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  1. I think the unique sculpt for the Lava set will probably show up as a streach goal for the main sets at some point.  I also think I'm more interested in the crevace set then the water becauese it you put blue under it it'll look like water and be a double use, lol.  At least hopefully.

  2. Almost twice what I spent on the first one XD. Shipping round one, I had to hunt for it, lol.



    2013 Core Set ($100)
    x3 300.00
    Mister Bones ($1)
    x1 1.00
    Mouslings ($10)
    x1 10.00
    Expansion Set 1 ($50)
    x1 50.00
    Troll Slayer Sophie ($2)
    x1 2.00
    Mashaaf, Great Old One ($12)
    x1 12.00
    Khanjira, the World Breaker ($25)
    x1 25.00
    Dragons Don't Share ($35)
    x4 140.00
    Thank You Set ($20)
    x1 20.00
    Grand Total
  3. Having a box set starter for each fraction makes more sense to me then a two fraction starter.


    You could start the kickstarter with two or three fractions; for $50 you can pick one fraction as your reward, $75 for two or $100 for all three.


    Then the stretch goals are extras to the starter sets, independent figures addons or new fraction starter boxes.


    Terrain would work well if there are $1 foot in door levels and then terrain addons or a terrain set.


    The multiple Fraction boxes will allow the goals to be closer together.


    And definitely include the rules somewhere in the starter boxes.

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