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  1. Well I'm sure it'll start with a bang and then the stretch goals may help redeem it.
  2. I have noticed some ghosting when using wet erase markers on some of the tiles, but only some of the tiles others are fine. I haven't yet tried running them under water or using a stronger cleaner to remove the residue. But then Dry erase markers have worked fine on those same tiles. So there are some consistency issues with the tiles, but that would be more an issue with the factory. Over all I really like them so far and they make running battles a lot easier, lol.
  3. Well the new all in pledge is almost 3x as much as the base pledge so people are upping to the all in pledge but they are still loosing overall backer numbers.
  4. They have posted a new "all in" Pledge level for about $346. They have also already decided on breaking up shipping into 3 waves. Multiple waves of delivery has ne very warry. It's like the death knell of Kickstarters for me.
  5. These look neat, I can't seem to find the shipping to the US.
  6. I'm going to watch this, I haven't bit the bullet on any of the previous zombicide editions, so maybe.
  7. Sweet baby Jesus there is an update! Update 50
  8. So I know I have the battle cry wave 2 and I added the sdf-1, so that's about $51 worth of stuff. That should just about match the rpg books, does anyone know if the books are any good?
  9. Where do I have to go to find out what I can get for the wave 2 stuff?
  10. There ia a Mythic Battle Paint group over on facebook and there are already fantastic paint jobs going around. They are also talking about doing a reorder kickstarter after this finishes fufilling if anyone missed the original campaign. Plus a Mythic Battles Ragnorock kickstarter in 2019.
  11. That's what I ordered as well, no tracking email here either.
  12. Some people in the comment section have mentioned receiving them in the mail. It would have been nice to get an update at any point in the shipping process. From what people who have them the quality is stellar, but a good product alone does not make a great company.
  13. I haven't received my first package yet, although I received an email from ups that it's going to be delivered tomorrow. Then who knows how long until the second package arrives.
  14. In the comments Parchment GNL Mats have been spotted in the wild! https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1ZSKzZ7nRMG0BMaIFLP0uJB27g8N8KsYs
  15. Update today that Jerry Rowe was sick when the tiles arrived and then USPS told him to wait on shipping until after Christmas. I just wish there were more pictures or a short video of the actual tiles. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamenightlife/gnl-mats/posts/2076879
  16. I'm glad Ragnorak is still a ways off! lol
  17. There is a bit of a unit type size difference. All of the troops are at a slightly smaller scale then the heroes. I think because the hero's are supposed to be larger than life.
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