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  1. i missed that... thanks.
  2. any thoughts on how hed size up to a GW troll?
  3. anyone happen to have a pic of him with another fig for scale?
  4. Yeah now that I look at it this morning I have to agree. but wasn't it nice to vent bit
  5. not to threadjack but can you guys recommend a sailing ship system? i wabnt to make use of all of my pirates of the spanish main
  6. scumbag of interest... wifes cousin's abusive boyfriend who we hope to not see for a long long time.
  7. looked up someone online whose in the pokey and they have JAPL in their dispo type. anyone know what this means? ~thanks
  8. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5kmnj_tr...china_lifestyle sardines dont even have it this bad...wow
  9. i was thinking of replacing my free web host simply because id like one with multi file uploading capability. the one i use now only lets me upload one at a time unless i sign up for pay service. do any of you know of any good places that include multi file uploads?
  10. So doom, if you live there - is there any more info on the story? Particularly the Wizardry part. Even if it's just to inform us that part was media fabrication... sadly youre hearing the same thing we are.
  11. and this is the county i live in... homeschooling is looking more and more tempting for the kids...
  12. just a quick update... so far so good, it has been running fine ever since. i'm still going to stimulate the economy a bit with my stimulus check once i get it and have some maintenance done. i was going to say that the unit hasnt had anything done to it for the 8 years that i've lived in the house but i forgot, i lost the motor to the outside unit compliments of a florida storm about 5 years ago and they cleaned everything up including the inside unit when they replaced that. the unit hasnt ever had any problems other than that.
  13. i know im looking forward to it. ill probably pick up two sets and have a pretty decent marine and ork force from what i hear they are putting in the boxes. supposedly... Marines: Captain with powerfist tactical squad a 5 man Terminator squad Dreadnought (only 2 pieces!?!). Some or all of the models have been hinted at having Ultramarines iconography Orks: Warboss twenty Ork boyz (like the four man Ork boys set) twenty Grotz three Deff Koptas. oh yeah, and its 50 dollars.
  14. thanks a million everyone. this is why i love this forum...
  15. http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/zombiestrippers/ i know i want to see it! :)
  16. Certainly! After careful consideration, I will revise my answer about the "large bill" to be "it's likely going to be a small bill, at least when compared to the cost of replacing the entire system." Is that better? Ron ahh, i feel better now
  17. definitely, theres no way i'd fit up there anyway... i dont like the big money part of your answer Ron, please revise it to something that will make me feel better i had thought about the freezing up thing but someone told me it happens to the section that is outside and not the air handler. doesnt matter though, like you guys said ill call the mainteneace folk and have them take a look. i think ill stock up on filters too. its stupid of me to let something like that cause a problem.
  18. thanks rastl. ive never had maintenance done on it. my maintenance consists of me changing the air filter about every 4 months yes i know that is terrible but its one of those things you never think about until it is broke. i'm going to take your advice though and have somone come to just do maintenance on it and see if they notice any problems. i didnt think it had anything to do with the freon though since nothing was blowing out of the vents at all, not even warm air.
  19. so i come home to an 80 degree house last night when the air is set to 73. my air conditioner has part of it outside and part of it in the "attic". the part outside was spinning away but no air was blowing out of the vents. for completeness i turned all of the breakers off and on, tried the heat and clicked the unit off and on a few times but it didnt like any of that. i turned the air off for about 4 hours and tried it again and it was working. as of this morning it seems to be working ok but im still nervous over the outage. anyone have any idea what might of happened and whether or not i should start to prepare for a big bill in the near future?
  20. i guess im definitely out of the loop... reading that was hard... lol...
  21. privateer press http://www.privateerpress.com/WARMACHINE/g...ture&id=136 http://www.privateerpress.com/WARMACHINE/g...ture&id=128
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