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  1. So the difference between the questing knight and the relic knight pledge appears to be the void break expansion rulebook, does anyone know what is in the book? More than anything I just think the models look really cool so I'm not sure if I would need the book.
  2. What scale are these in? If I got them for RPGs that generally use 28mm mini's would they look alright? I like the Hardshell mecha.
  3. Have they mentioned if they are using backerkit or anything for pledges after the kickstarter? I think I want at least the skeleton artillery but I may be interested in adding more.
  4. Here is my entry. Titled, "Your Love Mooooves me."
  5. My photographer is taking the final pictures...I will have it posted just under the wire...
  6. Update! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/272456130/talon-games-cav-strike-operations-ii/posts/1804623
  7. I like that they decided to cap the stretch goals.
  8. I suppose you could break open the candle if you don't want to burn it, or melt it in a wax warmer.
  9. Initially I read this as candies rather than candles and I wondered wouldn't it be hard on your teeth? lol
  10. Oops, I lost track of the due date and didn't get mine in :( Edit: Oops x2, February 10th, I'm really out of it!
  11. I was trying to say no to the oval bases but I couldn't resist!
  12. So I've run 2 sessions using these modern rules and they seem to work alright, although the characters are only level 1-2 at the moment. First level seems to be just as swingy as normal, especially with pistols doing as much damage as a great sword. We will have to see how higher levels balance.
  13. On the other hand backing and forgetting is how you end up with backers who never complete the pledge manager.
  14. The zombie villagers sounds like a second set, deferent theme and a second mold is mentioned, which would be fine by me. It just really seems like the funding is bare bones, no extra give for just in case. I think someone from reaper has mentioned before that getting a mold cut average about 10k, even if this is a smaller mold that does not leave much for production and shipping. also some of these figures would be great in hordes, like the snow men, so if they are on the same mold as Santa that could leave the project with a lot of unloved Santa's. Also Shipping is showing as $
  15. The look of the previewed pieces makes it look like stacking them should work well.
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