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  1. My fiancee is working on basing her clockwork dragon. Below are some pictures of what she has so far and stuff she has for basing it. She is looking for input on mising the computer parts with clockwork bits and just general input.
  2. I received the base game yesterday in PA. Any word on the expansions?
  3. I do not have a color theme yet, The planning is to prime it with gray liner diluted with some flow extender to keep it from being too dark. I was looking at the weathered bone from my bones L2P kit for the horns and teeth. Probably a simple green body and brown armor plates would work best. I'm thinking about gwtting one of the wooden plaques from a craft store to base it on and just paint the plaque plain black. Just something to make it a bit more stable when all put together. Below are the current in progress pictures. Unopened Package Opened package Scrub a Dub All clean
  4. So I've decided that Khanjira the World Breaker will be my next "miniature". Now just to figure our if I need a base under the built in base. Pictures to follow.
  5. I ended up getting the 6" round tower pledge, plus the roof, better base, and ruined tower addons to go with it. About $300 should give me several tower options.
  6. So I haven't locked in yet and i'm wondering how well these are going to work with the piece I have from the original kickstarter and the caverns.
  7. I can't seem to find the preview of the Shipwreck Reverent.
  8. Has it really been that long? Man the time flies!
  9. There was one double six kickstarter already, and I backed it. You can order them right now online. And I don't think I really need a d12 that goes from 1 to 144.
  10. Man this is like the worst/best addiction support group ever!
  11. On the other hand you could just use the decks for PC's and not monsters.
  12. Interesting, will I need the core rule book for savage worlds or will the necessary info be in the setting book?
  13. Ohh I was almost late! Sign me up! 1. Near Erie PA 2. No thanks 3. Probably shouldn't since it would be full of random bones figures.
  14. My Emperor was missing his left leg, and had two sets of hips.
  15. About this project Forces of tyranny are training a legion for galactic conquest! Are you prepared to bring the fight to them?With the Battle Stations poster map series, you can build and rearrange a massive sci-fi military installation or capital ship scaled for miniatures, with features that match up in multiple dimensions: side-by-side, or even stacked vertically via matching lifts and balconies. The first two Battle Stations posters were created through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, and now that location is ready to be expanded with two more double-sided posters, for eight maps in total! Each map complements the rest, and one of them even connects to the railway line of my Mass Transit series to join these two epic locales into one sprawling megacomplex! The new poster maps mentioned in this project are already complete; all we need to make them a reality is the funding to print, package, and ship them to you! With the reward options on the right, you can get printed or PDF copies of these new Battle Stations posters (or the new Deck Space poster) as we fund them with this campaign. You can also choose copies of the first two Battle Stations posters if you missed out or want extras. Or choose from a wide range of other options to suit the needs of your games. You can even use the Add-on menu below to get copies of my other products, or build your own mix of special rewards. These new maps can't see print without your support, though, and our funding period is very short this time--so please help spread the word of this project if you would like to see it succeed! Thank you for your help! PROJECT GOALSAt $4000 - Battle Stations III • If we reach the starting goal, the Battle Stations III poster will be printed and available through these backer rewards as a rolled or folded poster print, and as a set of downloadable PDF image files! Observation Deck Mobilization Deck At $8000 - Battle Stations IV • If we reach this level of funding, the fourth Battle Stations poster will be printed and backers can choose it as one of their rewards. It will also join the PDF rewards. Garrison Deck Supply Deck At $10,000 - Battle Stations Deluxe Set • If we reach this level of funding, additional map panels will be created and the entire series of Battle Stations posters (four double-sided posters, plus terrain cards, plus exclusive new wraparound cover cards with additional map content) will become available as a Deluxe Boxed Set. Any backer that selects all four of the Battle Stations posters will have that reward automatically upgraded to this special version. The new content will also join the PDF rewards. At $12,000 - Deck Space III: Desert Sands • If the campaign funds at this level or higher, a new poster map from the Deck Space series will be produced that offers Windswept Dunes and Ancient Stone battle grids, along with a set of three 5x8-inch cards full of matching terrain pieces that let you build your own encounters in the shifting sands! Windswept Dunes Ancient Stone At $13,000 - Battle Stations III Upgrade • If this goal is achieved, every printed copy of the Battle Stations III poster will include two more bonus 5x8-inch terrain cards that alter or expand the map, and these new map images will be added to the PDF rewards. At $14,000 - Battle Stations IV Upgrade • If this goal is achieved, every printed copy of the Battle Stations IV poster will include two more bonus 5x8-inch terrain cards that alter or expand the map, and these new map images will be added to the PDF rewards.
  16. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mapmaker/battle-stations-expanded-new-poster-maps/description
  17. I'm worried this might be priced out of my budget.
  18. My sewer pack arrived on Monday!
  19. New Year's update! Good news + Bad News Posted by GameNightLife So, we have some good news and we have some bad news. We don't think an abbreviated text version really explains it well enough, so please watch the video for the brief version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMEzhQBXt_Q From the video there are issues with inconstant coloring and the grids are not lining up properly. They are dealing with the escrow company about getting a refund and finding another manufacturer.
  20. I've got the box put back together and packaged up to ship tomorrow after work. I did the base coat on the group figure, before and after pictures are in the spoiler box below. Group Figure Loot!
  21. Sorry for the delay with the BootBox, it arrived as I was Packing to leave to visit family for Christmas. I should have pictures and get it shipped the first part of next week.
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