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  1. Well this won't be my first Reapercon, but it will be the first since 2009 or so. I remember Sonic on the factory floor, and trying to park under the cell tower, it's been that long. I look forward to joining in the revelry. (go River Widows!)
  2. Very nice, I've been thinking of adding LED strips to the one I built a couple of years ago. How do you drive them?
  3. This rule applies to residents of Jacksonville, as well, but I got my bases on Friday (minus the Freedom bases for some reason)
  4. I have finished all the genestealers, and all the terminators I need for the game. I still have 7 terminators to paint to call the whole box done but they are in progress and may be done by the end of the month. Coincidentally, this puts me on track for a mini a day average.
  5. Here are some Space Hulk miniatures. I posted this as my January painting goal. Woot! I made it. I will be runnning Space Hulk at Rapiercon (http://www.rapiercon.com/) next month and wanted the figs to be painted. To be honest, though, this is not the complete set. I wanted two squads of terminators to be easy to tell apart, so two different colors were used. The figs in the box are very specific to the Blood Angels (red) chapter, so I used some other figs to represent the Ultramarines (blue). There are still 7 terminators left to call the box done, but it is good enough for what I have planned. https://goo.gl/photos/51NRopffdm9mvUwM8
  6. I have been volunteered to run Space Hulk at a local convention in February, so my goal is to finish the figures for that. So far I have 3 terminators and 5 genestealers done. That leaves 7 terminators and 17 genestealers. I should finish at least 2 of the terminators this week during my vacation.
  7. I'm still waiting, I'm in the last 30 or so folks waiting
  8. When I ran my Gurps Star Trek game several years ago, everyone had a bridge officer PC who was also a department head, a secondary officer who was in a different department, and a pool of redshirts, for lack of a better term. I never cared for the idea of sending the entire command structure into danger every week, though I understand it from a dramatic point of view. The captain was an NPC to avoid one player always telling the others what to do. We had fun, and wasn't overly difficult to manage. I'm pretty sure all of my future Star Trek games will be similar, though I do have an idea for a small crew, small ship sort of thing. I think I have most of the previous versions of Star Trek sitting on my shelf, Fasa, Last Unicorn, Decipher, plus 3 versions of Prime Directive from Task Force Games.
  9. Here is what I've been working on since the end of June. It's the Hirstarts Corridor set (Space Hulk). Got the first game on it today, as well (a loss to my step son). https://goo.gl/photos/LZkoeDSVBAUPzXBL7
  10. You are a much better carpenter than I, very nice.
  11. Here's mine, I built it after seeing a youtube video. https://goo.gl/photos/S1zQcR5icxwTNtKr8 https://goo.gl/photos/pZbsPZvMNQttHz9D6 https://goo.gl/photos/pJwGvuT2u3S8tKgr8 and here's the video that I watched
  12. My understanding is don't go cheap on the felt as it tends to pill up with use. I used craft foam for the interior of my table, but it also has a television in it, so mini gaming is done on the top surface.
  13. Here is the end result of my 2 week Firefly project. The Big Damn Crate is from the Broken Token. Most of the miniatures are the Resin "Upgrades". For those interested, it takes slightly more than 800 sleeves to get all the cards. https://goo.gl/photos/GYmvhuFF1ZGeq5QY7
  14. I've played the new edition 3 times now. Forge Fathers vs Plague, Veer-Myn and Enforcers. I'm still learning the game, but had a bunch of fun. I only got the 1st edition as part of this latest kickstarter so only a couple of games of 1st edition. I like the FF's, which is good, since I got a bunch of them now. So far I've beaten the rats, but I can tell you that plague zombies with Horde really suck if you have to meet them in hand to hand. Those dice add up quickly.
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