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  1. With the slight angle of the dragon's head it almost looks like the dragon's trying to read the book over his shoulder. Hmmm... 40 ways to cook a dwarf. Wow, these adventurers sure are getting more and more thoughtful. Oh, and here is my toughest critic.
  2. As a 22 year native of Louisiana, I would recommend one of the following: 1. Pelican. Louisiana is the Pelican state. 2. Aligator. Louisiana is home to numerous aligator farms and, alnog with Florida, has programs that have taken the aligator off of the endangered species list. However, it isn't just Louisiana that was affected. Mississippi and Alabama were also hit pretty hard, along with South Florida a few days before. Other common animals you will find in the area include hound dogs, cats, snakes, wild hogs, herons, cattle, and so on. Of these, I prefer the pelican. They are found all along the Gulf coast, not just Louisiana. Just a few ideas. Anything that reaper can do for the people along the gulf coast would be most appreciated.
  3. Did you prime it? the parts that rubbed off looks like it was unprimed. Priming will help hold the paint on. As suggested, but the mini on a popsickle stick with elmer's glue or that yellow/blue tacky stuff that teacher's use. I will keep you from rubbing off the paint while painting. As for the figure, nice job. That looks like a really, really tiny mini. Nice one.
  4. Thank you for the comments, guys. Yeah, I was having problems getting a decent pic. The scales are highlighted up a bit, but they don't really come out, even in those last 2. It's hard to take pictures of the bigger minis, it seem. I really need to make a light box or something.
  5. OK, I decided to do a blue, only my pic-foo is teh suxx0rz!!1! This is my first mini in about 6 months.
  6. NOVEMBER: Arrodis Baletide I like most of the sculpts but this one. It just really stands out. I'm all for dramatic miniatures, but the shoulder pads onthis one just look silly. For positive feedback: I really like the familiar pack with the dragon, the Half-ogre, and the Female anti-paladin. Good job, guys.
  7. The speed painting contest rocked, but sadly, I paint slower than Pamela Anderson doing calculus. It was great to see all of the minis in the display cases, all painted and ready for judging. I picked up the 5 minis I needed at the booth but had to stop myself from browsing. I have too many unpainted minis as it is. My wife would kill me if I brought a bunch more home. Thanks for the good time at GenCon. I want to enter one of the painting contests next year. Sincerely, Brad Todd "Dude"
  8. I use my miniatures with my gaming group. We play HackMaster every week. Everyone has been told to be gentle with my miniatures. Everyone has treated them well, so we continue to use them. When playing with new people and your minis, tell them straight up that you spent a lot of time on your minis and don't want them damaged. Most people will respect that. If someone doesn't, make them use one of their own dice or an M&M or something. The punks.
  9. Aren't female dwarves supposed to have beards like the men do? None of the recent Dwarven chicks have whiskers on their chins. How come?
  10. Put me in the Grey Primer Camp, as I may have mentioned in another thread. I use Grey Primer by Krylon. I have yet to have a problem with it, except for when my previous can was low and I didn't mix it well. Unlike the White Krylon I used before, I haven't had issues with grainyness. I have used black, but like others, I have trouble seeing detail. Same with white, actually. I won't switch to white or black anytime soon. Another issue is the nozzle. Be sure to hold the can upside down and squirt a piece of cardboard for a few seconds (until you stop seeing paint come out). This will keep the pigment from caking inside the nozzle. Also, the first blast out of any spray can (matte finish, primer, etc.) should not be directed at anything you care about, as you sometimes get a blast of material as the pressure forces out any caked up material. Just a few things I've learned the hard way.
  11. Wait, patience is a virtue, or so I have heard I just got mine from chesme. Let me first say that it rocks. I had no idea what I would be getting. This will get playtime in my home game. Second, I'm glad you didn't post the pictures before I got it. It was fun opening it, not knowing what I was getting. I will participate in this again. It was fun sending one of my works to someone else and getting their feedback. As was getting someone else's work on a piece I hadn't been interested in before. Now, I can see how that mini was cool.
  12. This mini looks awesome! I can't wait to pull this out in my HackMaster game! I just have to come up with a place for it. Thanks a ton, chesme. I'll be using this as inspiration for other minis I paint.
  13. Outstanding, Jenna. The shield looks great!
  14. Well, June 15th has come and gone, but I haven't received or heard from anyone doing the mini for me. Hopefully, it's one of the people that just sent their's off.
  15. I had this problem on a piece of scenery that I coated. The only thing I could think was that I put too much on it. That, and I live in the 100% humidity that is Houston, Texas. As to how to fix it, I don't know. Another coat made it look worse.
  16. That looks great, dude. Excellent job on this one.
  17. That's Rockn', Skavenbabe! Nice one.
  18. I haven't heard anything, either. I hope everything is OK.
  19. I used a combination of epoxy (two-part glue found in hardware stores, hobby shops, and Walgreens) and super glue for a dragon I am working on. It seemed to hold pretty well. If I ever do one of the boxed set dragons, I would do pinning, as those are much larger and probably need the extra support.
  20. I had a tour this March after a HackMaster Tournament. If you have the opportunity, it's pretty neato.
  21. That exact same thing happened to me. I ordered stuff to my old appartment a few years back. In January, I had stuff sent to my new house, no problem. I ordered some stuff in early March, but it went to my old appartment for some reason. I thought I had updated the address on the January shipment, but I guess not.
  22. I like the red and gold; however, the pictures are rather fuzzy, so it's difficult to see much detail.
  23. I don't think Andrew comes to these boards, but I'll let him know.
  24. The adjusted photos really show a lot more detail on this ogre. I'm liking the skintone lots on this one. The pail orange/yellow cloth came out great. Good job!
  25. Thanks, Brumbor! Yeah, these pics came out pretty crappy, I think. For example, the chain in this pic looks like crap. Ah well. One more thing to work on. I took 5 of the front and 5 of the back, and these were the best of the bunch. Pic taking is hit or miss with me. I'm going to try new bulbs in my lamp next time and see if that helps. I heard that "true vision" bulbs or something like that is the way to go. If not, I might just up the wattage. I used royal blue (I think) for the base coat on the armor (craft acrylics). I then mixed 2 parts blue, 1 part black, and 15 parts water to create the wash. I slapped this on over the blue. Then, I put the royal blue back on the hi spots. I lightened the blue up with a little white and put that on top edges on the "bands" of the plates on his chest plate, his visor, around the horns, and on the high spots on this armor. I did 2 of these layers, with the second containing more white than the first. On the back of his armor, I highlighted the bottom of the "bands" on his chest plate to see what I liked better. I couldn't decide so I left it, rather than redo it. I was happy with the over-all look and didn't think anyone would notice anyway. The reds, yellows, and orange on the cloth is my first real use of the Reaper Master Series. I had used them to touch up a few things, but this is the most surface area I have covered with them. It takes a little getting used to. I was happy with the turn out, but this pic makes it look blotchy. Ah well.
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