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  1. Does anyone know if this minature is still available somewhere? The original page is gone.
  2. Well in the last 48 hours this has become a disaster to rival that of the Robotech Kickstarter! Well that's probably an exaggeration. Here a translator for the campaign posts that the person in charge of Serpent Sea Games and the project's boss, has admitted to stealing all of the backers' money. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/serpentseagames/kamigakari-god-hunters-modern-action-anime-rolepla/posts/2620992 And it goes down hill from there. It turns out that after paying the initial bills she spent the remaining funds with the plans that the PDF sales or something would cover the remaining costs. Something like $45k taken by the company owner, with promises that the campaign is not dead in the water.
  3. Did anyone happen to try out the new Stargate RPG? They had demos but I can't find any information online.
  4. Krissy is what I ordered as well. Should be arriving this week. Based on the picture it looks a little smaller than what I envisioned, lol.
  5. I got here after they hit the million dollar mark and I'm a little confused what you are actually getting in each of the pledge levels and what all the options are.
  6. There was an update today that a new manufacturer, Archon Studio, is taking over the production on the miniatures and will be producing all of them in plastic. And will be starting with fulfilling rewards for backers and shipping them in batches as they are produced and selling the completed miniatures online. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/325468910/starfinder-masterclass-miniatures/posts/2576401?context=comment_from_email&ref=ksr_email_backer_project_update_registered_users#comments
  7. I have a concern regarding the value of the core box vs the value of the two expansion boxes, the two expansions do not seem to have many pieces for the additional cost. I think I may stick with just the base game and see how it panes out. Maybe it'll deliver closer t the release date for Jurassic World Three, lol.
  8. I really like the puppies, but they would be almost $20 shipped to the USA.
  9. Here is what I took The box may not get mailed back out until Tuesday, also it was veryfull so it was hard to fit much of anything back in there DX
  10. That's a pretty good portal/not stargate with out the mimic head.
  11. I really like the look of the sci-fi books.
  12. I really agree with the Bubblegum Crisis feel, question though is what color...
  13. I currently have an EB pledge, but I don't think I would ever actually play the game.
  14. I never played the video game, what is it like?
  15. Hello everyone, long time listener first time caller. I'm a big guy and I recently started seeing a doctor about weight loss. Last night I had a problem where nothing sounded appetizing for dinner. I knew I needed to eat something, I was well below my calorie goal for the day, but I couldn't get myself interested in eating anything. Hopefully dinner today goes better and this weekend is Easter so visiting family and trying not to eat too much.
  16. I didn't think you could cancel a pledge if it would take the campaign under the funding amount.
  17. They haven't released any of the weapon sprues that I'm aware of. 1983 is the year I was born O_o
  18. CAVBOSS Is there any chance of getting pictures of some of the terrain next to sir forscale? Not on the kickstarter page, that might confuse people but here on the forums.
  19. 25 hours left in the 2.0 campaign and the level 10 €60 level pledge gives €98.00 in models. Can anyone comment on the quality of the previous models?
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