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  1. From what they have said, they are having to replace the lost money for the miniatures themselves, which is taking a while. I'm holding out hope that we will get these eventually.
  2. Why is no one talking about how we are less than a grand from the next goal!
  3. What scale are those mini's? They look like 15mm.
  4. My guesses are Graveyard Golem or the big Patchwork Golem.
  5. I saw this on the book of faces. Pledged! I'm number 42! Edit, after processing I ended up number #4585
  6. That is sweet! I want it in bones!
  7. Maybe there will be a decor and terrain expansion set. It seems like there needs to be a way to track how many people are getting each expansion set during the campaign.
  8. I think it would be a good mini for CAV's to face off against!
  9. My sacred 40 arrived today, with no advanced warning. They look Great :)
  10. 80038___ Bathalian Centurion $3.99 80039___ Bathalian Exarch $3.99 80040___ Bathalian Primarch $3.99 Oh boy oh boy!
  11. I was close with my 6. You are number 6. Who is number 1?! Bryan of course.
  12. Bones #1: #11614 Robotech Tactics: #846 Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale #1324 Bones #2: #2069 Dwarven Forge: Caverns #2565 Reaper CAV: #70 Twisting Catacombs #390 Dwarven Forge: City Builder #19 Backed early and almost dropped until they offered the sewer only level, lol GNL Mats #298 The stars there are CAV and city builder.
  13. What makes you think we'll give you a whole week? A five heads in five days challenge? NO. Oh fine. Gee, be that way. Guess I'll do it myself then. Are you suggesting a duel? Mano a mano? Draco a draco? Size 0 race for glory? The final countdown. https://youtu.be/9jK-NcRmVcw
  14. Humm The handful of plastic doesn't include any of the larger figures or the really alien things.
  15. You also need to consider how many of those were repeat viewings and how many of those people wouldn't have paid to watch it, lol.
  16. Where are people getting information about a Legendary Encounters Kickstarter from Reaper with Pre-Painted mini's?
  17. I'm actually more interested in the game than the mini's, lol.
  18. So the more we buy the cheaper they get? This sounds like a brilliant plan, we keep buying until the price goes down!
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