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  1. #TeamKhanjira all the way! I painted him recently, be careful with the spikes on the back, somehow all three pieces overlap with the pieces adjacent to them, making the back assembly very tricky when gluing it together, I think mine still has several gaps.
  2. I'm glad the dwarven forge tiles were so popular! I put them in and I've been thinking about using them to base bigger figures.
  3. I wonder if that mausoleum will get added to the list of the one week goblin challenge!
  4. Finally here are the pictures of what my Fiancee and I took. She loves horses so it was all I could do to keep her from taking all of them, lol.
  5. This is awesome! And pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Thanks
  6. How?! How can you play it on a laptop?
  7. So I'm thinking about trying to use the 5e rules for a more modern/no magic setting, that will eventually have some magic/alien tech elements. I'm just wondering how to prune back the classes and stuff to a no magic setting. Fighters and Rogues should work for the most part. Might needs something for people who want to play an intelligent character with lots of skills. the skill list would also need updated to include things like computer use, or would computers and cell phones be tools? Definitely need to include the modern weaponry, although maybe not have everyone be automatically proficient. I know one of the play test supplements had things for modern clerics and warlocks.
  8. Box was shipped this morning, Pictures have been taken and will be posted tonight. Package ETA is Saturday 7/9/2016.
  9. Like 1 drop of liner to 3-4 drops of wash, makes the model look almost like a 3d sketch.
  10. We didn't get to it, lol. Also we are level 11, so we aren't fighting it, we are supposed to help it beat an ancient white wyrm and his kids. If the white dragon wins this guy could re-appear next on our continent.
  11. I made it just in time! Here are some lovely pictures taken by my Fiancee.
  12. The box arrived this morning, I will try to get through it this weekend. I'm currently pretty busy trying to get my Khanjira finished by Sunday, lol.
  13. The toung was a suggestion by my fiance, inspired by the blue tongued skink. Gives a splash of color.
  14. So my Khanjira is turning into a speed paint! I was painting it for my gaming group because we are supposed to run into one, well I found out yesterday that the story arc is wrapping up next Sunday. So it needs to be done by then!
  15. I've been watering down my gray liner with reaper wash medium and I don't have any beading issues.
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