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  1. pogre


    This is great!
  2. pogre

    Frost Giant 77544

    Well done! The icicles are great- I would also like to know how you did it
  3. pogre

    Calling all cars...

    Those look great! What game are you using these for - CoC?
  4. pogre

    77267: Kallaguk, Troll King

    Nice job painting and I love the base.
  5. pogre

    Fire Giant Jailor 77593

    I like the chain a lot. The leather skirting? Is a bit flat in the picture, but that could just be the photo. Great job!
  6. pogre

    Iron Golem 77514

    Cool illustration and great painting!
  7. pogre

    03843 Aurelio Endrino, Druid

    Nice work.
  8. pogre

    Hornet Miniatures "The Trophy"

    Very nice!
  9. pogre

    DSM7970, Fox Bard

    Nice painting and I dig the idea of a Fox Bard. Hopefully, he is a bit of a charlatan.
  10. pogre

    Otherworld Miniatures Hirelings

    Excellent hirelings!
  11. pogre

    Samurai on lion

    Great model and great painting!
  12. pogre

    02923: Princess of Hell

    Very nice!
  13. pogre

    02823 Raisa

    Very expressive face. I’m sure as heck getting out of her way!
  14. Excellent freehand. My “in comfort zone” has a ways to catch up with your out of comfort zone!