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  1. I painted up an Imperator the other day and put it on a 2" round base, it looks good for rpg and stability purposes.
  2. That's what it sounds like, I really like the look of these but I would prefer a more durable material. As of right now I'm pledged for 1-2 sets but I may drop out. I would really like this if it was going to be in plastic like Bones or Dwarvenite.
  3. From the comments it is a, "This is a custom recipe in the high grade cast stone family." and from what I could find out online cast stone is a type of concrete made to look like natural stone.
  4. It's getting down to the wire! Why did it feel like we still had a month of this left XD
  5. I like the way the advanced classes were handles as well! If I was running it though I'm not sure how multi-classing would work.
  6. So what exactly is molded sandstone? Is it fragile compared to dwarven forge or the secret weapon mines?
  7. I just don't understand how this is going to provide a more enjoyable play experience then going around and taking one action at a time until one person, or everyone, is out of energy for the round.
  8. Update! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamenightlife/gnl-mats/posts/1644451
  9. Have there been any gameplay videos for the game? I'm still not understanding how it's going to work with not taking turns at all.
  10. You're behind the power curve? It'll be next wed before I might be able to get a smart phone XD Lol
  11. So I started priming yesterday night, panted after that and this morning. Here is my entry, Sir Forscale, Guardian of the Box.
  12. I seems really expensive for a folding table.
  13. Christopher West makes some awesome maps! And I really like the one modeled after the Brig Niagara, It still sails and is maintained out of port Erie.
  14. That's one good thing about the competition, It's all in good fun, no need to worry if it's good enough or not. Worst thing is you aren't picked as a winner and have a painted mini tho show for your effort!
  15. I have one and I'm so going to paint him up for this!
  16. This should round out my dwarven forge cavers nicely :)
  17. It looks like it is still a work in progress.
  18. The miniatures look cool, but real time action in a board game has ne wary, it sounds like complete chaos.
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