can get a picture of the items in the boxed set? I know that I can look them up individually, but having them together would be easier for me to decide what I want. While I don't play Warlord, I do like to have sets of similar creatures and fighter-types for armies, mercenaries, and lairs. Just a thought.
  10. Wonderful job, as always!
  11. It came with a lance, but I thought a sword from the Reaper Weapon Pack would look better. I cut thr original base off, which was too small and it kept falling over. I then remounted it on an inverted 2 1"x1" hirst art blocks.
  12. I got it when I was at the Reaper Store in Denton back in May. It has two R's in red. They say they were made by Fighting Pirannha Graphics. I am going to put them on Shields for some grunts I picked up. I'm using the RR for the Red Raven Guild (Adventurers guild in Cormyr from the Forgotten Realms).
  13. Like he has Hank Hill disease? Yeah, that may be it. Nice expression by the way. Here in Sweden we call it "Gällivare häng", Gällivare being a northern remote part of Sweden. Hadn't heard the american expression before It's from an American Cartoon. Hank Hill, the protagonist, has no butt. In one episode, he wears special pants that give him the appearance of a butt and also support his spine. It's a silly show.
  14. Since everyone else is posting their's, here is my version. Front: Left side: Back: Right Side: This is the first time I have used decals on a mini. The one on his scabbard came out great. The one on his right shoulder did not. Ah well, his armor is battle worn. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  15. I mounted it on a Hirst Arts 1'x1" block. I painted it to match the color schemes of the 2 recent Black Legionaires I did. Front pic. Back Pic.
  16. Reds and yellows kick my butt, too. One thing that helps me is to mix yellow and white or red and white in a one-to-one ratio and paint that on as the base. Then, paint the straight yellow or red on top. This only takes 2 coats and covers MUCH better than 3 coats of straight red and yellow.
  17. On the clickable smilies to the left, can we get a thumbs up and thumbs down smilie? I find that thumbs up accurately portrays my feelings towards outstanding miniatures and the folks at Reaper. Thumbs down is useful for explaining my stance on priming with white primer.
  18. Like he has Hank Hill disease? Nice job on this figure. I think the skin tones and the weapons look absolutely great. Good work.
  19. Shroom!!! Nice job! I like the clothes and the highlights in the hair. Well done.
  20. That's absolutely stunning. Great work, there!
  21. The armor was pretty quick to do. I put a black wash on first, then drybrushed metalic silver on top. Later, I hit a few spots with metalic silver to bring out more highlights.
  22. I painted this one up for a Christmas present for a buddy for his HackMaster character. I mounted him on a 1" Hirst Art block. Also, for fun, I put a partial block under his foot to make it a bit more exciting. Front view: Back right: Front Left: Both recent minis:
  23. I really like the legionaire sculpts. I mounted this figure on a Hirst Arts 1" square. Also, I subbed the axe for a sword from the weapon packs so that it would match my buddies HackMaster character. It will be a gift for him for Christmas...if his character is still alive. Front view. Back Left View Back Right Finally, here is a comparison to the previous attempt at this character.
  24. I could vote for Jazz musicians. That sounds pretty nice, actually.
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