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  1. FFG, I seem to lose money on D&D and TOH1, but in no way blame you for any desicion and would like to thank you for your transparency. Allthough I'm getting more and more anxious in getting back my money (or getting miniatures) I see less and less chance of this. I wouldn't want to ruin Matt S. his life, bussiness or whatever, but at this moment my brain just want back the roughly $400 that I lost on this. If CSM was more transparent I would be more lenient. To be honest, the first RBG kickstarter also didn't work quite well, but Tre did a terrific job in being as open as possible and If I'm sorry I didn't use the money I spend on CSM on more of his miniatures :(
  2. I'm in the same boat. I also added on a Tsoggathua via PayPal. But, I did have KoED in my order. And I'm in the same boat as well. I did get the Add-ons I added post kickstarter, but not the $185 pledged for the Demons and Devils, KEO and few other bits. The package I did get though did leave a sour taste in my mouth as two big models were damaged (air bubles in the casts) and I had to pay a lot of taxes, which I'd probably have to pay for a 2nd packages as well. I don't even want to talk about my TOH1 pledge... I's almost hope that reaper would buy the sculpts and add everything to Bones III kickstarter (Not counting the CAV bones as #3), except that it would be shame for the loss of detail on some sculpts.
  3. one solid basecolour(spray) on the entire model, followed by basecoating, washing and drybrushing and that's about all I did. It works mainly due to the amount exaggerated detail :)
  4. I really like the look of the snow flock, it looks very natural. Also a stellar pant job!
  5. Thanks for the advice, I'll do that with the next update :)
  6. It's been a while since I posted due to RL interfering. did get around to painting a few models, though most of them are at the almost finished stage needing only the basing done and some varnish, so taking pictures didn't happen. Still I have a few left overs that I can post, just to get back into the habit :) I finished these almost a year ago, before our son got born. First a Gorebeast chariot in which I replaced one of the crew for Goldar: Then there was a quick paint Chimera, which took around two hours to get ready for tournament useage: Lastly a small block of trolls. I tried to give them the same paint scheme as the trolls I painted 20 years ago and failed miserably. As such I'm not to happy with the blue, but have enough other models to paint that I'm not going to redo them. Except maybe adding some dirt, mud etc, to make them less clean:
  7. A very well known feeling. Somehow miniaures also started getting more and more detailes, which didn't help either. The first "special characters" that I bought from Games Workshop were so more detailed and challening that I just didn't dare paint them, being afraid to don't do them justice. The still are precious even though I can easily tackle them now. It took me only 15+ years to get over that feeling and just don't care and go for it. To be honest, I still like models with less trinkets more than the ones with them. Even though I care much less now, I would still not easily do a quick paint job on metal or resin miniature, while with plastic or bones I care less :)
  8. Great news, especially if there will be more big guys in the mix :) I was very happy with all the (N)PC's, but they are probably way more then I ever need and honestly in twenty+ years i already collected a -BEEP-load of them. Though I'm still missing a Buglips. Or should Buglips be classified as a monster? It might be a bit tricky to convince my significant other to let me do another kickstarter, especially with a little on the way. Allthough I could off course go for two sets and claim it as "painting excercise" for later on...
  9. Euhm... I'm indeed wrong... Not sure why I thought it was the other way around... So disregard my remark, you did a great job
  10. I Like the white armour, that's going to be one nice paintjob! Though you might want turn the colors around on the flames ;) Overall I think you're going to have a very nice dungeoncrawl with the kickstarter set!
  11. Here's the second of the Bones minis that I've finished. It's the Bones version of 03461: Goldar the Barbarian This fellow was painted with the Reaper Flesh color and washes, just to see how they would look. It took a bit more than an hour to paint him, but not much more. At the moment I'm not yetsure if I'll put my bones on some wargaming bases, or leave them as is.
  12. about an hour each you say? really nice work for that timeframe! The only thing I don't like is the basing. I think it would like better either without slotta's beneeth the intergral base, or only on intergral bases. Stille brilliant work. Kudos!
  13. Very very nice brushwork! I really like the gritty look you achieve.
  14. Probably your hand will get more steady in time. tough I'm only 37, so can't really compare ;). The models that you chose are quite tricky to paint the eyes in as well. Nice work on the flames! looks really good. Are you using some kind of varnis at the end? Some parts of your miniatures seem to be really shiny, while other parts aren't.
  15. It was my pleasure :p But don't feel like a slacker, this is a really easy miniature to paint with large surfaces and an easy color scheme. I don't expect that I can do most of the other bones within 2-3 hours. Let's just see how it goes though :)
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