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  1. I have noticed some ghosting when using wet erase markers on some of the tiles, but only some of the tiles others are fine.  I haven't yet tried running them under water or using a stronger cleaner to remove the residue.  But then Dry erase markers have worked fine on those same tiles.  So there are some consistency issues with the tiles, but that would be more an issue with the factory.  Over all I really like them so far and they make running battles a lot easier, lol.

  2. On ‎2‎/‎24‎/‎2018 at 4:44 PM, Generic Fighter said:






    Horned Turtle


    Greetings and welcome to the Generic Fighter Box! First, I request that those in my box send a Private Message of some sort including your Address to the person that is before you in the box's journey a soon as you can. So that the box can travel fairly fast even if communication is difficult later on. This is a thing that has happened before and I would like to minimize it if we can :) Next on the agenda, What are your thoughts about a "Group Paint Mini"? Do you want on in the box? Any Ideas for which mini to use? Any other thoughts on the subject? Current Plan is to mail this box out the Week of the 11th of March. I have Real Life things that make it hard to send before then which means we have time to decide the Group Paint Mini status. I'll look through my stuff and see if their are any that stand out to me.


    In other news, Thanks Ioun the new Forums have an Auto save feature! nearly lost my post because the idiots that designed my laptop put a stupid sensor node in the middle of the keyboard that changes pages and cannot be turned off!!!! BLEEPING DELL!



    A group paint sounds fun.

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  3. There ia a Mythic Battle Paint group over on facebook and there are already fantastic paint jobs going around.  They are also talking about doing a reorder kickstarter after this finishes fufilling if anyone missed the original campaign.  Plus a Mythic Battles Ragnorock kickstarter in 2019.

  4. Some people in the comment section have mentioned receiving them in the mail.  It would have been nice to get an update at any point in the shipping process.  From what people who have them the quality is stellar, but a good product alone does not make a great company.

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