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  1. it is getting awesome! I agree with your eyes issue, but that strabismus of Venus is somewhat working great, like a Vincent Cassel or a Stallone in a Reaper version...
  2. thanks for your support! I enjoyed having your opinions, and starting a sofisticated discussion about basic reds. Yeah!
  3. here it is, the green Tsuko is done. Not really satisfied about lips, even though I tried to literally follow Pingo's tips. I added a very light wash of reddish brown to the scar, and I like that. I went over and over the skin tone, obtaining a pinker result (also thanks to MonkeySloth's tips, I feel I enjoyed trying to get better results -at least I hope so- afraid as I was to get bored staying on the same mini for so long); the Tsuko's skin tone finally turned into a little tanner one with the sealer finish (last 3 pics). And I had to repaint its eyes as well... sometimes brushes get alive
  4. thanks for your precious advices: you are right, I missed my occasion to practice with red layering. I still have the sorceress, I promise I'll do my best to follow instructions and colors the kit suggests. I think I am keeping both Pingo's and your advice: I won't redo his green pants but my next mini order could include a new Tsuko I would paint as meant. the idea of Tsuko twins is nice, thanks Pingo.
  5. are you referring to the light beard? I actually like that detail. Chest is to be fixed I agree. It risks to get fatter as I insist correcting... but I guess this is normal with the very first miniatures. thanks :)
  6. hi everyone, I'm new here, and I just started using my husband's brushes and colors. I have to admit I had some fun with previous kit rat and Anuryan, getting somewhat imprecise but nice results. But now I'm having a harder time with some details on the Tsuko miniature. Mouth, chest skintone, a scar I added to left eye: I have some trouble resolving these details. I used black primer (I really can't follow directions as you can notice...), and I tried the Highland moss green triad instead of the red in the kit, as well as less tanned skintones, even if the pics seems more greyish than origin
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