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  1. Well done! The icicles are great- I would also like to know how you did it
  2. Those look great! What game are you using these for - CoC?
  3. Nice job painting and I love the base.
  4. I like the chain a lot. The leather skirting? Is a bit flat in the picture, but that could just be the photo. Great job!
  5. Cool illustration and great painting!
  6. Nice painting and I dig the idea of a Fox Bard. Hopefully, he is a bit of a charlatan.
  7. Great model and great painting!
  8. Very expressive face. I’m sure as heck getting out of her way!
  9. Excellent freehand. My “in comfort zone” has a ways to catch up with your out of comfort zone!
  10. Yikes! Scary looking dude. Great work!
  11. Yikes! Scary looking dude. Great work!
  12. Great OSL and the base is super too!
  13. White and yellow can be tricky, but I think yours looks good.
  14. Turned out very nice. Well done!
  15. An amazingly creative and imaginative piece! It really does tell a story and brings a sense of wonder and awe.
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