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  1. Ah Man! So Exciting! Time to start saving, lol.
  2. July this year or next year? This year seems too soon with Bones two still in the works.
  3. Pictures or it didn't happen!
  4. They have announced that the main game has been sent to the printers with cardboard units and stands. Hopefully this is a Light at the End of the Tunnel.
  5. I think the unique sculpt for the Lava set will probably show up as a streach goal for the main sets at some point. I also think I'm more interested in the crevace set then the water becauese it you put blue under it it'll look like water and be a double use, lol. At least hopefully.
  6. The 3d files, even if not suited to traditional manufacturing, may still be printable with a 3D printer where overhangs and such are not an issue.
  7. The Blood Nebula Mercenary looks really cool.
  8. So this may be a crazy idea, But Torn Armor now has a game but no Minuatures and Reaper had minuatures without a recently updated game (I'm looking at you CAV). It seems like it would mostly be a change to the flavor of the game to make it work with diferent minuatures. Perhaps that is a lot more work then it seems to be to me at first glance.
  9. Almost twice what I spent on the first one XD. Shipping round one, I had to hunt for it, lol. 2013 Core Set ($100) x3 300.00 Mister Bones ($1) x1 1.00 Mouslings ($10) x1 10.00 Expansion Set 1 ($50) x1 50.00 Troll Slayer Sophie ($2) x1 2.00 Mashaaf, Great Old One ($12) x1 12.00 Khanjira, the World Breaker ($25) x1 25.00 Dragons Don't Share ($35) x4 140.00 Thank You Set ($20) x1 20.00 Grand Total $560.00
  10. A Scenario guide with "campaigns" allows you to teach people how to play with a Demo and gives them ideas of what they can do. Plus if people are buying the box as a standalone game then a story campaign would add a lot of value.
  11. A Fire/Magma Elemental like the monster from Doctor Who; The fires of Pompeii.
  12. It's a trap! The development team all got attacked by facehuggers! Soon a hoard of Aliens will descend on the backers!
  13. I think a Decent or Space Hulk style game would make a lot more sense. Especially if they make expansions for the different movies/story lines.
  14. I'm not sure about how this would work as a skirmish game. Both the Aliens and Predators are very stealthy and I have a hard time visualizing how you represent invisibility or not knowing where the enemy is at.
  15. Has anyone seen anything in regards to game play? Like is it mission based players vs. the dungeon or player vs player? Skirmish?
  16. I have also never played CAV, and i'm having a hard time grasping the scale of the figures. How tall is an average mech like unit? Would it be as tall or taller than Sir Forscale?
  17. I need to paint. I have the Sailor with the chest from bones I that I really need to paint then anything else.
  18. Having a box set starter for each fraction makes more sense to me then a two fraction starter. You could start the kickstarter with two or three fractions; for $50 you can pick one fraction as your reward, $75 for two or $100 for all three. Then the stretch goals are extras to the starter sets, independent figures addons or new fraction starter boxes. Terrain would work well if there are $1 foot in door levels and then terrain addons or a terrain set. The multiple Fraction boxes will allow the goals to be closer together. And definitely include the rules somewhere in the st
  19. I would like to see the following, but i'm not sure if they fit the Chronoscope line. A not-Stargate/FARgate/Vertical teleportation circle (I suggested this durring the kickstarter) A "small" Mecha which in 28mm scale would probably be Huge sized.
  20. Where are you guys ordering the L2PK's at? I can't seem to find them in the paint section of the Store.
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