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  1. I backed tiny epic kingdoms, and this seems to be a direct evolution of that, very tempting.
  2. Nothing about these models says 28-32mm scale, there are no ruins or bones to give that sort of scale reference.
  3. Update #38 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamenightlife/gnl-mats/posts/1848088?ref=activity
  4. How long is the pledge manager supposed to be open?
  5. I don't do war games really so I don't know if I would need 10 fawns for RPGs, lol
  6. I would think a file for a roof would be pretty simple, although for a smaller printer they would need some way to interlock smaller pieces.
  7. I chose white over the parchment, perhaps that was a mistake.
  8. Update 4/1/17 First off, we want to mention that this is not an "April Fool's day" thing. April Fool's day jokes do not even mention the date, and we have doubly done so now. Testing We got to do some of our tests on the tiny sample shipment. There were expected defects that come from lack of machining (like the lines not being perfectly aligned), but the materials used were correct. The magnets are exactly as strong as they need to be, and the surface erases perfectly with both wet and dry erase markers. The nonslip backing is exactly right, allowing sliding
  9. Plus shipping. I like that only one figure and the marble dice are kickstarter exclusives. This looks interesting but I'm not sure.
  10. There are a lot of interesting things here!
  11. I think from the looks of the concept art you'd have a pretty successful Going Native Queens of War, for all the female models.
  12. I really like how they knew what they were doing with using a holding company, rather than just giving the original manufacturer the money. Saved this from being a failed project.
  13. I really like having both the un-mimic and mimic versions. Also I like the lack of teeth on the barrel, looks like it could be just a talking barrel NPC.
  14. You probably wouldn't want to put them under a running sink, or to use a sopping wet wipe cloth, lol. I'm going to hold out for the GNL Mats.
  15. To those of you who have received part of the miniatures, how is the production quality? I'm looking at the Mythic battles Pantheon and I'm curious for comparison.
  16. The cut off date was also moved back to March 21st.
  17. After watching the videos and reviewing the Kickstarter page I did end up doing a late pledge this morning and adding a few extras.
  18. Was there a preview for the gameplay? It looks like you can still get in on a late pledge through the link on Kickstarter.
  19. This seems more complicated to me than just knowing what to add to the die, especially if you are rolling four or five dice and adding a static number to the total.
  20. *Once more from the void I call you thread into relevance!* New update! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamenightlife/gnl-mats/posts/1806109?ref=activity Looks like the light may be starting to show at the end of the tunnel.
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