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  1. Or just buy us dollars now, and like keep them in a sock or something.
  2. There is a "Next Unread Topic" button? <Looks> Neat I didn't know that.
  3. So whale mini's would range from 4" to 16" in length.
  4. From what I've seen it's generally not a good idea to have the goal be less than what you expect it to cost. Especially when things frequently end up costing more than was expected. For example changes in shipping costs, or a manufacturer under quoting the initial estimate. I've seen several projects just run out of funds when things get to shipping. Then either it's a slow painful process where things get shipped in small batches or the product goes to retail to get funds to ship, which make backers grumble when they see the figures in the local gaming shop or online before they have theirs in hand.
  5. I think it mentioned that they are going to be plastic pvc type miniatures. I like that snow man.
  6. I know I dropped to a $1 pledge, because I don't know If I would ever use these.
  7. Oh boy! Oh boy! I get a whole thread all to myself!
  8. I finalized my pledge yesterday, two base sets, one bridge set, and one each of the first two paint sets. I'm still hoping for a painting guide that does not use an airbrush, lol.
  9. Was a painting tutorial ever made using the paints from the project?
  10. What size base would you put that hut on?
  11. I may get to try it out this Saturday! :)
  12. Wasn't there already a Kickstarter for this? Edit-Guess I should read before posting, lol.
  13. I received mine as well, have not had the chance to play yet, lol
  14. That is unpleasant.
  15. I did end up backing the calendar and pledging for both books, lol.
  16. I'm really tempted to get the books as part of the calendar project.
  17. What about a hex base bigger than 1inch? Or bases in other colors? like green or transparent purple?
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