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  1. It's sitting on an old CPU cooler. :-)
  2. A very sharp and pointy metal mini.
  3. The colors were actually picked to go with the PanOceania colors from Infinity. I purchased Angel Giraldez's painting book and I am using my Bones minis to teach myself through the book. Thanks to the Bones Kickstarters I can learn at a fraction of the cost and work my way up.
  4. Working on edge highlighting and lining with this mini.
  5. I like your idea on this as I was a little disappointed in the contrast in the belly area for these. To be honest I just didn't know what was best. I had three thoughts on the colors. One would just be using a thin black line to segment the colors, the next was to use a rich primary color like Royal Purple, Peacock Green, or Fire Orange, and the last was just to increase the wash/pigments and really heap on the dirt/rust factor. I'm up for suggestions as I still haven't got my last varnish coat on these guys due to the weather.
  6. I put together a step by step for my friends a while back on how I do my fire. It's really simple, it's all drybrushing. I hope this can help out other people. Here is a link to a photo album that has both the Reaper Bones translucent pieces and also how to make a smoldering campfire which I picked up from Itar's Workshop. Let me know if you have any questions. https://secure.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157644331945146/
  7. The vines are Army Painter Battlefields Poison Ivy. I used spots of superglue to attach it up the backside of the well.
  8. The water is done with fishing line. I took a couple pieces of fishing line, twisted them together, and then used superglue to attach it to the top and bottom making sure there was a little bend to it. Then I used Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and I slowly built up the water on the fishing line and it naturally filled up the pool below.
  9. I call him Sparky. I put a LED tealight in the base to make him look more alive.
  10. Here is my Well of Chaos from the first Bones Kickstarter.
  11. The foundation for the book is a square wood block, I then took Armorcast yellow bricks and PVA and stuck them on. I then used layers of Badger Ghost Tints, Fresh Blood and Brown, to bring up the color to a fired brick look. The book is a wood book that I got at craftparts-dot-com (BO1500). I printed off the words off on standard paper and then layered a couple sheets of paper on both sides. I then painted the book and used a dark sepia wash over the whole thing. The bookmark is a piece of red thread that I put some PVA on, doubled it over and twisted it, then stuck it to the book. I finished off the base with some Jungle Tuft from Army Painter. ...splitting the clouds and blocking out the moonlight, an eldritch form of bone, sinewy, and decay lands before you.
  12. Greetings. I finally gathered up the courage to post one of my minis. Hope I am doing this right and hope you like it. I started painting about two years ago with the first Bones Kickstarter. I would really value any feedback that you have so I can continue to develop my craft. Thanks. My CMON page: http://www.coolminiornot.com/artist/Jewelego
  13. She is a Bones and my second mini.
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