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  1. So I decided to do this random dragon challenge thing.


    My rolls.


    Main 20 9039 Pure White

    Secondary 6 9227 Brilliant green

    Miscellaneous 10 9023 Imperial Purple


    And my intent is to do the 3 star challenge, I was planning this before rolling.  Interesting colors, I have the pure white but not the other two.


    The arrival of Deathsleet with his Halloweeny reinforcements, and the missing two paints.



    And here he is ready for the paint.



    I started with giving him a primer of brilliant green cut with 2-3 times as much pure white.






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  2. My dragon and paints came in on Saturday and pictures were taken.  Painting has started and progress pictures taken.  Imperial Purple and Brilliant green make very pretty colors when mixed with white, and so far I haven't touched the pure black. The imperial Purple is dark enough, I may be able to get away with using that by its self for the lining.  It would be great If I can do this with only using the three rolled colors, lol.

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